Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) (part 6 of 6)

Inside the monument, Skids and Mudflap get into yet another Ebonics-related fight, and they accidentally create a hole in the wall that just happens to reveal the tomb of the Primes. Meaning the tomb was hidden behind a wall that’s maybe an inch thick at most. I really have to believe that archaeologists at some point would’ve done radar or sonar searches and discovered the tomb, but apparently not.

Sam finds the Matrix of Leadership, but it crumbles into dust as soon as he touches it. Luckily, he’s thinking ahead and scoops up all the dust and puts it in a dirty sock.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) (part 6 of 6)

At this point, there’s about forty minutes left to the film. I mention this because there’s a lot that occurs in the next forty minutes, but only about five minutes of actual content. Seriously. We get lots of shots of people moving around, and military vehicles pulling into position, and shots being fired, and nothing important happens at all. I’ll do my best to describe it anyway.

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Multi-Part Article: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

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  • Mamba

    With Alice, I just figured a deception killer the real her and then “replaced” her, Body snatcher’s style.

    But more relevantly, why was she trying to KILL Sam? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am 100% in favour of killing this character as quickly and painfully as possible, but from their POV, they have been trying to capture him.To get a map to a mcguffin which ends up being irrelevant to them later on anyyay.

    Pretty clear. They need his brain intact to get the info….even if he dies his head must be preserved. So STOP TRYING TO SLAUGHTER HIM RECKLESSLY!!! Even later on when they drop the car with him in it, how did they know this wouldn’t just spatter his head into pudding and they lose the very thing they wanted?

    But then, their motivations are dumb and changing all throughout. My problem is I’m thinking about a Bay movie. Still, it’s his movie, STARTING MAKING A LICK OF SENSE, or we can’t latch onto anything!!!