VIDEO: Toy Story vs. Toy Story 2 vs. Toy Story 3

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The Animated Heroine looks at one of the highest grossing animated franchises ever, to find out which of the three beloved Toy Story films is the best!

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Tag: Franchise Evolution

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  • Liam

    That was good!

    You should compare more sequels with each other! (Like Shrek 1 vs. Shrek 2 vs. Shrek 3 vs. Shrek 4)

    • Thomas Stockel

      Agreed, that sounds like a neat idea.

  • Muthsarah

    Put me down for loving the second one best. I thought the Buzz/Zerg subplot was about as good as pointless subplots go (then again, maybe I’m just a sucker for well-done Star Wars references), and I felt it improved on every element of the first movie, no exception. On that note, not even Empire improved on EVERY part of the first. And while that doesn’t make Toy Story 2 the best movie-that’s-a-sequel ever (officially), it makes it the best…sequel…I can think of. It did absolutely everything it was “supposed” to, with none of the failings, obvious or otherwise. And THAT MOMENT, god I was nearly bawling myself. I knew it was supposed to be direct-to-video (ugh…) but I had no idea about the nine-month turnaround. That just makes it all the more impressive.

    I should probably see 3 again. I was a lil’ older than the target crowd for Toy Story 1, and I was already past that life-transition phase when the third one came out, so I think it just didn’t resonate too strongly with me. I would tentatively put Jessie as the best character in any of the movies (if only for the second movie), because you just don’t find too many characters like her. Woody’s the heart and soul, but Jessie’s contribution left the biggest woun…I mean impact! Mufasa’s death is hilarious compared to that. Dammit….I gotta go….

    P.S. I am SO looking forward to Coraline v Paranorman! Though they may not “objectively” be up there with Toy Story, they’re more my speed style-wise. I WISH I had had movies like them as a kid. You keep your toys, I want the macabre.

  • The_Stig

    I always thought a better ending to Toy Story 3 would have been Andy puts all his toys in the attic. We hold on Buzz, Woody and the gang as time passes. Years. They just lay there, seemingly forgotten. All of a sudden the box is jostled, then it’s rocked as if being moved. Then the box opens and it turns out to be a fully adult Andy….who is now giving the toys to his son.

    But I guess Andy giving them to Bonnie works just as well.