VIDEO: Top 14 Mr. Mendo moments: a Hack Attack clip show

It’s time for Mendo’s X-Mas Sex-tacular!  Marvel at the intense clip-show action! Relive some of your favorite moments! Ignore the obvious filler!

(Mendo is wearing a red ribbon at the end of the video as part of a month-long project by internet video reviewers to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS issues.  Please visit Red Ribbon Reviewers and the official World AIDS Day website for more information!)

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  • danbreunig


    A fine behind-the-scenes/making-of/after-hours/retrospect breakdown of Hack Attack. Plus a few of my favorite moments (e.g. White Fez, Emma Stone fawning, self-conscious quirkiness battle) out of many more: Mendo Explosion singing the Pokemon theme, questioning a script from Full Of Questions, just the whole That 70s Girl experience, shooting down It’s A Wonderful Life, any moment when the shades come off, Chris Jericho meme, Macarena dancing with Renegado, President Mendo, nightmaring about The Last Unicorn, lotsa boobs, Pink Lady insanity, and making a monster out of you. ;) All we need now is a Mendoface bass solo.

    Thanks for the inside look, Mendo–here’s to many more and best of luck to you in your 2015!

    • MichaelANovelli

      I aim to please! Glad you liked it!