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As everyone knows, 2007’s Transformers is a classic of modern cinema, and the magnum opus of master auteur Michael Bay, starring one of the greatest actors of our generation, Shia LaBeouf! It’s also the debut review of the Cinema Slob–No, not the Cinema Snob. Confused? Then watch the video, where the Snob himself, Brad Jones makes a special appearance to explain it all for you!

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  • CDiehl

    This guy needs to find a new schtick, because this one got old in the course of one video. If this is what he plans to do in the future, please don’t bother putting it up here. I get the one joke of the premise, I just don’t think it’s funny. I’d like to see an actual defense of Transformers, because that would be interesting. This is the opposite of that, being just cheap sarcasm.

    • Cameron Vale

      Welshy did a great defense of Transformers in his Transformers retrospective video.  He’s less positive about Transformers 2 and 3, but those actually aren’t very good.
      Also, I actually don’t get the one joke of the premise.  Is he like a whorish movie critic in the studio’s pocket?  A mainstream filmgoer?  A simple reversal of Brad’s bit?

      • CDiehl

        Depending on how one looks at it, he’s either parodying how a positive review sounds and applying that to this movie, or he’s just saying the opposite of what nearly everyone else has said about it. Either way, it sounds like cheap, easy sarcasm that anyone can do. He doesn’t really defend the movie, just gives the same basic overview that other reviews give but with positive descriptions instead of negative. That gets old very fast, and if that’s his plan for future videos, I’m not interested.

  • welcome to the sight, slob, you’re awesome:)

  • Carlos Rivas

    inspiration is one thing however make it more unique and less like brad, which you’ve done for the most part.

  • rainflyx

    Master of foreshadowing. That was the moment that darn near killed me. Well played.

    • Thomas Stockel

      Agreed. :)

  • The cop car thing is the closest thing to a coherent visual theme this movie has going. All the Decepticons are official vehicles using by governmental organizations: Police Care, military vehicles, etc. All the good guys are civilian transport. Too bad this citizens vs establishment theme doesn’t actually tie into anything in the film.

    • CDiehl

      I’d chalk that up to a combination of two factors. One is a carryover from the old animated series, where the Autobots are descended from civilian service robots, and Decpticons are descended from battledroids. The other is that it’s easy to make a police car or a military aircraft look evil or intimidating as well as to make a beat-up sportscar or a semi truck look pleasant or appealing. Other than that, I wouldn’t attribute any of it even to an attempt at a larger theme.

      •  Yeah, that was pretty much my assumption. Audiences are generally predisposed to rooting for rebels and underdogs and hating authority figures simply by virtue of those traits alone. Almost as old a principle as the Black Hat/White Hat thing. Nice easy-to-process visual cues.

  • Matsuejo


    Welcome to the Agony Booth team Zack Mavoy / Cinema
    Crusader / Cinema Slob.

  • Matsuejo


    Welcome to the Agony Booth team Zack Mavoy / Cinema
    Crusader / Cinema Slob.