Top Chef Finale Recap Just In Time For Your Actual Real Final Finale

It is part one of the “finale,” so it is not actually the “finale,” but here we are. In Maui! Because it is the part of the finale where we focus on chefs and hopes and dreams and the overcoming of Tragedy and Obstacle, we are talking about chef’s chefly voices, and the finding thereof. Also there have been journeys with highs and lows.

Louis is back from Last Chance Kitchen, also. I forgot that was on. A “twist for the ages” is coming up, and that “twist for the ages” = only two chefs are moving on.

Sam Choy left. Padma's toe, middle. Some dude right.

Sam Choy left. Padma’s toe, middle. Some dude right.

Sam Choy is here, he is a awesome Hawaii dude. But first they are judging the Last Chance Kitchen, and they are surprised it is Louis, which is dumb, because they LITERALLY JUST SHOWED US THAT IT WAS LOUIS, EDITORS, BEFORE CUTTING TO IT BEING LOUIS. THAT IS NOT A GOOD SURPRISE. Couldn’t have milked some Carlos hatred out of Nick before the big reveal?

Top Chef Finale Recap Just In Time For Your Actual Real Final Finale

Spam time. Shirley knows her way around a spam, does spam musubi. Louis makes like a fois gras or something I don’t know, ah here it is: a spam mousse. (Thanks, Hugh Acheson!) Nick wins, because this Hawaiian dude judging obviously doesn’t know how annoying he is.

So the elimination challenge (with two axed) is “canoe crops,” and their pantry is ahoy! Shirley falls and Louis stops to help her up. Yay Louis. Nina’s melting down a little, are we seeing a Carla-style choke? Or are we just wringing some drama before her predetermined crowning? (RIP Carla, you were the greatest, and now you are gone.)

They are in their beyoootiful condo thingie or hotel palace, but the jerk producers did not even get them enough beds, so Louis gets the pullout couch. Shirley, like a total b: “congratulations Last Chance Kitchen.” Oooh Shirley meow. Don’t you remember Louis with the dreamy smile? The one who stopped to help you up when you fell, and so probably got boned on his choice of opa or apakapaka or what the fuck ever? :( Shirley.

Nick is working on ratcheting up his flavor — good idea! — and is using a lot of jalapeno — good idea?

Apparently so, Nick wins for deliciousness. He is going to the final finale, even though this was billed as the finale, and he will get an advantage over … not Louis, he is out. He will get an advantage over Nina, because Shirley is out too.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 2.39.33 PM

Oh well at least Shirley has found her voice. It is a voice full of Emeril and shrimp markets and confidence and tears.

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  • Homestar

    I actually thought Carla was dead! Don’t do that to me!Louis was fun to watch in Last Chance Kitchen. He beat everyone, forever. A shame he couldn’t bring the same intensity to the semi-final showdown. So… I guess I’m rooting for Nina?

    • rebecca

      as is pretty much the whole universe unless they PRESTO TWISTO and bring someone else back again.

      • TheLifeSilica

        I dunno. Nina is still the same chef she was when she started. At least Nicholas seems to have grown a bit (remembered to add salt, isn’t doing ice 4 different ways).