VIDEO: Top 15 animated TV shows (#10 to #6)

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The Animated Heroine continues to count down her favorite animated shows.

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  • RockyDmoney

    Glad to hear the Family Guy hate. That show is REPREHENSIBLE!!!

  • Dennis Fischer

    OK, Animated, you apparently mean something different by “beautiful animation” than I do. By the dictionary, having “animation” means having life, also known as having movement. When you say that a show that uses stylized albeit limited animation as having “beautiful animation,” what do you really mean by that? To me, great animation occurs when things are in full movement, not just mouth or eyes, but the entire character moves in an expressive fashion, which largely doesn’t happen when limited animation is employed.

  • Fantasy Mission Force

    Huge fan of your work!

  • Thanks for acknowledging the criminally underappreciated “King of the Hill”. It didn’t help that it kept getting bumped around by the NFL. Quirky, but _believable_ characters, with small-scale crises and low-key comedy. You wouldn’t mind having the Hills as neighbors, which is a hell of a lot more than you can say for most cartoon families. It’s one show where they could have easily done it in live action without losing anything at all.