Tuesday in the blurbs


Poor, poor Tina Fey, let me comfort you… Keanu Reeves makes the leap to the small screen… and SyFy orders some actual sci-fi. All this and more in the blurbs…

  • Michael De Luca produced The Social Network and Captain Philips, as well as Ghost Rider and The Love Guru. Akiva Goldsman wrote A Beautiful Mind and A Time to Kill, along with Batman & Robin and Winter’s Tale. So when SyFy says they’re going to produce a six-hour mini-series based on Arthur C. Clarke’s pivotal novel Childhood’s End, who the hell knows what we’re getting. The book itself is 95% concept/5% plot so the duo have a lot of room to flesh out the story however they want. Matthew Graham, co-creator of the original (i.e., good) Life on Mars, is writing, so that much seems promising at least.


  • Why the hell is Sony PlayStation producing original TV series that can only be seen on its gaming console, and why is Sharlto Copley (District 9 and Maleficent) going to be in it? The show is Powers, and Copleyplays a homicide detective assigned to superhero-related murders. Michelle Forbes (Star Trek: The Next Generation and Battlestar Galactica) also just signed on as a murder victim, so don’t expect a recurring role. Eddie Izzard is also on board. (Someone buy me a PlayStation and I’ll recap it for you.)


  • HOW DARE YOU! Fox has passed on a sitcom by beloved patron saint of TV comedy writers Tina Fey! Cabot College would have been set at a former all-women’s college accepting men for the first time. Fey would have played… oh, she’s not in it? Well, she would have written… didn’t write the pilot either, huh? Yeah, never mind. (Fey is still producing Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for NBC as a midseason replacement.)


  • Keanu Reeves is coming to TV to star in (and produce, too) a new series called Rain, based on a series of novels about a sad hitman named John Rain, who just, like, doesn’t fit in, man. (Killing people is so alienating, am I right?) No one’s picked up the broadcast rights yet, so if you happen to own a network, grab your checkbook.


  • Keanu is not involved in an upcoming TV series based on his 1997 Satan-is-a-lawyer flick Devil’s Advocate. NBC has ordered a pilot for some ungodly reason.


  • More than two million people (you bastards!) tuned in for the Kate + 8 special back in June on TLC, so the network is planning to do it again this December.


  • A&E has ordered a reality show about 98 Degrees band mates and real-life brothers Nick & Drew Lachey trying to run a bar in their hometown despite a hilarious lack of experience, ha ha!, which is apparently the exact same plot as Wahlburgers with various non-famous Wahlburger brothers running a bar in their hometown. In the words of George Costanza, really, it’s enough with the bar already. What about a rec room? Or a community center?

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  • guppy06

    that can only be seen on its gaming console

    Sony hasn’t made a “video game console” since the PS2. The console as a concept is dead, being replaced by a “media device” that boots to ads occasionally broken up by mandatory system updates tied to mandatory binding arbitration clauses, all while broadcasting every inane press of a button through seventeen different kinds of social media because every fucking thing has to be “social” nowadays, including but not limited to something as utterly asocial as sitting in a darkened room playing video games.God forbid I can go out and buy a box that plays fucking games, instead of having the worst of PC gaming foisted upon me.Get off my lawn!

    • Nixon, etc.

      It’s been all downhill since Intellivision.

      • guppy06

        Intellivision will at least sell you practically their entire library on a single disc nowadays, in contrast to modern “publishers” that sell less than one. Having an internet connection and a hard drive on your “console” means that you’re now paying $60 for the privilege of being a beta tester, while the complete game, with bug-fixes and “downloadable” “add-ons” (already on the fucking disc!) won’t be on store shelves (as a “collector’s edition”) for at least another year.But I’m not bitter.