Tron Legacy (2010) (part 4 of 7)

Sam gets brought to Clu, and we finally see Clu’s face. I’ll give Jeff Bridges great credit for his acting here. He does a wonderful job of acting like a slightly “off” version of Kevin Flynn. He really sells this role quite well in a lot of ways.

It isn’t long before Sam is Clu’d (ha!) into the fact that this isn’t his dad. Clu postures a bit, and then sends Sam off back to the Games to play around on the light-cycles. When Sam gets to the light-cycle arena, he’s introduced, as is his competition, which, surprise, turns out to be Clu, and is handed a stick. He’s not sure what to do with it, so he holds it like a lightsaber and asks how it’s used. Jarvis, Clu’s suck-up sidekick, smirks and says, “I’ll give you a hint. Not that.”

Caption contributed by Wily Badger

“However, come by my server later, my dear boy, and I’ll give you some private lessons.”

Meanwhile, yet another mysterious masked figure is watching things from above the arena. This is Samus Arn—er… Quorra, but that’s a stupid name, and a pain in the ass to type, so I’m going to call her Thirteen. Thirteen watches most of the introduction and slinks off, but you can be sure she’ll be back.

Caption contributed by Wily Badger

“That’s Ms. Justin Bailey to you!”

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Multi-Part Article: Tron Legacy (2010)

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