VIDEO: Tropes vs. the Dorky Dane: Damsels in distress

Sofie’s second video in her “Tropes vs. The Dorky Dane” series.

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  • Moppet

    Couldn’t agree more. I think you hit every nail possible on the head here.

    As for the damsel in distress thing, in stories, especially old stories, I’d say the origin in old world values is actually sort of interesting. Old world logic, if I understand correctly, though not universal old world logic, usually had purpose. Save the woman and children first isn’t a new thing. Even ancient societies like the Etruscan where women could go nude as readily as men (much to Greek and Roman dislike) or work out alongside men in public, amongst other rights many women at the time weren’t allowed, they still had that idea of Women, and children obviously, being important. So important that they needed to be put first, saved first, cared for first, and so on. This could be seen as viewing Women as weak, like Children, but to me it’s always seemed less that they were weak, and more that they were viewed as too important, too loved, too needed, too……. whatever you wish to insert. In a way it could say more about the weakness of men, than of women, than anything else, in the romantic sense at least.

    “I’m not strong enough to lose [insert person here]” style concepts are age old in and of themselves.

    I suppose it’s worth noting that putting women up on a pedestal brings out its own unique brand of nay sayers, for one reason or another. Can that be helped? Someone out of the crowd will always find something to nit pick out of the whole. I tend to view these concepts, and others, as tools that can be used well, badly or somewhere in between or beyond, all depending on the writer in question. Much like you I do not see misogyny in a tool. If Mario took Peach home after saving her and beat her to death? Then there might be a misogyny discussion to be had. Still, the purpose of such a scene could easily just be a writer expressing how sick they are of having to write one note stories about saving the same damsel over and over again. A needlessly harsh way of expressing it, of course. Still, something about squeaky wheels and grease and all that.

    Regardless of the tangent, another wonderful video, very thought provoking. It certainly left me rambling.

    • Sofie Liv

      Haha, that’s alright, I got on similar rants.
      Hell this video is a similar rant I just happened to have and made into a video instead of a comment.

      Pff, if you think about it there are also old stories where the male is an total object for the woman. the old “Beauty and the beast.” “Cinderella.” and “Frog Prince.” Where it’s all about the woman finding her perfect man and even rescue him from time to time.
      Beauty and the Beast is all about the woman rescuing the prince from himself so… yeah.. It’s a tool as old as time, but it works and still makes for good story as long as the writer is good so what’s the problem?

      • Moppet

        No problem that I can see, as long as, as you say, the writer is doing their job well. It’s really all I ask, decent writing. It doesn’t seem like that’s asking so much in return for a purchase.

  • JamSanJose

    So when are you going to a review of Excalibur? You awe me Sofie!

  • JamSanJose

    You owe me. Way back when your computer got ruined and I stupidly gave you some money. You were going to review requests, but you never reviewed mine.