Tron Legacy (2010) (part 7 of 7)

Now we have Clu’s big moment of exposition where he explains exactly what his plan is and what his motivations are. From what I can tell, his plan is to get his army of a few thousand into the real world and completely take over. His motivation is because… I’m not sure?

He’s pissed about Flynn, that much is obvious, but clearly he’s not yet completed his task of creating a perfect system, so why is he abandoning that task and going to go take over our world? This doesn’t make much sense. The speech that he gives is the mirror image of Flynn’s speech from earlier in the movie, and that’s kind of clever, I guess. Also, at least the scene looks impressive in a vaguely disturbing, Nuremburg kind of way.

Caption contributed by Wily Badger

You know who else was a genocidal maniac? Hitler!

While this is going on, Sam sneaks into the area where Clu has placed Flynn’s disc. He has about four guards on this disc. Well, yes, that makes sense. Spend 365 years looking for something and you develop a somewhat casual attitude toward securing it. To be fair, there are also some other guys who immediately hide behind shielding, who remind me of those goggle-wearing guys from a certain other movie.

Caption contributed by Wily Badger

“Flash! Aaah-aah!”

Sam, of course, dispenses with the guards easily, despite him having, as mentioned before, no notable combat training. He gets in, grabs the disc, saves Thirteen from Rinzler, and then grabs a wing-suit to escape to freedom, rendezvousing with Flynn, who’s managed to get his hands on an aircraft.

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Multi-Part Article: Tron Legacy (2010)

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