Tron Legacy (2010) (part 2 of 7)

Sam runs from his well-meaning grandparents and hops onto his bike. The shot flashes to his older version unsafely riding a motorcycle at high speed. Because he’s a badass rebel who doesn’t have to play by your rules! Yeah! Stick it to the man, you spoiled multibillionaire!

He gets chased by a cop, and through some incredibly irresponsible, unsafe driving, eventually eludes him, and I conclude, before the character even takes off his helmet, that he’s basically a dick. Nothing I see in the rest of the movie will prove to change my mind.

And when he does take off said helmet, he reveals himself to be Garrett Hedlund, best known to the world from his appearance in the Oscar-worthy fantasy epic Eragon, where he played a character far more heroic than the actual hero. He proved then what sort of actor he was and continues that trend with this film. Also, by Agony Booth standards, he’s now a Repeat Offender.

He leaves his motorcycle out on the street where, despite probably being fairly expensive, it’s somehow not stolen. He then uses a Nokia smart phone to break into Encom through a big door. Yes, it’s apparently the same big door as in the first movie. And does he comment on it? Yes, he does, saying, “Now that is a big door,” in a perfunctory fashion. Because this movie will rub your face in references rather than just let you sit back and enjoy them. That’s okay. I want to rub this movie’s face in a steaming pile of Bay.

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Multi-Part Article: Tron Legacy (2010)

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