Tron Legacy (2010) (part 6 of 7)

Back at Flynn’s house, we see that Clu and the Crunch Bunch have arrived. They wander around and look at things. Clu smashes up some stuff, while dealing with his daddy issues. He then picks up a shiny apple and has a flashback to his creation. No doubt the apple has some Eden-esque symbolism that I don’t care about. At the end of the scene, which was really rather pointless, Clu goes stalking off.

Over at the club, Castor gives us the unsurprising news that he is, in fact, Zuse. He and Sam carry on a conversation which is clearly designed to just distract Sam as Flynn’s guys drop down from above (they drop out from one of those planes that clearly Clu doesn’t have, or he could have used them to follow the Batmobile earlier). Castor gloats that he no longer believes in the users, and a fight starts with Thirteen appearing out of nowhere as it begins. It’s big and exciting in its own way, I suppose. And Sam does a good job of holding his own against highly trained warrior programs, which makes no sense, since as I mentioned earlier, he doesn’t have any noticeable combat skills.

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The fight stops rather abruptly when Flynn turns up. Castor makes a run for it as Flynn grabs Sam and Thirteen (now missing an arm), and takes them to the elevator. One of the warrior programs fires a grappling hook and steals Flynn’s disc, and then blows up the elevator. Nice to see a bit of competence from the bad guys. His competence doesn’t last long, as Castor kills him, takes the disc, and begins impersonating Chaplin. I wish that were a lie.

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You know, like the cake.

The elevator is now falling out of control. Flynn, being the master user, hacks into it and stops it from falling. Once they’re on the ground, he and Sam have a bit of an argument that ends with Flynn saying, “You’re messin’ with my Zen thing, man.” He then notices that the elevator has conveniently deposited them near a train. He decides that the three of them will hop the train and make a run for the border.

On the train, Flynn examines Thirteen, and we get the unsurprising news that she’s an ISO. It seems they have some sort of weird three-strand DNA that he fiddles with while explaining that in the real world, she could change everything. Left unexplained is exactly how she’d change everything. He does eventually fix the damaged code, which then turns into a moth and flies off. Yes, she had a bug. It’s one of the few clever computer references, so I shall now smile.


Ow. That hurt.

Next, Sam and Flynn are talking, with Sam whining about how horrible the real world is. The environment is terrible, the Middle East is a mess, the poor are getting screwed, etc, etc. Of course, this ignores the fact that people around the world are healthier and living longer, that poverty is on the decrease, that there’s peace in most countries, and that the Cold War has ended, thus mostly ending the threat of global thermonuclear war.

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Not now, Joshua.

So, the world is in fact in far better shape than it’s been at any point in world history, but that goes against the narrative flow of the film, so whatever. I do find it somewhat amusing when Sam mentions wi-fi and Flynn smirks a bit, saying he’d thought of that idea in 1985.

The real purpose of this scene is to establish that Flynn loves his son, and that he’d do anything for him. It’s a decent enough scene, I suppose, with some good emotion to it. If the whole film was as well-written, we might have really had something good.

We go back to the End of Line Club, where Clu and his troops turn up. He and Castor trade some “witty” banter for a bit. This eventually ends with Clu taking the disc and blowing up the club, killing Gem and Castor in the process. I’m not exactly sure why he kills them, but then again, I’m not entirely sure why he didn’t kill them long ago. Perhaps he’s just tying up loose ends. I’m also surprised Castor didn’t see it coming and didn’t have an escape capsule handy.

One notable thing about this scene is that Castor mentions Clu has been searching for the disc for “about a thousand cycles”. From something Flynn said earlier about the portal, we know that one milli-cycle is about 8 hours. That means 8,000 hours per cycle. By my math, that’s about 8 million hours or about 365 years. So Clu had 365 years to track down Flynn and get the disc from him, and still couldn’t. Oh, yes, he’s a force to be reckoned with, alright.

Back to our three merry fugitives. Thirteen has woken up, and Flynn is meditating. This gives us a chance to have a little heart-to-c:emotionslove.exe, with Thirteen going on about wanting to see a sunset. So now we know what the last frame of the movie will be.

Flynn snaps out of his meditation just in time to see they’re being followed by a Recognizer that has Rinzler inside. They get off the train at a station, where they find several cars full of programs just standing there doing nothing. Flynn explains they’re there for Clu to reprogram into being his soldiers, since apparently he can’t create new programs, and hasn’t ever heard of copy/paste.

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Ctrl-C, then Ctrl-V, or right-click, select “copy” then right-click, select “paste”.

Thirteen sees Rinzler looking for them. She hands her disc off and goes to distract him. A brief fight ensues and she gets captured, but not before Flynn realizes Rinzler is actually Tron. He and Sam sneak off, while Thirteen is led away.

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