Tuesday in the Blurbs

Castle Novels

Castle spinoff gets all Inception-y… buying your way into the Super Bowl Half Time show… and if the British are having sex in a box, why can’t we? All this and more in the blurbs…

  • If you’re a Castle fan, you know Derrick Storm is the hero of Richard Castle’s spy novels. So a Derrick Storm TV series based on the imaginary novels must be some sort of in-show gimmick, right? No, it’s real-world thing that Castle creator Gregory Poirier is putting together with his co-exec producer (and wife) Terri Edda Miller. And actually, the novels aren’t so imaginary. Several have been ghost-written in real life and published under Richard Castle’s name.


  • The screenwriter behind Girl Most Likely will be writing and executive producing a new sitcom for CBS. Michelle Morgan’s The Brain is sadly not about a megalomaniacal mouse but a doofus who gets bumped on the head and becomes a genius (an equally cartoonish premise). Our hero’s newfound smarts make his friends and family not like him anymore, which is a dangerous thing for a sitcom. When main characters don’t like each other, it’s almost impossible to get a comedy out of them. A drama with laughs, sure, but this show is starting out with two strikes against it. Friends with Better Lives exec producer Aaron Kaplan is also on board.


  • CBS wants a sitcom script from Blue Mountain State co-creator Eric Falconer loosely based on his own experience moving his family into a predominantly Mexican neighborhood in East L.A. No title yet. Greg Garcia—who had a hand in creating The Millers, Yes, Dear, and My Name Is Earl—is co-exec producing.


  • Guess how much Madonna got paid for doing the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. If you said, “absolutely nothing,” you’re dead right. Half time performers don’t get paid a dime. In fact, The Wall Street Journal says the NFL has been putting feelers out to see which superstars might be willing to pay them for the privilege. Coldplay, Katy Perry and Rihanna reportedly told the NFL to fuck right off. (Link: Variety, because WSJ firewall)


  • CBS has snagged the rights to the medical documentary Code Black so they can fictionalize it as a hospital drama. The show will take place in a ridiculously understaffed inner city emergency room. Intelligence creator Michael Seitzman is in charge of development, along with co-exec producer of Marti Noxon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame.


  • How’d you like to see The Good Wife in a Hillary Clinton sandwich? CBS is going to air the series premiere of Tea Leoni’s Madam Secretary not once but twice on Sunday, Sept. 21, with the season opener of The Good Wife slipped right in the middle. Madam Secretary is secret liberal conspiracy to elect Clinton president by getting America to fall in love with a ballsy blonde female Secretary of State solving all the world’s problems on teevee.


  • How’d you like to star in a reality show where you have sex with your significant other in front of a panel of sex experts (off-camera) and then have said experts share their detailed review of your performance to your face on-camera? That’s the premise of WE’s Sex Box—which, believe it or not, is based on a British show with the exact same premise. And you laughed at Rick Santorum when he warned that European depravity was coming to destroy us. Fortunately, the show doesn’t premiere until 2015 so you’ve got time to kiss your loved ones goodbye.

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