VIDEO: Top 5 villains who enjoy being villains

The second part in a mini-series celebrating heroes and villains who enjoy their chosen profession. Watch part one: Top 5 heroes who enjoy being heroes.

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  • Gallen_Dugall
    • Sofie Liv

      Bruce Campbell, always freaking win.

    • danbreunig

      He’s got the gun, but she’s got the numbers. And I got a Doors reference.

  • Deneb T. Hall

    Another great list. I would argue that Venom is perhaps a BIT more complex than you made out, since he flip-flops between villain and anti-hero quite a bit – he definitely does enjoy being a villain when he IS a villain, though.

    • Yes, Even Evil Has Standards . In Venom’s case, Carnage is too despicable to be tolerated…

      • Deneb T. Hall

        Well, that among other things – I don’t know if he still has it, but for quite a while, Venom had a bit of a complex about innocents being harmed. Peter Parker, the hated Spider-Man? Fine. Innocent civilians? Uh-uh. That was what sometimes made him an anti-hero, and tended to be what was behind his occasional team-ups with Spidey – innocent lives were at stake, and much as he hated to admit it, he needed the web-slinger’s help to save them.