VIDEO: Tropes vs. the Dorky Dane: Women as background decoration

The third video in Sofie’s Tropes vs. the Dorky Dane series.

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Tag: Tropes vs. The Dorky Dane

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  • maarvarq

    Sorry Sofie, it sounded serious but I didn’t catch your last comment in this video.

  • gilderbeast

    Was this supposed to be ironic or something? Because, in all honesty, it was hard to watch with how offensive it got at times. Regarding yaoi/bl media and gay men: dunno how hard you dug but gay men do complain a lot that their representation is generally done to satisfy other groups and that it objectifies them, and pigeonholes the types of relationships and bodies they can have. Within Japan itself the genre of bara rose as a for-men response, where more relationship styles and body types and the like were depicted, emphasizing the characters’ masculinity. A good work to have read if only to see some attitudes would have been Male Homosexuality in Modern Japan by Mark J. McLelland.
    Also regarding your comparing sexualized masculinity and femininity in media is disingenuous. For one a female-gaze framing movies is a relatively new and rare thing, equality in representation isn’t anywhere near being a thing; and for the other, those men that are sexualized are often agents besides being beefcake, they are active participants in the story, they are characters, for female sexualization this is not the case: they are often background decoration, or subjects to a man’s narrative impetus.