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Alright boys, it’s time to get a bit of dope and get fucked up tonight! Phil Buni celebrates the upcoming holiday of April 20 by reviewing stoner movies and shows, including the Canadian series Trailer Park Boys, which started off as a Cops-style mockumentary, but over its seven seasons became much more.

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  • LindaMinda

    I’ve always liked this show ever since a friend made me aware of its existence. Probably the only TV show I’ve actually bought the series DVDs for.

  • Jason Withrow

    John Dunsworth (Mr. Lahey) is pretty much fantastic in everything I’ve seen him in, and a pretty fantastic guy in real life, too. Right now he’s in Haven (well, “right now” he’s doing the next TPB movie!) and he and Richard Donat make every scene count. But nothing will top the season of TPB he spent playing a rampaging alcoholic, who was sober at the time, but was playing drunk. I can barely follow that and I just typed it! It’s no surprise half his family are actors, including Sarah from TPB.

    The Christmas special’s DVD’s not that hard to find north of 49, so Netflix should really get on that. I actually found it mixed in with The Grinch and Garfield as a “Holiday Classic” bin last Christmas. Welcome to Canada!

  • Okay, what is this DirectTV commercial people keep talking about lately? Because a google search turns up nothing, and if it’s that “DirectTV genie” commercial, I pretty certain that isn’t one of the Olsen twins.×342.jpg

  • MephLord

    Fuck off Lahey, you drunk asshole. Holy shit Julian I don’t think that’s a good idea. Damnit Ricky I told you to watch the weed, what are you doing here with Lacey? Also my favorite episode is the one with the drug stealers posing as bible salespeople, that one is hilarious.

    I wish you would’ve talked about Sara and Lacey, they are important characters I think just as central as the other five. Seeing a young Ellen Page in this series is surreal since she went onto the movie Juno and also played Kitty Pryde in X3.

    • I agree, but I had less to say I suppose about them and wanted to talk about Ricky and Bubbles me favorite characters. Them and J-Roc, lol!

      • MephLord

        Knock Knock…who’s there…Fuck Off. Sorry but I’m Canadian and this show is a Canadian institution. Even though I don’t smoke I think the absurdity of it is great and they do it with a straight face makes it even more impressive. This show, Degrassi, Beachcombers (a pretty obscure show back in the 80s but very, very good), Corner Gas and Little House on the Prairie are defining shows for how we try to define our culture and outlook.

  • Torgeaux

    A post on Facebook I did about my retirement party: “Jim and Randy were already drunk and passed out by 5. We put clown wigs on them, but nobody cared. I had to buy a big bottle of Headhunter rum and a case of coke for Julian or he wasn’t going to show. Ricky brought over some killer weed, but I had to buy all of it for the whole party cause he was broke and needed to get a ‘good’ anniversary present for Lucy or they were done for good this time . J-Rock came over to DJ but the girls he brought over weren’t really girls. Corey and Trevor spent the whole evening trying to pick them up so it was cool. I had cashed in my IRA at Ricky and Julian’s insistence so we could buy $400 (my entire life savings) of fireworks. We ended up burning Bubble’s shed again so he took back the kitty he gave me to mark the occasion. I don’t know why he was so pissed off. His shed wasn’t the only thing that got burned down. It wasn’t like we singled him out or something. Anyway, we all got arrested for burning down half of Sunnyvale AND the adjoining Warehouse district which was totally NOT our fault. We couldn’t get Rickey to talk us out of trouble with the cops because he was so drunk he got arrested an hour before. He and Ray HAD to set off for the mini-mart in the shit-mobile for smokes and pepperoni and ended up ramming one of the fire-engines into a ditch that was on it’s way to help put out the blaze. You should have been here, man. We’ll probably be out around Halloween.” Yeah, I love the show.

  • clockworkcanary

    I always thought Julian was the Ego; Bubbles was the Super Ego; and Ricky is definitely the ID. Great show and awesome review. Thanks!