VIDEO: Top 5 Cartoon Characters

Watch and find out which characters from TV and theatrical shorts made the cut. Joey’s list includes some no-brainers, and some surprises!

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  • Joelkazoo

    My 5 (in no particular order):
    Big Dog & Little Dog

    Ralph Wiggum
    Jason Penopolis
    Bullwinkle J. Moose
    Bender Bending Rodriguez

  • Gallen_Dugall

    Interesting list.
    You’ve uncovered a tendency for writers to make characters stupider for cheap and easy laughs.
    You’ve also uncovered the sad reality that dressing in drag is no longer tolerated as humor.

  • My Top 5 List(also in no particular order): Lina Inverse(Slayers), Jason(G-Force), Niko(Galaxy Rangers), Onizuka(GTO) & Penny Gadget(80s Inspector Gadget.

  • Dennis Fischer

    Why give Mel Blanc’s last name a French pronunciation when he didn’t use that himself? (And yet you correctly pronounce Ub Iwerks!) Bugs is one of the greatest cartoon characters, but he malaprops “moron” as “maroon,” and apparently you do as well.
    As for myself, I would list Donald Duck (both cartoon and comic versions–I’m a big Carl Barks fan) as one of the greatest, being particularly good as limning human foibles.
    For similar reasons, I have to put forward Daffy Duck as well. Daffy is great as the would-be conniver or hero for whom things just keep not going as planned.
    While later incarnations have damaged his image, I also have to give a shout-out to the original Jerry the Mouse from the MGM Hanna-Barbara cartoons. Like the Roadrunner, he never lets a persistent predator get him down, and can undertake a variety of different roles.
    Being a Bill Scott fan, I also have to give mention to that alumnus from Watsamatter U., Bullwinkle J, Moose, whose antics with Rocket J. Squirrel helped fill many a weekend timeslot (and to me is still more entertaining than Spongecake Wetpants).
    Lastly, there is Henry Cabot Henhouse III, better known as Superchicken, because who else are you going to call if you’re about to take a lickin’?

    • Muthsarah

      Donald and Daffy are always at the tops of these lists. Normally. People tend to identify with the scrappy underdog who usually doesn’t get his way, and who tends to lose his $#!+, rather than with the smooth operator who can think his way out of any jam. I think that speaks a lot for our modern values: we admire the hero, but we sympathize much more with the hard luck loser. Given Joey’s choices for #5, #4, and #2, I suspect (with much the same authority owed a phrenologist) that he’s an unusually confident and self-assured sort.

      As for Homer, I think he took over Bart’s popularity for much the same reasons: Bart’s a jerk. Homer is dim, but means well, and – whether due to that Army experiment or not – operates within his limits, but nevertheless tries to do right by his family, and usually succeeds, even if he sometimes does so only despite his own glaring failings. He represents the pettiness and impulsiveness of the beloved “everyman”, while Bart is pure childish id.

  • maarvarq

    Not a top 5, but my favourites of Disney and WB were always the ducks, i.e. Donald and Daffy. When I heard that the then upcoming Who Framed Roger Rabbit (yes, I’m that old) would feature a scene between the two of them, I was sold (the rest of the movie was pretty good too…)

    • Thomas Stockel

      The dueling pianos scene in the movie is one of my favorite parts.

  • Jason Withrow

    Mickey’s “actor” appeal is the same reason Mario works, I think.

  • Quaz

    great list! some of my favs are in no particular order…how to keep this to five….by cheating…

    1) the warner bro Yakko Wakko, and their sister Dot, bit a of cop out having 3 in 1, but hey they revived the old school variety cartoon in many ways. And how can pick just one of them? If I had to it would be Yakko. rhyming countries still in my head, nuff said.

    2) Daffy Duck, I was a much more into Daffy as a kid than Bugs, now that am older I know the influence of bugs on our culture, but I’m still a Daffy man for the historic character slot.

    3) Katara and Sokka from Avatar the last air bender…ug another cop out, but they where a believable brother sister combo, but if I had to pick it would have to be Sokka, his story arc from butt monkey to real hero was really done well.

    4) Elisa Maza from Gargoyles; yay I wasn’t exactly a tiny kid when this came out, but it had a big impact on me on what I expect a good animated hereon should start off as. While Elisa still had a bit the damsel in distress trope we see way to often, she was often able to hold her own despite only be a normal human, consistently showed responsibly and courage, never had to get out the bikini for fan service and was in this boys opinion a pretty role model for the time. Though I could easily pop Demona here as well for completely different reasons.
    5) Megatron. almost any iteration. I must admit I’m a G1 fan and Beast Wars fan, don’t really car for any of the new stuff, but Megatron, well he’s still here. While good character arcs are a really good thing, and development or change is important and demonstrates good writing, there’s something comforting about having nice simple consistent evil in the world that always needs thwarting..

    • quazal

      sigh. *Pretty good role model for the time…