VIDEO: Top 5 (Viewer-Voted) Animated Theme Songs

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Here’s Joey’s latest countdown, in which he selected ten of his favorite cartoon theme songs and had members of a couple of forums vote on them. The five with the most votes made the cut (with Joey breaking any ties himself), including TaleSpin, The Powerpuff Girls, and more!

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  • anjinash

    No Gummi Bears or Duck Tales = travesty!

    • Tedzey71

      lol, as countless others has told me! Unfortunately, I didn’t watch those show alot 🙁

      • anjinash

        Get on that, bro!  No self respecting ‘toon reviewer and/or aficionado should deprive themselves from the experience of either of these cartoons. Especially Gummi Bears – it’s like Smurfs except its not completely stupid and doesn’t come across dated like the little blue snots from hell 🙂

        • Tedzey71

          I’ll take your word for it 😀

          • anjinash

            Your loss!! There was life before 1990, after all. 🙂

  • Sofie Liv

    WOOH! Darkwing Duck!

    To be honest all of the Disney Channel theme tunes out of that time were kind of great.
    Ducktales, Tale spin, Darkwing Duck, Rescue rangers, Bonkers, Aladdin and even the later ones such as Buzz Lightyear of Star Command… Yes I am a Disney channel kid what about it?

    All though.. I am surprised not one single Warner Brothers cartoon made list.. I mean hallo..
    Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid, Batman, Superman, Justice League.. all of does are almost in an entire other class when it comes to theme tunes..

    • Don’t forget Recess! Although I’m a CN kid, when I watched the Disney cartoons, Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, Aladdin and Recess were each great to see and they all had memorable themes, even if Recess’ didn’t have lyrics. Technically, Aladdin wouldn’t count because like Beetlejuice, that was just a variation on the movie’s theme. Pedantic I know but that is the nature of review sites at times.

      Do I even need to bring M. Bison up? For all I know, Joey probably likes those WB cartoon themes too, but those ten just made the cut in the end I guess.

      Good on you for having the Powerpuff Girls theme on the list. That end theme is so catchy, even the fucking Dark Knight knows it! Seriously Christian Bale sang the PPG theme, it’s on Youtube. I don’t care about his Batman laryngitis or on-set tantrums, that more than makes up for it. 🙂

      • Sofie Liv

         When I grew up, in my tiny little peasent country, I only had two channels. no big fancy cartoon net-work or any-thing like that.
        How-ever, every single friday evening, at six PM sharp, the main channel would have “Disney hour.” with two special shows such as Darkwing Duck and Ducktales and two old shorts, you know the old Mickey and Donald Duck ones, and I watched that every single Friday evening at six PM sharp without fail, my parents had to schedule dinner around Disney hour! Ahh, good times.

        I’m afraid recess was after my time, but I am totally watching Phineas and Ferb today! …. what?

        • Tedzey71

          lol, I think what sold me on the show “Phineas and Ferb” was seeing Candace getting eaten by a mechanical bear. Obviously she came out okay, but after that I gave myself a mental note to go see the show more 🙂

          • Sofie Liv

            Honest story about me and Phineas and Ferb.

            I was on a spree complaining about the decline in childrens programming, particularly when it comes to Disney, keeping on talking about how great the nineties show was and how much of what I see now kind of sucks, and people kept telling me. “Well Phineas and Ferb is really good.”

            And all i had ever seen was still pictures from the show, and I kept saying. “No! bad show! it sucks, the design looks ugly, like people are still trying to do rempy and stitch, dexsters lab or ed, edd and eddy, and those are not good shows, I refuse to like that show!”

            Then finally, I was forced to sit down and actually watch an episode.. and I was laughing my ass off, then at ones I watched a dusin more and I had to admit.. Phineas and Ferb is a damn good show and it’s honest to god one of my current favourite cartoon shows.

            It’s inventive, clever, funny as hell, uses flash animation to it’s fullest, far better than such shows as family guy does.. and it’s funnier than family guy in my humble opinion, it’s funnier than ny of does so called adult parody shows Seth MacFarlane are doing.

            Uh, the Tintin Animated show also had a great theme tune! and Pokemon, how can any-one forget Pokemon?

          • Tedzey71

             As far as Tintin goes, wasn’t there a couple of animated shows? Also, it isn’t as big in the States as it is overseas 😛

            Though Pokemon’s theme never seemed as epic as everybody makes it out to be. Maybe it’s my nostalgia goggles, but I mostly remember the TV show more than the theme. If my production budget was bigger, I would definitely go all out and make a three episode arc-tribute to that show 😀

      • Tedzey71

        Looking back, I could definitely see myself having watched more Disney channel/One Saturday Mornings (lol, Recess will get it’s due on the Palooza eventually) as opposed to the WB cartoons. However, these themes were ones that I put alot of thought into choosing. Almost a year since I wanted to do this countdown right after the Post Disney Renaissance Animated Films. So I looked back at the themes that stuck out the most to me. It’s subjective; but it’s based on exposure, catchiness and overall songs that can pick-me up on a bad day.

        Though if I had to choose a WB theme song, It would probably be “Pinky and the Brain” 😀

        @Brewerman: You know what? I was TOTALLY considering using that clip of Christian Bale singing the ending theme! Maybe something I’ll include in a countdown of missed jokes/opportunities.

  • Uncle JR

    As a child of the 50’s, I still have very fond memories of the shows from the 50’s and 60’s. I still love the theme to “George of the Jungle”, “Superchicken”, “Tom Slick” and several others. But what can I say? I’m a geezer.

    • Tedzey71

      To be fair, I remember watching episodes of “George of the Jungle” when I was really little. I remember when CN rebooted it, and it was TERRIBLE! 😛

  • edharris1178

    I’ll go real old school for my favorite: Danger Mouse.

    • I hear you on Danger Mouse. How about Mysterious Cities of Gold? …strange stuff on television when I was a child…

      • Tedzey71

        I’ve never heard of the show “Mysterious Cities of Gold.” But once I heard the theme song, I was entranced! It would have been the closest runner up.

  • FullofQuestions1

    No love for Arthur?

    • Tedzey71

      and I say “Hey,” HEY!
      I haven’t heard that one in ages, but probably because I grew out of PBS by then 😛

  • Jm_james

    The DuckTales theme was way better than the other two 80s Disney cartoons on the list. I’m not blaming you Joey, I know it was based on votes. I haven’t seen the show in 20 years and it still one of the handful of tv show themes I still have memorized.

    • Tedzey71

       It’s a good theme. It’s a shame I haven’t seen that show much in my youth 🙁

  • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

    The best theme song is still Batman: the Animated Series.  Having a full orchestra doing all of the music for the show really set the mood and tone of the series, and it remains a seminal work largely for that reason.   Also, Teen Titans had a very catchy theme song (both the English and Japanese versions by Puffy Ami Yumi are really good and memorable), JLU had a great orchestral intro as well.  I know it’s pretty obscure, but the Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show a few years ago also had a catchy song, largely inspired by the success of Teen Titans.  I also quite liked the X-Men: Evolution theme song as well, and adore the intro to Iron Man: Armored Adventures.  So many good songs for a genre that for the longest time remained fairly obscure.

    • Tedzey71

       I haven’t seen Iron Man: Armored Adventures. And I feel as if Batman TAS had two themes, one for the first seasons and the second for “The Adventures of Batman and Robin.” I may be corrected, but nonetheless they’re pretty good themes!

  • Dennis Fischer

    Joey, Joey, you are definitely a ’90s kid all right.  None of your top 5 would be in my top 5 animated theme songs, but that’s because I was a kid in the ’60s, where we definitely had some cool theme songs.  Before tackling that however, a couple of piece of constructive criticism–first, you can pronounce juxtaposition correctly–break it down like this jux-ta-position.  Second, you’re is a contraction for you are, and should not be confused, especially in printed titles, with your, which means belonging to you.

    As a long-time animation fan and baby boomer, my favorite animation themes would be: “Spider-Man” (the ’60s animated version), “Bugs Bunny Overture” from the Bugs Bunny-Roadrunner Hour, “Meet the Flintstones,” which replaced “Rise and Shine,” the original Flintstones theme song; “Pink Panther” which came from the movie theme, of course, and was featured in almost every Pink Panther cartoon; and two great orchestral pieces, “Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse” (not a great toon, but a terrific theme) and “Jonny Quest.”

    Of course, there have been a lot of great themes since then, but those are the ones that have really stuck with me for almost the past half century.

    • Tedzey71

      Can’t believe those slipped by! It’s weird because I knew I was pronouncing it wrong, and even did three takes saying “Juxtaposition” and I couldn’t say it! To be honest, I figured if I could at least make it my own, people would be more tolerant. Sounds weird, but sometimes people pronounce words intentionally wrong to give it some sort of flair. I give credit for the guy who invented “Fo’ Shizzle.” However the guy who invented “crack-a-lackin’,” well… I’m putting a bounty on his/her head!