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Sofie takes on Michael Bay and his big, dumb, loud first entry in the Transformers series, starring Shia LaBeouf as a high school kid who befriends alien robots and, even more unbelievably, dates Megan Fox. While not as horrible as the two sequels, it’s still full of enough obnoxious humor (an Autobot pisses on John Turturro’s head! On camera!) to make it a chore to sit through. 

Also in this episode, Sofie makes the mistake of trying to contact the evil responsible for this film, and pays the ultimate price.

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  • TheCrazyFish


  • TheCrazyFish

    Pretty good video. You did make a lot of good points and had some funny bits.

    Honestly, I’m not sure how to feel about this movie. It’s not good. Really, about the best thing I can say about it is “were you really expecting it to be?” That’s kind of the thing though, were you expecting it to be? If so, why? Nostalgia aside, Transformers was never high art. Even the cartoon was all about cool robots, stuff blowing up, and the occasional dumb joke, so I’m not sure why everyone was so shocked and appalled when Michael Bay made a movie that was the same thing.

    The point I’m making is it wasn’t high art but it was good fun, which is something I think the internet has forgotten how to have. This movie isn’t supposed to be Serious Business, if you expect it to be then of course you’ll hate it.

    • Sofie Liv

      I just didn’t think it was even that.
      I didn’t think it was funny, and I do believe action movies can be. Was just in watching Battleship in cinema…
      I liked it! I had a lot of fun, you could say it reminds a lot of transformers except
      A; the structure is way firmer and simpler making it a lot easier to swallow. The characters even had arches with beginnings middles and ends and resolutions fitting with the simple firm set-up, leaving room for the aliens. Doesn’t need to be hard, following the old formula is not illegal, it leaves room for all the fun.
      B; I liked the humour! it has a very big sarcastic self ironic way of conveying itself, and never really tried to be any-thing else. So I was on with it, and I had fun.

      Transformers here how-ever doesn’t know whether it wants to be serious or funny, it keeps on mixing it up, and not in a compatible way.
      You can have serious and fun, Doctor who is a master of doing that within the show, it should very simply just be people reacting on the situation not “Stuffing obnoxious fart jokes in there for the sake of farts.”
      A fart alone isn’t funny, but you can actually have a scene build around people reacting to a fart that becomes involuntarily hilarious to watch, even if you don’t want to laugh at that.

      I also realise this is a movie with lots of boyish humour, and I must admit that is not my thing. I don’t like Jackass and I don’t like Borat. Nothing wrong with either thing, I just don’t like it.

      And.. I never had any prior ties to Transformers, it was never a thing in my country.. so I really don’t have any relation to the franchise.

      But believe it or not, I am actually all for having fun at my movies, I like it best when I am having fun. I loved “Kickass.” cause it felt like such a long time since I had that much fun watching a costumed heroes movies. I honest to god also loved the heck out of that Captain America Montage! I thought it was a crowning jewel of all costumed hero movies! And it was fun!
      I just didn’t have any fun what-so ever while watching Transformers, sorry.

      • TheCrazyFish

        I can see that. I think what they were going for was a serious story with the occasional comic relief, but the comic relief seems forced and comes in at entirely the wrong moments. Still, I found the movie enjoyable in a “turn your brain off and just watch” kind of way, same as I found Armageddon.

        Incidentally, I also never like Jackass or Borat if that helps.

        As for Battleship, I was wondering if it was gonna be any good or not. I might have to see that one now.

        • Sofie Liv

          I don’t believe “Turn your brain off and watch.” is any legit argument in favour of a movie, and especially not one with that big a budget and that big a production.
          It’s the same as saying. “It’s okay not to care when making these movies.” that just doesn’t sit well with me.
          If you enjoy watching it, then fine, I don’t hate you for it,enjoy yourself when-ever you can, life is to short to piss and mourn over a movie.
          But don’t use that argument as justification, because then you have justified them making more movies with that attitude in production. And that doesn’t sit right with me, at all. 

          Battleship is bloody clichéd, predictable, and old school.
          It’s no master-piece. But I will say that would be the way I want such a movie to be made, it honestly is.
          It wont give you any-thing new, it wont be a “Un-exspected hit.” it isn’t flawless, but dammit. I had fun regardless! I thought it was genuinely funny. And I LIKED it for all of its clichees, they were actually pretty skill-fully placed XD

          Am I the only one thinking all Transformers movie desperately tried to be as quotable as possible?
          And obviously it failed, cause I have never heard any-one quote any of those movies.. except Spoony who uses “Deep Wanged.” from Dark of the moon quite often, but not in a awesome positive way..

          The bloody Star Kids from Youtube is a thousand times better at creating quotes!

          “You may think killing people makes them like you, but it doesn’t!…. It just makes them dead D: ” <– best bloody quote ever, and it's from a youtube video from an amateur stage show, written produced and performed by the most professional amateurs in the world..

          • TheCrazyFish

            I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with clichés if used properly. Not sure if you’re into gaming, but a perfect example is Borderlands: the story is made almost entirely of subtle references, it plays straight (or at best inverts) every trope it can, yet it has one of the best stories of any game ever made. The references and clichés don’t feel like references and clichés at all.

            As for Transformers, they do not use their clichés properly. I get what you’re saying, that if we accept “it’s just a dumb movie, turn your brain off and enjoy it” as an excuse then they’ll keep making dumb movies, but the thing with that is that they’ll keep making dumb movies regardless because a) they’re easier and cheaper and b) there’s enough people who will watch them anyway. (Let’s not forget that good or bad the Transformers movies have all three been wildly popular.)

            Also, I think you might be right about the quotes. I’ve heard a lot of lines from all three movies that seemed to be built for quotability, yet I’ve never heard anyone actually quote them.

          • Sofie Liv

             Neither do I. Clichés are awesome, that’s why they became clichés in the first place.
            I say lets get more lonely castles on a hill top with lighting in the background!

            Well, there’s even badly crafted dumb movies and good crafted dumb movies.
            And Michael Bay as a crafts-man, and a craft-man on such a big budget should be called out on such a glaring re-accuring flaw in his work.
            That he doesn’t and that tons and tons of people watches his movies believing them to be awesome, dunno what I can do about that, the same thing is happening over and over, just look at Twilight. And there’s not that much we can do, cause yeas, it will continue happening.

          • TheCrazyFish

            And those lonely lightning castles need to have creepy, hunchbacked butlers!

            Yeah, it’s a bit depressing, I admit. Yes, you’ve managed to convince me Transformers sucks. Hey, I just said I didn’t know what to think, not that I liked it. :p

            Well, to extend a common saying: 80% of everything is crap, and 80% of people are morons who will love that crap.

          • Sofie Liv

             Sorry, as you can see.  have a genuine like of debating.
            I actually like to debate! XD

            And I like to feel smart while pulling up my cases and arguments.
            That’s why I am taking an academic education, so I can learn how to form even better bases 8)

          • TheCrazyFish

             Same here, actually. I’m probably one of the few people out there who actually likes discussing stuff with people I disagree with. It’s not about looking smart or being a jerk, it’s that I believe you only learn new things when you talk to people who disagree with you. Talking to people who think the same things you do breeds ignorance, in my opinion.

  • MephLord

    Will you review Avengers when it comes out on DVD or Blu Ray?  Cause I’ve been watching Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes! and they seem to be fairly true to the Asgardian legends, and after episode three we get to see Surtur in his badass near-omnipotent form.  I always knew Surtur was the most powerful force in Asgardian legend I just never thought he’d be animated so I was pretty thrilled at that.

    • Sofie Liv

       Not that tely show. No.
      I’ve seen it, and I think it’s decent. I mean it’s not bad, but neither am I that overwhelmed.
      (I feel so sorry for Brush Banner in that show, has he just given up for good now? are we ever going to see him again?)
      It falls into this Cowboy beebop era ones again, where all shows tries to arch like that, and I dunno.. it worked for Beebop but now I am starting to get tired of it.

      How-ever, I do plan to take a swing around The Justice League as that was an absolutely phenomenal TV-show, if you ask me.

      It is also not entirely uncalled for that I take a look at one or two of the Marvel movies, I am actually a fan of those. I really like them! the only miss-step they took was Iron Man 2. But it’s forgiven as A; it became such a mess as that movie ended up being to connection spot for all of the continuety taking place in the other movies, setting up the Avengers movies, that’s an honest mistake. B; one our of so far five movies is not a bad score, four solid good movies and one which failed and I can justify why it failed.. I can life with that. Most definitely. Especially if the Avengers Movies is going to be as awesome as I think it will :D

  • CompletelyConcerned

    I don’t blame ALL the actors for taking the easy paycheck here. Obviously Peter Weller and Hugo Weaving are contemporary legends and John Turtorro is good when he wants to be. Also the ONE thing I can say I liked about Bay’s series is his action sequences are almost always very good. The only main thing I liked about Bark At The Moon was the sequence when they were in the falling building and had the get out, among other action stuff. Though that’s just my opinion anyway. Even with Spielberg’s involvement ‘producing’ the films were not good. Not “worst film ever made” kind of bad as others may put it, but still somewhat averagely awful.

    • Sofie Liv

      Dude, were I asked to be in a big budget action Movie where Uwe Bowl was the director and I could tell with one glance the script was shitty. I would still be on with it! That would be the greatest story to tell to the kids in twenty years time, bad movie? so what, I’ll make it the best month of my life and laugh as I get the pay-check.
      So no! I don’t blame actors for taking such parts… mostly. If it’s really freaking huge stars that can pick and choose what-ever they like. I might be more hesitant.
      But you know, it’s a job and it’s a very fleeting jobs, you need to pick up parts, it’s kind of a loose or win lottery each time, you can’t really know before you start shooting, and you know, every-body makes mistakes, they are allowed.. ones in a while.
      I think it’s easy to forget, no one ever walks into any-thing expecting it to be a bad movie, no one knew this was going to be a bad movie. They probably all thought it was going to be awesome.  There obviously was put a lot of work into it. Michael Bay probably still thinks he made an awesome movie (the second one is the only one he himself said was bad, and even then in a very defensive tone.)

      And well, Spielberg has produced many many weird projects through time. I do respect the man for being as daring and play full as he is in what he decides to put his name on. Much stuff I like wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t produced it. He’s given a lot of people chances they wouldn’t have had otherwise, and.. half the times it turned out pretty bad and weird, but I think it’s worth it for that other fifty percent! I respect and adore that man and what he has done for movie culture.

  • Arcadiassx

    Your “Boom” character was a blast! Umm,……. yeah sorry bad joke.  
    But it took me awhile to make the connection that it was you. Funny.     Yeah i wish people would STOP going to see these awful American marketed  productions they really are destroying whats left of Hollywood, that is if there’s anything there left to destroy.

    • Sofie Liv

       And that proves what an amazing actress I am, thank you, thank you every-body B)

      Well, at least no one have spat out hate for the character yet.. I’ll take that as a good sign.

      As for Hollywood… yeah, last couple of years has been pretty damn weak, but dude! this year alone! The Avengers, Batman rise of the Dark knight and The Hobbit!

      That aint bad at all! and then lesser important films as “Brave.” “Dark Shadows.” “FrankenWeenie.” “Paranorman.” “Rise of the Guardians.” (that one looks absurdly epic) “Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter”

      I think will just manage to survive Twilight, Man in Black III, what-ever crappy childrens movies there are in store.. oh yeah, Madagascar III, the Amazing Spiderman and erh.. yeah, that’s just about all movies I can come up with that comes out this year I wish wouldn’t happen. I actually managed to come up with way more awesome movies! Things are lightening up!

  • Sofie is awesome. Shes like Nostalgia Critic if he were a lovable danish girl, lol:)

    • MephLord

       She is a great addition to this site, I only wish she could do this full time, but I doubt any of us can afford to pay her bills for her.

      • Sofie Liv

        Oh shocks, thanks you to.

        All though, I like to think I have managed to find a style different from the critics, he is a big inspiration, I can’t deny that. But we are also two very different people, some-times I analyse to, in a complete other way than he ever would, and our film taste all though in some ways similar are also in some ways very different.
        I for one refuse to call Moulin Rouge a guilty pleasure, it’s a good movie, and I like it because it’s a good movie! not because it’s a guilty pleasure.
        Van Hellsing is my guilty pleasure, Moulin Rouge is not! it is a good movie dammit.

        He of cause is entitled to his opinion the same way as I am.. just saying.

        And well, I may not produce as many videos as him, but I sure hope to develop this gig and eventually expand it. Do bigger different things. It’s a definite dream of my to go out and do some sort of life performance that can be recorded.  

        Keep supporting, I’m sure we’ll get there eventually.

        • MephLord

           I also like Mamma Mia! though I probably shouldn’t being a male and all that.  Even though GI Joe isn’t faithful to its source material I found myself enjoying it, so as you say everyone is entitled to an opinion on anything put out for public consumption.  As someone that enjoys mixed martial arts I’ve had to defend that hobby plenty of times from detractors that call it barbaric and “human cock-fighting” so I know what it’s like to enjoy something that few people care to educate themselves on before attacking it.

  • Nuclearademan

    Had to laugh when you say robot in the review, sounds like how Zoidberg from Futurama pronouces it.

    For a take your brain out type of film witch is what Transformers is it’s watchable I think. Now the sequels they are god awful and no amount of Rifftraxs can hide. Still wasting Hugo Weaving in a movie should really be a crime.

    • Sofie Liv


      I don’t really know what my accent sounds like to you guys.. at all, thought I at least said that word well..

      Meh, watchable aint exactly good is it? The one time I saw it back in time on DVD I was actually bored to death, all the while constantly rolling my eyes of the humour.
      So now, I wasn’t puking and I wasn’t angry, but neither did I have any sort of good time..

      Some people enjoy this movie, and honestly, good for them, I just don’t.

      Oh well, at least Mr Weaving will be back doing real movies here at December. Oh boy! Hobbit!

      • Nuclearademan

        Well I don’t know much about your country (except I think it’s where Hamlet is set) so your accent sounds foreign to me being British. I like it though it makes you stand out more.

        • Sofie Liv

          That is true, Hamlet is the prince of Denmark.
          And Kronborg, his castle, is a real castle the Danish kings used ones, it’s a tourist trap now and I’ve seen it a couple of times.

          Oh well, as long as people understand what I am saying I shouldn’t be complaining, I guess the day where I can fool people to believe english is my native languet is very far out in the future.
          It is my dream to sound like a Brit.. Cause brits sound cooler than Americans.. and their tely shows are cooler to.

          I admit, I just want to work on the serial department at the BBC…
          Don’t really care what I end up doing there, write, develop, act, produce, be an professional extra, I just want to be there.  

          • Nuclearademan

            Good to have dreams, too bad the BBC will probably never make a series as good as Our Friends in the North again.

            To be honest I think that US tv is just as good as British tv.

          • The best of American TV is as good as the best of British TV. But, in America they produce about 100 times as much, and, as we all know, 90% of everything is crap. So That’s a lot of crap American TV.

          • Sofie Liv

            For some reason all my fave programming is just British, and don’t ask me why, it just turned out that way.

            Of cause every-thing Steven Moffat had some-thing to do with I adore.
            Being Human was great fun in the beginning, the original the Office, just stuff.

            I also kind of like their formular of producing TV shows better, that there is only 8-16 episodes in a regular British season of some-thing, and then we concentrate way more on a solid story.
            While America shows have 24-32 episodes per season, and then there is so much filler in there, plus the over-all plot isn’t necessarily that well connected as you can’t ask a head writer/executive producer to keep track on all of that and make sure there is a firm read thread.

            There’s also American programming I like of cause, I just watch more British, for some reason.

          • That’s true. I love the BBC pattern of making a handful of brilliant episodes and leaving us wanting more. If Sherlock, for example, was on American television, there would be at least 40 or 50 episodes by now… and if we were lucky, 6 good ones.

          • Sofie Liv

            Yeah, that right there means a lot to me.
            Also seem like the British are better at stopping while the game is still good instead of just keeping on streching any-thing mildly popular.

            Also like the working formula of having the same little group of developers working closely together to create the one product. It feels more collected that way, each show actually knows what it wants to be, instead of being confused with so many creators just shortly there to direct or write or what-ever.
            The freedom also seems to be much larger in british tely, they are not as concerned about appealing to every-one in a massive audience and have very experimental weird shows.

            I think I just answered my own question why I like british tely better.. I do like they are not as afraid of being. Offensive, christ I am tired of tely shows playing it so safe so they wont be offensive.

            Yeah, Sherlock is more like 6 very good small movies rather than a tely show. And it’s so much better, it’s much more than just crime stories.
            As the US Sherlock airs, we can see how that’s going to turn out, my guess is it’s to be a very ordinary crime-show. Like so many other US crime-shows we have seen before, complete with miss-understood genius in the lead. It’s nothing new. “House.” “White collar.” “True lies” any-body?
            All is about having one arrogant eccentric genius able to do some deduction shit, and then he has a crack time of investigators around him to keep on rolling their eyes while whispering what a genius he is, it’s going to be the freaking same.
            It’s going to be so boring in comparison for sure.

            Ya know, I was a bit bitter towards the project because I was being a dumb fan-girl, but thinking it over I’m just indifferent now. It’s just going to be another decent crime-show with nothing new to offer. the US is floating with those things.

          • Nuclearademan

            One thing I think both American and British tv have in common is they need to stop casting British people to play Americans.

            I think the closest thing to Elementary is an American show called Castle staring Nathon Fillon. It’s really good and makes you wonder why they even bothered to redo it as Sherlock Holmes.

          • Sofie Liv

             It’s because the British tense to be better actors in general…
            Their acting schools a fucking hardcore, I mean.. it’s mentally challenging to finish a British acting school because “Fine.” aint good enough, they will always push the student and perfection is the only real solution. I’ve bloody been there!
            So… hard…

            Also, the british tense to give more people a chance so more people get to shine. Look at Doctor who, they hire unknowns to the new main characters, and they become famous through it. They just hired a new companion, dunno who she is either, she looks pretty.

            Benedict Cumberbatch, no one knew whom he was before Sherlock, but Moffat felt he was right for the part, now he is getting to be in a good number of hollywood moves, he’s the villain in the next Star Trek movie!

            Freeman is a bit more curious character though, as he was big through the office and hitch-hikers guide, but then sort of vanished, until well.. Sherlock and the freaking hobbit.

            All hollywood movies also tense to ship the brits, and they usually put up a good joke. Think about it, when you complain. “The dude” or “The woman can’t act!” how many times has that dude or woman been british?

          • Nuclearademan

            I don’t think Benedict was really obscure because he was in a few films before Sherlock (one he starred with Tom Hardy before either of them became big) but outside of England he probably wasn’t known.

            The new Doctor Who companion was on a British soap called Emmerdale for a few years. I never watched it so I can’t say what her acting is like.

          • Sofie Liv

             Well, they ARE actors, that is kind of their job.

            None of them just jumped out of mid-air, it would be kind of weird if they had never appeared in any-thing.

            But you don’t need to be famous to make a decent living as an actor, you don’t need to be famous to be a good actor.
            Being a celeb and an actor is almost two completely unrelated jobs. So that’s where I am going from.

            And I don’t think before Sherlock to many had the mentality. “Omg, I gotta watch that! Cumberbatch is in it!”

            And now they would, there in lies the difference.

          • Sofie Liv


            Best effing TV-programme ever! :D

            … I love that show, so much… And you all ready know I am a who-vian. 

          • FullofQuestions1

            Your accent is fine, and keep in mind, if most of us tried speaking Danish, we would be far less comprehensible.

          • Sofie Liv

            Kan I ikke snakke dansk? Blasfemi!

            Seriously though, thanks for the support. I genuinely want to over-come my accent though, and I am genuinely aiming for a British accent rather than an american. How-ever, that tend to end up sounding forced to, fooling no-body but other danish people.
            And I also need to find out what a real British accent even is, there’s a couple over there at the islands. Whom do I listen to? Matt Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch or Stephen Fry?
            Apparently they have slightly different accents to, but I would never know hadn’t I been told, I really can’t hear the difference!

            So British people, if you got any tips it would be most appreciated, I am working on this! I want that international stand-up tour one day where people actually understands what I am saying!

          • Mamba

            “over-come” your acent? Oh no no no, please, you have to be you! :) You sound fine as you are, and we have to listen closer if we miss something. Besides, who’s to say what is said is said right anyway? Maybe the world has it wrong and the true accent is found to be Danish?

            Seriously though, never change who you are, you lovable spirit you! Your reviews are always so lively because of your personality and your accent only enhances you, not detracts. Really, you’re english seems fine.

          • Sofie Liv

             Thank you, that’s very sweet said, I appreciate that :)

            I am still working on both pronunciation, speech and accent though.
            I myself feel like there’s lots to be improved, when I catch myself having difficulty with a word I rehearse it, don’t know if any-one have noticed, but I can say “Visit.” now! So proud :,D

            And I am not joking that much when I say I hope for an international European stand-up tour one day… Just at some small clubs and bars.
            It’s going so well here both with videos and Danish stand-up so… why ever not?

    • TheCrazyFish

       Hey, Dark of the Moon wasn’t bad for a 2 hour long musical montage.

      • Nuclearademan

        Yeah too bad it was a 3 hour long movie that wastes Hugo Weaving and John Malkovich.

        • TheCrazyFish

           Wait a second… *looks it up on IMDb* Holy crap, DotM was two and a half hours?

  • Uh, I have to point out that the climactic battle scene was in Los Angeles, not New York.  Then again, you’re not American and you were trying to identify the location based on how Michael Bay filmed it, so it’s somewhat understandable.

    edited to add: I was also going to offer the excuse that wherever it was supposed to be it was probably filmed in Toronto or Vancouver. But no, Michael Bay very expensively filmed it in Los Angeles to no particular benefit.

    • Sofie Liv

       Oh.. not having a shot of the statue of liberty probably should have hinted me off.. but. you know.
      It’s usually new-york city in these films. And with such a big movie where location budget shouldn’t be a problem.. I dunno.
      -yeah. It was just an assumption, and going back checking all they say is. “Take it to the city!” and nothing else.. which is still a pretty damn dumb move, but what-ever.
      It doesn’t really matter which city, it’s still a big city with lots of people in it whom could have avoided death had they not taken the cube there!

      • Your complaints were entirely valid. The fact that the film failed to make it clear which city they were taking the cube to is just further example of failure on the filmaker’s part. I vaguely remembered from promotional stuff that the climax was in Los Angeles, not the movie itself. I had to look it up to make sure.

        That, and the really squicky scene of the robots watching Shia, Megan, and Bumblebee have a three-way at the end didn’t look like anything near New York. (edit: Which isn’t proof of location. It’s common to set a scene someplace that looks nothing like the location filmed.)

        • Chiquita Bomber

          Actually, Josh Duhamel’s character mentions the fictional “Mission City” when suggesting they take the cube away from the Hoover Dam. But you’re right, it is Los Angeles in real life, as the scene, like much of the movie, was filmed in California.

  • MichaelANovelli

    Ah, Sofie.  I always suspected you’d do an impression of Animal from The Muppets evenually, but I never thought you’d get such creepy make-up to go with it.  Good show!

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, I like to go the extra mile with make-up and settings when plausible.
      All though, that impression were on Crazy Harry not Animal, though they do share similarities, I give ye that.
      Only real difference is that Crazy Harry is only at the theatre to blow random shit up :3
      Just send a note if you need a quick odd character to blow some-thing up, I have her on a leash in my suitcase from now on.

      Thanks mate!

      • Olaf_the_Lofty

         It would be more like a cross between Animal and Crazy Harry. An alarming idea.

        Anyway, thanks again for another very funny review, and I loved Michael Bay’s assistant. As for Mr Bay himself: he’s a success, so the studios like him. Lots of people say “this film is fun if you just turn your brain off”, but if you don’t like doing that, what then? Films like this seem to be mainly an opportunity to hang lots of special effects off. If that’s what you want, fine, and if you want to follow a story and see interesting characters develop, there’s “Hamlet”, with plenty of choice in between.

        • Sofie Liv

          Thanks :)  

          Don’t see why an hardcore action film can’t have a firm solid engaging story..

          Terminator, Terminator 2, Die Hard, Kick Ass, Batman, all Marvel movies save Iron man 2..

          I even liked Battleship cause I thought it was genuinely funny and genuinely solidly put together.
          It was what Transformers tried to be, but MUCH better and way more focused, knowing what it was and went for the simple solid story with actually amusing humour.
          And Real Steel may be cliché as hell, but that was a firm dead on story structure, and I call that a very competent fighting robot movie… if also kind of silly. But silly in a amusing way.

          • Olaf_the_Lofty

             I didn’t mean to criticise your assessment of the film: I agree with it. The trouble is that Hollywood has found that, in films with lots of explosions and special effects, a story is an optional extra. They seem to think of it like the mascot on the front of a Rolls-Royce or Mercedes: prestigious, but not necessary. The enormous success of the “Transformers” films shows that, financially, they are right. It will continue to annoy people like us who don’t want to “leave our brains at the door”, but as long as the films are hugely profitable, the studios won’t care.

          • Sofie Liv

            Even if I thought that, you are still entitled to your opinion and have a right to enjoy a movie. So I would never be mad or any-thing like that.
            And I didn’t think you did, (you are in your right to do it though, I am not necessarily always right.) 

            And yeah, what are you going to do? Twilight as well was a huge financial success, there’ll be a fourth Transformers movie, with Bay back at the helmet, cause apparently the studio was that desperate. What can ya do, other than just laugh at how silly it is?…..

            Be happy that’s it’s less than a week before the avengers is out! :D

      • Mike

        Hey I was actually thinking of Crazy Harry as I so your performence (at least I think I was?).
        But anyway that brings me to something I’ve been wanting to ask you Sofie which has nothing to do with this video, but is totally Muppet related. Two months ago, (right after Whitney Houston had died, I noticed something odd on Muppet Wiki about the fall 1984 issue of Muppet Magazine. Specificly that it featured a review of Whitney’s first album in “Floyds Record Raps,” even though the album was released offically the following year.
        I was lucky enough to find the website of Marianne Meyer who did much of the writing for Muppet Magazine as well as several Muppet books. I wrote to ask about her work for the now defuct publication and let her know that her profile on the wiki page was rather sorley lacking in details. I felt very honored and priveliged to recieve a response fom Mrs. Meyer just two days later.
        Well enought with the formalities. The bottom line is I’ve been reluctent to delete this letter even though I have no real use for it and I don’t anyone else as big into Muppets as I am in which to share it. So I was wondering if maybe you’d like me to forword you a copy?

        • Sofie Liv

          Why don’t you just print it and keep it as a oddity in a folder?
          Don’t you have folders for important papers or some-thing?

          Heh.. no thank you. That letter isn’t written to me, I have no reason to read it, it would feel kind of “Zuh?” and odd.
          Print it and show it the day you get some-one visiting who’s a muppets fan, that a great story to tell future muppet fan acquaintance who’s going to visit for a cup for coffee. 

          thanks any-way

          • Mike

            I would print if could get the blasted thing to work. Sorry if that sounds edgy, but my printer is a painfull topic for me. I got the one I have now a year ago when the orginal stopped working, but have yet to get this one to work either all the time of had it and have no clue as to why! (sigh) 
            Yeah I didn’t really think you’d be that intrested anyway. Just a thought really. Your alternate suggest is a good one though. If I can a way to print that letter I guess that’s what I’ll do.
            I do hope you’ve managed to check out Muppet Wiki since a set you that last link though, (it really is the Holy Grail of Jim Henson Company and Muppet info). BTW, what is “ZUH!” That sounds like something Pinky would say!

          • Sofie Liv

            It’s just a sound some-one makes when confused, could just as well have said. “Whaaaat?”
            Maybe Pinky did use that word, I don’t know. Narf.

            I’ve been at muppets wikie, often to look up some information, so fear not, I know of it.
            The website stealing my attention right now though, would be pottermore :3

            I loooove, harry potter. Yeas, we are going to talk about it later, and some little birdie told me a fellow garl, potter fan and Agony both contributor is going to join moir, so it can be a good excuse from her usual mystery movies.

  • Elizabethspectrum

    I never liked the look of the Michael Bay transformers (the shredded bits of small/large metal held together as opposed to being solid objects). I kinda get what he might have meant by that; but they looked like a stiff breeze would cause them to fall apart :p

    • Sofie Liv

       Me neither, thought they should have been more clear cut and distinctive designed, I would have liked them to be very more vibrant looking and eye-compelling. This are just more.. meh, to me.
      I guess he wanted them to look realistic or some-thing, but again bay, pick a tone! serious or fun, I don’t know which one you are going for in this movie!

  • MephLord

    Sofie I’m surprised you have so much patience.  It seems like every video you post gets a million comments and yet you reply to 90% of them (when they aren’t stupid that is).  I doubt GI Joe was a big cartoon in Denmark, but it was pretty successful here in Canada, did you at all watch it, and partook of the recent live-action movie?  I thought I’d hate it, being a purist of the show and all but really thought it was good.  I like the idea of Cobra being non-American except for Cobra Commander, that to me is hilariously awesome to some weird way (Destro is from Scotland, Tomax and Xamot are French Corsicans, Baroness is Russian (although she’d be better German), Major Bludd and Zartan are Australian, and Storm Shadow is Japanese).  I was just wondering if you’d have a take on the movie from a non-North American point of view, since it’s always interesting to see how the rest of the world views movies, even from a non-political view, more of a view of why a movie is relevant at all.

    This post is mostly because the sequel is coming up soon and I’m pretty excited about it, it should be funny as hell since the Rock is going to be starring in it.

    • Destroman!

      I’m not going to be evil and say perhaps she has a lot of time on her hands ( :p ) because I generally enjoy the majority of her work, and it’s always a sign of good to see someone interact quite largely with curious people who may have questions about her work. You rarely see that happen much on the internetz these days. (Or maybe you do and I don’t often find those places.)

      If we’re talking the first GI movie, I couldn’t take Scot Destro seriously because…he was being played by Christopher freaking Eccleston! I love the man, but when he was being sealed into his suit, all I kept thinking about was if he broke out of it he would become David Tennant (in his actual Scottish accent) trying to take down the Rock (preferably not at Wrestlemania). I hope the sequel is better.

      • MephLord

         I WISH David Tennant played Destro, that would be awesome.  And since Destro is Cobra’s second best hand to hand fighter (after Storm Shadow; Zartan is third and Firefly is fourth), after he layed out Channing Tatum, to fight the Rock would be brilliant. 

      • Sofie Liv

        I… just like the attention.
        I’m like that big adorable puppy willing to lay down on my back so people will scratch my tummy and tell me how cute I am..

        Seriously though, I enjoy to talk to people in the comment sections! I enjoy it a lot!
        I enjoy debating and I enjoy talking about my observations and explain myself.
        In fact I am very thankful for the comment sections where I can go in more detail, I never get to go in as much detail as I want to in my videos because of time, far to easily they could end up being three hours long, so I have to pick and chose my arguments very carefully and then I save some problems for later separate videos, it’s a lot of compromises I have to make to make a more head on product that doesn’t ramble. (so easily that could happen.)

        And I don’t get that many comments, honestly! most of them are me answering and debating with some-one.
        If the comments suddenly goes up in the future, yeah I probably wont answer to as many of them, but I always read and consider what people say. Because it’s my sincere wish to become better and continue growing in my videos, and I can only do that by listening to peoples criticism.

        And… never seen G.I.joe, so I wouldn’t know.
        How-ever, Summers, the director.. he tend to make my guilty pleasure films.. the mummy and Van Hellsing.. so much my guilty pleasures all over.. I’m afraid getting another one if I watch that movie…

  • Misty Koopa

    Ah Transformers. I remember when this movie first came out how divided the internet was over it, how it was either “TOTALLY AWESOME!!” or “It’s shit, don’t even bother”. Me being me, I rented the movie once it was on DVD so I could make my own judgement about it. And I was bored out of my mind. And not because I’m a girl. Oh no, I came in fully expecting explosions and robot fighting with cheesy one-liners. And I’m not (that) well experienced with Bay’s movies. Sure Armageddon was overly bloated and was absolutely retarded with it’s story, especially when compared to Deep Impact, and Pearl Harbor was just a bromance with incredible historical inaccuracies thrown into the mix, but I stupidly though that maybe, just maybe, Transformers would actually be watchable.

    But it wasn’t. And the reason why I was so bored is because, largely, it wasn’t about the Transformers. They’d appear, have a couple lines, and go away again because it’s time for more pointless human drama! And the climax just confused me with it’s combination of Bay’s ADD directing style, the little time spent with the Transformers, and visual appearance of the Transformers themselves. I don’t buy that the original designs “didn’t look right” during production because the new ones were no more realistic. And were, to me, worse because when combined with the directing it became damn near impossible to tell who was who when everyone was rolling around together as the designs IMO just looked like a load of scrap metal glued together.

    But yeah. It’s always nice to find people who don’t love (or like) Bay’s movies. =D

    • Sofie Liv

       I actually like an occasional action movie, I even like cheesy on purpose fun BOOM movies.

      I don’t like Michael Bay, at all! and neither do a lot of other people on the net, so we are not alone fellow Bay criticer.

      And yeah, I agree with ya. I also only saw it on DVD way after the first movie had come out, but before the second was in cinema, and I also only saw it cause I had a friend keeping on saying. “This is the greatest thing evar!!!”

      I saw it, and was bored to tears, as I have no prior connections to transfomers as a franchise it didn’t hurt me, but I was still. “What’s so great about things thing?”
      Oh well, it’s the same guy whom kept on insisting that the new Star Wars trilogy is AMAZING! and we aren’t friends any-more. Not because of differences in film taste, cause that’s a stupid reason to stop being friends. But because he was an immature idiot. And those kind of people watches that stuff thinking it’s amazing, what can ya do?

      I love how even those people says. “But three weren’t as good as the others..” as if they are desperately trying to justify that movie without having any real arguments or the heart in it.. 

      • StevePotter

        Awww… I love the new Star Wars trilogy… Ok, Attack of the Clones was awful. And The Phantom Menace… Ok, The Phantom Menace was just ok. But I really love Revenge of the Sith!!!

        • Sofie Liv

           Sorry, was talking about transformers in those last two lines.
          People whom keep on insisting “Transformers.” are good movies can’t even get themselves to say three is that good.

          Star Wars new trilogy, aint good movies… but neither are they so bad as many many people make them out to be. It’s just a regular sluggish action movie like the bunch Hollywood puts out every-year, the only mayor difference is that it got the title. “Star Wars.” on the front, and there’s a lot of people protecting that old trilogy as was it their religion or some-thing.

        • Kev

          You are of course entitled to your own opinion but I insist that Attack of the Clones was the less awful film than Phantom Menace.

          1. Substantially less Jar Jar
          2. Stuff actually happened. It was stupid, but stuff actually happened. TPM was like C-SPAN in Space.

          • Nuclearademan

             3. 100% more Christopher Lee

  • Kev

    Quite frankly I always believed Michael Bay would have been a much better fit to direct GI-Joe than Transformers. It’s got the three things the guy loves the most. Explosions, obnoxious jingoism and military hardware. That franchise would have been right up his alley. Alas.

  • MephLord

    Sofie I’d like to make a request.  I’d love to see you do a “casting call” type of show where you’d cast a Wonder Woman movie, and plot out the major things that would occur in it.  I think since we both love Wonder Woman and want to see her movie done right, it would be something that would be enjoyable.  Since we will never get a Justice League movie, a Wonder Woman movie has the most potential at least right now.  I’d be curious to see how you’d run it if you were director, producer and casting agent.

    • Sofie Liv

       Don’t be so sure, Josh Whedon has been trying to pitch Wonderwoman to Warner Brothers each year, and they turned him down at each turn. Both saying Wonderwoman wouldn’t sell, and him as a television man wouldn’t be a viable director.

      But oh wait, what was the last movie Josh Whedon directed? Oh yeah, it’s just a tiny little thing called the Avengers which here in Europe is all ready a smash hit, has lived up to every-bodies expectations, both critics and regular viewers seems to like it, I freaking LOVED IT!
      And erhm erhm, Warner Brothers… whom would it be a really good idea to become good friends with right now?

      Josh Whedon not a probably cinema director? Oh the shame of it! it’s almost laughable!

      So, I think I am going to hand that one over to Whedon and be sitting here waiting in sheer anticipation while watching his latest super-hero movie a couple of times. maybe.. a couple of thousand times!

      Yeah.. it was really good and I enjoyed it highly :D

      • MephLord

         So the only two directors to have any clout are Josh Whedon and Stephen Sodenberg (sorry Michael Bay fans, he lost his value as a director with Transformers), and Sodenberg is already a huge fan of Gina Carano, and has the stylistic movie format that would suit Wonder Woman, while Whedon has the acumen and visual storytelling that is perfect for comic book movies.  Even Robert Rodriguez knows how to pace a comic book movie as long as he likes the material (Sin City) so there isn’t much reason for Wonder Woman to fail, unless the studio exec’s at Time Warner are morons and don’t realize how awesome a Wonder Woman movie would be. 

        • Sofie Liv

          Well.. meh.. Warner Brothers have found themselves in a weird situation.
          In a couple of years now, they have done the right thing, betting on creative projects such as Scott Pilgrimm vs. The world ext, but those instances failed and they failed as a buisnes, so they cannot longer afford such gamblings.
          They could ones, when they still made Harry Potter movies, which was their secured sure hit each year for a long time.
          But now that’s gone and over with, they are desperate for a new franchise to be that, and their big bet was a Justice League build up ala a Avengers build up.

          But, as I all ready stated in my video, that was a stupid movie, why was it stupid? cause they were much more concerned about the merchandise and money than the actual movie.
          The studio making the Marvel did some-thing very smart, they worked together with a bunch of nerds whom knew how the movies should be, further more, what you have is a bunch of very simple and there-for solid movies, Green Lantern is so complicated, it should have been simple and solid. Also it was to early to introduce that lab thingy which should have been the tie in to other avengers movie.
          They should just have found themselves a good director who is a nerd.
          Instead they found a… esh director, whom only ever made very forgetable movies.

          Ya wanna know why the new batman movies are so good? Cause Nolan is a good director with one heck of a personality that shows on screen, and they just him do his thing without interfering.
          Actually, his bat movies are far more “Nolan movies.” than “Comic book movies.” which is why it’s stupid to copy their style.

          So yeah, take one of the god damn good directors, hand them one of your DC projects, any of the projects, and let them do their thing!

          And I don’t care! Zack Snyders man of steel is going to be an awesome movie!

          • MephLord

            If Wonder Woman is too risky right now, and if your total budget is say $20 million (small by Time Warner standards, with at least a guarantee of a return) who is the best DC character to profile?  Green Arrow and Black Canary seem the most obvious choices.  But I’d actually make a Nightwing movie, I think either Nightwing or Robin in a movie not associated with Batman would do better than Time Warner might expect it to, and with a $20 million budget wouldn’t kill their movie division either.

          • Sofie Liv

             Apparently nothing less than 100 mio dollars is enough to make a movie with.
            And that is in spite the Finish just managed to make their own big movie on a way smaller budget that could have fooled me into believing it was the genuine article. I don’t know what hollywood movies has to be that Expensive! I think it’s as baffling as you do!

            I would love a Captain Marvel movie!…. what?
            Oh come on! that would be such a fun movie! okay, it would be risky, but damn it would be fun!

            You mean aside from the golden trio who do I think would be the safer bet from a financial stand-point? (cause, out of all of them it is without question Batman.)
            erh… Nightwing is a good one actually, mostly because you can make him into an extension of Batman, and if there is a secure name, it just is Batman.

            Green Arrow wont get a movie (though I would love to see it.) he is currently under development to get his own tely show. And yeas, that does suck!

            I would also love to see a “Question” movie, that is absolutely not a safe bet at all, but if done right… damn that could be a cool movie.
            Then again they managed to screw both the spirit and the shadow over… so ya never know before the movies hit the big screen. or at least until you get a feeling of how they are handling production.

          • Nuclearademan

            I can’t say I agree with you about Man of Steel. I quite like Zack Snyder but Superman movies tend to be rubbish and outside of Michael Shannon the cast doesn’t look that great either.

            I’m not gonna be bothered about this or the Batman reboot that’s gonna happen so long as leads to the Justice League film.

  • Ok I agree with you on this movie being crap, but its Transformers I didn’t like the franchise til Armada, so I have no input. Really the only good actors in the movie were the Army dudes, Shia, the Transformers voice actors, and yeah that’s it

    • Sofie Liv

       Well… neither do I even have that big an interest in this franchise to be honest.. to tell you a secret.

      This entire damn video exists for one reason and one reason only… to introduce “Boom” as a character in my show.. and I didn’t even manage to use her since…

      • danbreunig

         She’ll be back someday.  I can feel it.

        • Sofie Liv

           Well, the reaction around her has been rather positive, again I just havn’t been able to find a place she would fit in, or where it would feel natural. So well, there it stands.

          If I get an idea, I’ll use her, if I don’t.. I see no reason why not just be other characters that fit into the situation better.