VIDEO: Animated Heroine’s Top 25 Animated Films (#10 to #6)

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And now, the Animated Heroine begins the final ten! If you missed the previous videos in the series, here are #25 to #21, #20 to #16, and #15 to #11!

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  • Sofie Liv

    Oh you are another one of those “How to train your dragon.” fans.

    Why do every-one over-look Kung-fu Panda? I mean seriousy, that one is my personal favourite Dream-works film of all time… thus far. And I love the sequel as well.

    People keep saying that How to train your dragon is the movie that proved that Dream-works can do better.. obviously I have to disagree and point out that Kung-fu panda came the year before, and I love that movie so much, just a little bit better than How to train your dragon.

    Which means, yes, I really like how To train your dragon as well, I just love Kung-fu panda a little better.

    Aside from that, Toy-story 3, Wall-E and Paranorman. AWESOME MOVIES! they would definetely be to found on my top ten favourite animated movies of all time as well.
    I never got as much into The Iron Gigant for some reason though, I mean.. it’s a good movie, I guess I just don’t get the praise every-one else is giving it.. oh well. *shrug*

    • The Horror Guru

      I love Kung Fu Panda.

  • Muthsarah

    When you put the pipe in your mouth, I was certain you were about to say “honest to blog”.

    9. Hello Dolly is my favorite musical, so I was dumbfounded to find that it was being featured so much in this movie that has absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s the kind of seemingly-crazy randomness I would throw into a movie. That alone almost made the movie for me. Of course, the rest of the movie made itself. I coulda done without the “rescued rejected robot rascals” bit (which seemed such a slight inclusion to the movie that I HOPE they only threw it in because they were told they needed to have some more cute, goofy robots, but they followed only the letter of that requirement and made their scenes really short), but overall, it was fantastic. I even loved Fred Willard’s live-action cameo, even if it (and the Hello Dolly clips) really broke the aesthetic mold. Again, crazy randomness. “Different” is a complement.

    P.S. And yeah, the first half is better, though the space dance is beautiful too. The second half is still pretty decent as films go.

    7. Yup. In my Top Ten easily as well. My favorite part of your commentary is about how the film moves slowly, allows for the audience to soak up the atmosphere, and just be a little more quiet sometimes. If there’s one thing I think today’s movies need (my list of things is at four digits and counting), that’s at the top. Because The Iron Giant is not just a damn good movie, but one of the best examples of what other films should strive to be more like (in the how, not the what), it can’t not be one of my absolute favorites.

    6. I feel like I’ve said a ton about this movie too (even if just as an insignificant commenter). So I’ll sum up:

    a. Very good movie.
    b. Grows on me with re-watching.
    c. Excellent atmosphere and mood.
    d. Humor isn’t overplayed.
    e. Characters are funny, while mostly believable.
    f. The movie should have been twenty minutes longer and featured more Agatha. The movie’s highlights for me were the ones showing what she was going through and her confrontation with Norman, and I wish, wish so hard, that the movie had been more clear about drawing its comparison between Agatha and Norman. Yeah, I wanted LESS subtlety there. Make a whole act out of it. Once Agatha and Norman met, I was hoping we were just entering the last act, maybe take Norman back to see more of Old Salem, see more of what she went through, notice a few parallels between her life and her visions and his life and his visions. The movie offered a taste, a tease, then pulled back and started wrapping up. Right when it was getting epically good. As is, Agatha’s supernatural powers leave an annoying hanging thread. Was she actually a witch, or did she become one after death, due to whatever sorcery also created the undead? Is there magic in this world? Are witches still around in Norman’s day? Does Norman have magic? Were witches in Agatha’s day actually doing bad stuff? Was Agatha an exception? WAS Agatha actually guilty of practicing magicks that the city forbade? Was she legitimately witnessed doing something? Would that not make her death less tragic than the real life ones? Did she…maybe…deserve to die? She apparently had the ability to curse, torment for centuries, and raise the dead. Maybe she…WAS malevolent. The evidence suggests that’s a very real possibility. The movie could have used those twenty minutes to develop this point. It left me very unsatisfied the first time I saw it, when I was focusing exclusively on the story I was being told. The second time, I focused more on how they were telling the story they actually (apparently) wanted to tell, the how instead of the what. I liked it more that way. Though I still think it could have easily been better had they not left those very pertinent questions unanswered. We have a witch who had really powerful necromantic powers, and we have a boy who can see the dead, even though he kinda wishes he didn’t, because it means the kids at school are occasionally a little mean to him. Bit of a disconnect there.

  • Torgeaux

    When you put the pipe in your mouth, I immediately thought “BOB!”
    Loved your choices this time around. Although I was very far from being a kid and growing up with the Toy Story trilogy I loved every one of them and the final scenes of the last movie were hard to keep a manly demeanor over.

  • Muthsarah

    8. OK, yeah, that was pretty damn good. Didn’t entirely transcend the tired-as-frack “young, wimpy outcast boy must find himself, step out of his father’s/brother’s shadow, team up with plucky, tough, but very-secondary girl, cute animal, and become an unlikely hero while proving to doubting adults that friendship is more powerful than anything” trope (as long as that takes to read, it’s still general enough to be exceedingly common), but the resplendent hows do outweigh the eye-rolling whats of the story. It was funny, for starters. I too loved Baruchel’s wit, and I’m surprised they kept so much of that in; I guess Dreamworks had some actual artists in charge of this one. Kids movies…just aren’t funny since I stopped being a kid (legally speaking), but HTTYD…might be the funniest kids’ movie* I’ve seen in my adulthood. Maybe, I’ll have to mull on that. And gorgeous to look at, beautiful soundtrack, very nice supporting cast. Still tropey with Toothless’s shameless Disney-eyes and the typical comic relief supporting cast but….nonono, I don’t wanna dwell on the negative, this one was good. Damn good. Pretty damn good.

    But better than Shrek (1)? Ehhh…..ahhhh….uuhhhhhhh, I dunno. I’ll just say it’s too different to make that call. But I can’t think of too many Pixars in the same league. And yeah, now I wish I had seen in in 3D on the big screen, but I recall not being remotely interested at the time either.

    * – I don’t buy that animation = kids’ movie, but HTTYD, unlike Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Triplets/Illusionist, or Paranorman, is absolutely a kids’ movie.

  • JD

    What happened to #5-#1

    • Muthsarah

      As of today, I have a new theory: Perhaps our Heroine caught a sneak preview of “Frozen”, and it threw her into existential despair as she had to consider the practicality and morality behind completely re-doing a Top 25 so close to the end, perhaps even the top five. Or maybe she’s still lying prostrate on the floor of the theatre, with a big, satisfied grin on her face, while cockroaches finish off her popcorn and Red Vines.

      Because it’s a good movie. Frozen, that is. Frozen is a very, very, very, VERY good movie. And whoever marketed it, and so made it seem completely dreadful, should be punched in the face. I’d put it in MY Top 25, even if I had to re-do the list. I’d make up a whole new number for it. Fleven. And I barely knew it existed two days ago.

  • vendawn

    animated heroine …. PLEASE COME BACK

  • Wesley Hunt

    Where’s the Top Five! Five months is long enough!