VIDEO: Top 5 WTF? Ren & Stimpy Moments

Joey lists the five most disturbing, jacked up moments from The Ren & Stimpy Show! To find out what they are, watch the video, you eeediots!

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  • One of the things I remember most about Ren and Stimpy was POWDERED TOAST MAN!

    • Jay_Bay

      -ahem- POWDERED…..TOAST….MAN!!!!

    • Jay_Bay

      also, don’t forget about LOG

      • No one who watches the show ever forgets LOG, especially that song, it’s like an earworm and you can imagine what an earworm would look like on a show like R&S.

    • Thomas Stockel

      I loved the episode where he saved the Pope.

      “Quick! Cling tenaciously to my tight buttocks!”

  • danbreunig

    Whoa–I seriously never knew till now that there was a true Filmation connection to Ren & Stimpy history.

    The show’s definitely got its historical significance in getting the ball rolling for other shows, but strange thing, I think I saw maybe twenty episodes at most, with the wrestling sketch being the first or second one I ever saw. I was just in the high school/college transition then, and heard this new cartoon was all the rage–and since I was on the biggest Monty Python kick I’ve ever been on at the time, I thought I could take in any absurd out-there humor possible. Um… what made me not want to care anymore was the one with the skinny-dipping and seeing an overly-excited old hillbilly with a chicken drumstick imbedded in his head (recurring character?). That was the moment of “it’s not `funny-because-it’s-stupid’ anymore; it’s just stupid”. And yet I occasionally enjoy even more stupid humor now, so…yeah, rant, relevance about discovery, etc. Also my brother kept quoting “call the police” before I saw it in its proper context years later.

  • Muthsarah

    Excellent vid. While Space Madness didn’t get the top spot (truly, it wasn’t THAT out there), I’m happy you included it. Since it belongs in a museum. I can’t say I disagree with your choices either; now I really wanna see the Rubber Nipple salesmen episode again, I do not remember that one at all.

    R&S was such a fun show when it debuted. Creepy visuals, nice music (was that you or the show playing Dvorak’s 9th?), stuff kids’ cartoons never had before, easily the most original and fascinating thing as a kid. I hope the kids today have something so trippy to watch. Do they even have animation auteurs anymore?

    • tedzey71

      You must… “Rubber Nipple Salesmen” is among my favorite episodes :)

      I agree. Animation on par with “The Ren and Stimpy Show” is hard to come across on television. I personally love “The Regular Show,” but it’s apples to breaded mozzarella sticks when compared to “Ren and Stimpy” (You see… both apples and oranges are fruits that would actually share a stronger relationship ;) ). It really strives on the internet, which is coincidental since John K pretty much pushed flash-animation after Ren and Stimpy.

  • John Wilson

    With the Adult party thing. They had to put in unnecessary adult scenes because of the network. What about the naked man in the forest ep. Or when they get stuck in the plain between demisons and disappear. Or when Simpy used corn mags to make a cocoon:).

  • CthulhuBob

    Space Madness and no love for Black Hole? The Mountain of Lost Left Socks, the constant mutations…what’s not a WTF moment in that episode?
    Trivia: In the episode, Powdered-Toast Man, the voice of the Pope was provided by Frank Zappa.

  • TiakerAvelonna

    I have zero idea how I was NOT traumatized by this show when I was little.

    The one I was waiting for was when Ren had a toothache. *twitch*

    • Betterthanbad

      Yep, that list is worthless without that one…. especially when Ren slowly pulls the nerves out…. oh god.

      • tedzey71

        Wait, of all the one’s included; THAT’S the one you feel is the most twisted? It was more hilarious then it was cringe-worthy especially with the beaver for added effect, but to each his own… i’ll keep it in mind.

        • TiakerAvelonna

          Not necessarily twisted. “WTF” can mean different things.

          • tedzey71

            Huh… I thought it seemed self explanatory that “WTF” went towards the twisted moments catching you off guard and such. Guess I could have called it the “Top Five Twisted R&S Moments,” but “WTF” had more of a ring to it. Semantics.

          • TiakerAvelonna

            Fair enough. It’s not my video, so maybe he meant your definition. :)

  • Bwa ha, I totally forgot about “Caallllll the poliiiiiiiice!” After that episode aired, saying that phrase in a drawn-out conspiratorial rasp became a meme among my friends. “Space Madness” was always my favorite episode though. As others have noted, Powdered Toast Man is definitely among the more memorable WTFs that wasn’t mentioned in the video.

    • tedzey71

      I’ve noticed. Personally, I never found Powdered Toast Man to be as bizarre as the selections I posted. If I get around to a second list, I’ll include him!

  • Thomas Stockel

    I remember really loving this show back in the day because it was what I considered the anti-Disney. And then came that episode that I think aired on Mtv where Stimpy farted and the fart was sentient and Stimpy went in search of it. And that’s when I discovered that yes, there is a limit to my lowbrow humor.

  • Jacob

    Personally, I thought Ren’s monologue from “Stimpy’s Fan Club” was easily the most messed up moment on the show. I was actually expecting that to be #1, though I’d definitely put “Sven Hoek” as #2.

  • kennzeichen1d

    The “Ren & Stimpy”-moment that will always be stuck with me is in the episode where
    Ren decides to become a CAVE-HERMIT (title escapes me).
    Toward the end the chief-hermit busts in and accuses Ren of
    violating the rules (“COMPANY!!!”),
    pointing to a rule-book that is a torn-up CROSSWORD-PUZZLE.
    No matter how messed up the main characters were,
    there will always be more messed up ones out there.