VIDEO: Animated Heroine’s Top 25 Animated Films (#25 to #21)

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It’s the first of a five-part series, as the Animated Heroine counts down her favorite animated films of all time, starting with numbers 25 to 21.

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  • It is a lot harder for me to enjoy Finding Nemo anymore after finding out that clownfish are sequential hermaphrodites which means that in this story, once Nemo grows up, Marlin will change into ‘Marlina’ and breed with Nemo to repopulate their family…ick!

    • TheAnimatedHeroine

      Lol, there’s an idea for a sequel.

      • If this sequel actually included the scenes where Marlin becomes Marilna and later showing the now grown-up Nemo ‘wooing’ said Marlina, the resulting movie would easily be the most controversial mainstream animated movie ever.

        • Muthsarah

          I can already picture the scene where Dory teaches Marlina how to act ladylike.

          • TheAnimatedHeroine

            XD I’m frightened, yet intrigued.

  • maarvarq

    I’ll be interested to see what your #20 to #1 are, given that The Incredibles (a movie I adore) only made it to #21.

    • TheAnimatedHeroine

      I’m sure my choices will not be in the order many people would choose and there will be a lot of movies that don’t make the list that will puzzle some…particularly Disney movies. There are very few movies on my list that are just Disney.

      • maarvarq

        That wasn’t meant to be a criticism at all, more just that your choices will probably keep me guessing.

        • TheAnimatedHeroine

          Oh I know. :) Guessing is good…although I’m sure there will be some utterly predictable choices on my list as well.

  • MephLord

    Without revealing anything more, are any super hero animated movies going to be on the list? Since Marvel doesn’t seem to release any good animated movie (Ultimate Avengers 2 was really, really bad and the first one was only saved by the Hulk vs Avengers fight, the rest was pretty blah).

    • TheAnimatedHeroine

      No more. There are some I like, but there were just so many movies to choose from. A lot didn’t make the cut.

      • danbreunig

        I’m curious–will the majority of the whole 25 picks be in the Disney/Dreamworks/Pixar/ camp, or will there also be a fair amount from other studios–older, newer, major, minor, domestic, foreign, etc.? I’ll still wait ever-so-giddy for the next batch.

  • Muthsarah

    25. I got chills listening to the excerpts from these songs. Yeah, along with Little Mermaid, I think they’re probably the best Disney’s ever done. When Clopin hits the big note and the bells are ringing and the title card comes up…I remember what that felt like the first time in theatres; I was certain I was in for a masterpiece. Then…Phoebus/Achilles…then the Gargoyles…then…slap…..stick…..then the Gargoyles again. Eeeesh….. It’s a wonderful film in parts, but as a whole. Yeah, I can’t disagree with anything you said here.

    24. I should probably see this again. It was…memorable, but not spectacular. First Aardman. Maybe it takes a little more exposure to “get it”. Wasn’t bad at all, just…kinda odd, yet familiar.

    23. One of the few Ghiblis I haven’t seen. Loved Whisper of the Heart, however, so it would have a lot to live up to.

    22. Not gonna lie. One of my least-favorite Pixars. Love the visuals. Dory’s funny. But the B-plot is absolute formula, and really just a huge waste of time for me. Shoulda just been Marlin and Dory’s story. The sea’s a SCARY place, scarier still the more you think about it. Woulda been nice to see Pixar embrace that. Unfortunately, this movie was the first sign to me that Pixar’s too much of a slave to formula, too predictable story-wise.

    21. Possibly my favorite animated movie that isn’t from Miyazaki, and a candidate for Top 10 of all time. The best Western animated…narrative movie (Fantasia just can’t be compared).

    • TheAnimatedHeroine

      25. I love the songs in HoND so much. A lot of the songs in Disney films made around this time are great but man, the lyrics in these songs are just so good.

      24. It took a couple of watches for me. This film gained my admiration over time. Odd, yet familiar is a good description. This kind of Aardman film reminds me of watching WB cartoons as a kid. It’s a very…comfortable movie.

      23. I actually haven’t seen Whisper of the Heart. This is good, admittedly not as good as a lot of their stuff but a lot of fun.

      22. I can see your point. I’m not as into Nemo’s subplot either, but I’m still glad he has one just because it at least gives him a character. I adore everything with Marlin and Dory. There are more Pixar films to come…I’m sure that doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. When all is said and done, I like this movie a lot, but as far as Pixar goes, I think they grew more as a company in the following years.

      21. I know a lot of people love this one. It’s lower on my list then many would probably put it, but the movie’s still damn good. It’s the only Pixar film I’ve ever actually wanted to see a sequel for too. There’s so much they could do with these characters and yet they choose to do sequels for films that really don’t have anywhere to go anymore instead.

      • Muthsarah

        23. Ooooh…I don’t wanna push, but I would give it my highest recommendation. It’s not a pure Miyazaki (he wrote it, and probably oversaw the animation), but it’s one of the most realistic Ghibli films, and just so perfect for older kids. Looks beautiful, tons of heart. Just…overplays a certain song a lil’ much for my tastes, but it’s sweet how it does it. Do please think of it next time you go shopping for movies or whatever. And it’s also a sort-of-prequel (in that it came first) to The Cat Returns, in that the cat figures into the movie, but not in a super-major way.

        22. Pixar made up for Nemo with Incredibles, Wall-E, and Up, which I think was them at their best. Overall, I’d say their output through 2010 was a better run than Disney’s ever had, even if their films tended to go great-meh-great-meh-great. ‘Course, they have me worried nowadays. They’re spinning their wheels on Cars and holding back Brave when it should have been aiming for greatness. And neither of those were puns until I realized they were.

        21. It’s a perfect movie, and probably their most accessible film. There’s plenty of action and someone for everyone to root for, but it NEVER dumbs itself down to play beneath an adult’s level of expectations. Heartful, mature, the most relatable characters in any western animation I can think of. The saddest thing about the sequel is that the reason we’re not getting it is the right reason: Bird doesn’t feel ready for one, and doesn’t want to make one if he’s not confident he can make it great. Meanwhile, Cars 2 got a sequel for all the wrong reasons: because it’s both easy and extremely profitable. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing if it wasn’t getting in the way of far better movies. Just makes it seem as if Pixar is slipping towards the dark side. No stronger, just quicker, easier. More seductive.

        • TheAnimatedHeroine

          23. I will. I actually had access to it a month or so ago and didn’t take advantage >_< I won't make that mistake again.

          22. Lol, those were awesome puns.

          21. I can respect that. Sequels shouldn't get made if the creator doesn't feel it. I'm worried about Pixar too. It feels like they're falling into the same bad habits Disney fell into. Too many sequels, less ambition, less experimenting. We'll see what they do with The Good Dinosaur. I'm most upset with the fact that they're talking about making Toy Story 4. Some people liked the last film, some people didn't. Either way they definitely meant to end the franchise with Toy Story 3…anything more will be a complete and total insult to last three films and will diminish the whole point of the conclusion. I don't want to live in a world where Toy Story goes the way of Ice Age and Shrek.

  • The_Stig

    Hey AH, what are your feelings bout Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement?