Tuesday in the blurbs


John Oliver answers your YouTube comments… Hemlock Grove fans get some good news and bad news… and there’s nothing John Stamos can’t do. All this and more in the blurbs…

  • If you can’t get enough John Stamos, you are probably John Stamos. In which case, you’ve agreed to star in both a TV drama series and a TV comedy series at the same time. No word which one he expects to fail and make room for the other. The drama is Members Only, sort of an American Downton Abbey at a Connecticut country club, which will air midseason on ABC. The comedy doesn’t have a name yet, but Stamos plays an aging ladies man who discovers he has an adult son.


  • Bryan Cranston’s “passion projectThe Dangerous Book for Boys has found a home at NBC. Loosely based on the best-selling children’s how-to book, the sitcom will be centered around three boys following an instruction book on living life to the fullest written by their father before he passed away. Superbad director Greg Mottola is writing; Cranston is producing. 


  • Did you see the movie Melancholia? How ‘bout Nyphomaniac, Part 1 or 2? Then you probably won’t see Lars Von Trier’s “high-end TV drama” series The House that Jack Built either. No word on the plot, but that’s possibly because no one cares.


  • Hemlock Grove is getting another season… but that’s it. Netflix says Season 3 of the gory werewolf thriller will be the last. Fun fact: Dougray Scott was originally cast as Wolverine in X-Men movies opposite his Hemlock Grove co-star Famke Janssen, who plays Jean Gray.


  • Piers Morgan, who you didn’t know was still with CNN, is not with CNN any longer. The news network offered him an opportunity to do 40 news specials over the next two years, but Morgan said nah.


  • The network Nicktoons is getting more and more desperate not to live up to its name, transforming its Wednesday night lineup into a package of thinly veiled, youth-oriented infomercials for the NFL, NASCAR, and Major League Soccer.


  • John Oliver reads and responds to YouTube comments in this web-only bit:

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