VIDEO: Top 5 worst episodes of The Powerpuff Girls

Before criticizing the new Powerpuff Girls reboot, maybe we should look back at the worst the original had to offer.

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  • Chefe O’Hara

    Well, I never got to see the whole series, and, out of the “Fallen Arches”, I swear I’ve never seen these ones. That said, I’d probably like them, as I am a fan of absurdist plots in comical series, even if they don’t make sense in the whole show’s run and don’t take themselves seriously.

    From the ones I watched, I felt quite unpleased with “Twisted Sister”. It’s ending,is powerful, and it features an important message, but the way it ends, in a dry, sad way, left me with a lump in my throat. They could at least show a shot of Bunny in heaven, with angel wings, but no: she’s dead, and that’s it.

    (Now that I give it more thought… could be the episode some kind of way the author found to apologize to a dead relative or friend who he had a fight or a serious disagreement, but now is dead, so he could never ask for his/her pardon anymore?)

  • Alexa

    I think the main complain I am seeing with the new PowerPuff Girls show is the comedy is pretty forced, ie using internet memes.

    • diamond

      I’m not bothered by that, I don’t follow memes so i’m not annoyed at their presence, just bemused.