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It’s time for another episode of Saturday Morning Glory, where your host Ryan Lohner looks at some of the most insane moments in Saturday morning cartoon history!

This time out, he takes on Transformers, specifically the season two episode “The Girl Who Loved Powerglide”. In it, an Autobot gets his very own groupie in the form of a dippy socialite, who might just remind you of a real-life dippy socialite who was only four years old at the time of broadcast.

We here at the Agony Booth don’t know for certain if a girl can really love a robot, or how physical congress between the two might actually transpire. But clearly, the Transformers writers never lost much sleep over questions such as these, giving us one of the most bizarre episodes of the show’s run. Watch the video below and be disturbed.

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Ryan Lohner

Ryan lives in Sparta, New Jersey, a quaint little burg without much for kids to do except go to the movies. Thus began a lifelong love affair, as even back then he grew to love examining why a film worked, or didn't. He is a member of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, and currently studying for a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science. His hobbies include running, piano, and annoying people with that damn lowercase forum user name.

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  • Andrew Stookey

    Good episode. Plan on doing a review of the episode B.O.T.?

    • Jzigleraf

      B.O.T., now there’s a screwed-up one. Premise-wise, it’s pretty simple: Swindle sells off the parts of his teammates and has to get them back. It’s the little things that make it dumb, especially when you hit the REAL plot. Derrick J. Wyatt, the world’s biggest Swindle fan, summed it up pretty well:
      “The episode “B.O.T.” was one I always remembered from when I was young. But the thing is, I had just remembered the story focusing on Swindle selling off the other Combaticons, and I had totally mentally blocked out the whole school science project part of the story! Wow was I disappointed when I went back and watched that one!”

  • Gunflyer

    Oh God this episode was embarrassing. This was just as bad as the episode where Seaspray was turned into a merman, or the episode where they went back in time to King Arthur’s court or Hoist becoming a movie star… shit, I guess the original G1 Transformers was pretty weird… but thankfully only sometimes, like maybe 1 out of 5 episodes or so.

  • Anonymous

    In that case, I decide stuff, so I’m a Decisicon.