VIDEO: Top 5 Silliest Disney Villains

Disney villains range from intimidating to goofy, and in this video, Joey presents his list of the top five Disney villains on the goofy side. Which does not include Goofy. But it does include villains from The Great Mouse Detective, Robin Hood, and a few more that may surprise you.

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  • CaptainCalvinCat

    First off: Great video. Prince John on Number 2? Awesome – I liked this movie and I dislike, what they had done to the opening song, when they sped it up to do the “hamster dance” *shudders*.

    I think, you overlooked the Darkwing Duck gangsters, because while sometimes threatening and competent, their temper gets the better of them. What about Jaffa and Iago (they work well as a comedy-duo) or Sid from Toy Story 1? ^^

    Even Gaston can be a good “silly villain”. ^^



    • Jason Withrow

      Good point on the Darkwing Duck gangsters! It’s a question of what counts and doesn’t. If Pete counts, no one else could top him, I agree, but if Pete counts, there’s just gotta be some room on the bottom five if nothing else for Darkwing’s rogues.

      • I actually held back from including disney villains from TV shows since I wanted to focus on the feature films. While Pete sets the standard for other disney villains, he has appeared in the film “A Goofy Movie” so it’s fair game… why I didn’t include a clip from that film in this review is beyond me!

        Now if I were going by Disney TV shows, I would have included Draken from “Kim Possible” or Lil’ Gideon from “Gravity Falls” 😉

    • Thanks Cal! Gaston’s pretty silly, I may consider that for a future list. Can’t make promises though!

  • Professor Ratigan is one of my favorite movie villains of all time. Vincent Price is on record saying it was the most fun he ever had as an actor.

    • I wouldn’t blame him. It seemed like Prince had a lot of fun with the character!

    • Muthsarah

      Ratigan wasn’t just one of the silliest villains, I think he was probably the single best Disney villain all-around. I can’t think of any other that is such a perfect mix of silly and genuinely dangerous; villains like Frollo and Maleficent are clearly more the latter, and Hades and Hook clearly the former. But his flamboyance, his cold-blooded murder attempts, his charm, his crazy-eyes, his dulcet singing voice, his Hulk-rage. He gets an action scene (charging up the clock tower and belting Basil) AND a couple of songs, one rousing, one very subtle and atmospheric. A better balance has never been struck. And they couldn’t have gotten a better guy for him.

      He’s not the silliest (I’d have to go with John on that one), but he’s my favorite.

  • Alexa

    Jafar can be kind of silly, also the fact that he and Iago are a lot like Yzma and Kronk in some respects. You’ve gotta admit he can be quite over the top, the way he talks and facial features, that its humorous.

    • He could be silly; however he never convinced me to be as silly as the ones mentioned on my list. At least for me personally. Iago was probably viewed as being sillier, but then he turns around with the TV show and sequels (of one that should never be named) 🙂

  • MephLord

    Am I the only one that, outside of Malificent, finds Disney villains to be pretty boring? I understand the demographic they are going for but it wouldn’t hurt for them to be more threatening.

    • Boring in the sense that their motivation is “total control of _____” or “ill make ______ pay for what he/she did?” Otherwise, I find them more interesting than the heroes, especially when they’re over the top. But that’s me 🙂

      • MephLord

        For the most part, Disney movie villains follow the fairy tails they are derived from, so we don’t get a whole lot of crossover (Such as how would Shere Khan would interact with Belle or how Quasimodo would interact with Pocohontas), so while comic book villains (for the most part) get to interact with multiple characters for different stories, Disney villains are primarily tied to a single story.

        And therein lies the rub and the reason why I think Disney and their children’s movies are not really that comparable with comic books. The stories that Disney’s children’s movies tell are more well known and universal, while Marvel and DC stories tend to be longer lasting, more involved and also more sophisticated. So the villains that have any level of longevity in super hero mythos can’t be goofy (Batman’s rogue gallery is kind of excluded because there is an unheathy level of stupid in that one), and can be threatening and plausible without having as much character as most Disney movie villains.

        And for the record I also agree that Disney villains are far more interesting than the heroes, with the exception possibly of Belle, Mulan, and Chip and Dale. Now that Disney owns Marvel, would a visit by Malificent in the canon Marvel U be considered lame, or awesome depending on how she’d be portrayed? Imagine her taking over the Scarlet Witch, Magik, Meggan and Emma Frost in a bid for a female Utopia where men would be their underlings? That would be a pretty epic story.

  • danbreunig

    Thanks for suggesting the suggestion, Joey. Although I really can’t think of sillier Disney villains than the fine examples you listed, since nearly every animated one I’ve seen (I admit to not having seen all) have something about them that keeps them less than 100% pure evil. I’d suggest some villains from their live action films, of course I know that’s not your criteria here.

    Maybe someday a Top 5/Top Ten list of silliest villains (or heroes even) from other animation studios?

    • I was thinking of having a list of non-disney animated villains from other studios (not including the ones disney distributes like Pixar or Studio Ghibli), but distributed by the likes of Dreamworks, WB, Universal, etc.

      If I were to do another form of silliest villains, the next one would revolve more around TV shows. However the other studios would be a fine second option 🙂