VIDEO: Top 10 Wackiest Female Cartoon Characters

Part One:

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Part Two:

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Watch as Sofie counts down the list of her ten favorite wacky female characters from animated movies and TV shows!

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    • Sofie Liv

      When the hell did I become that person people have crushes on?

      I can’t help that I am adorable, but it’s kind of strange having every-body figure..
      Believe it or not, I was actually highly unpopular in high school… So I am baffled as ever about this rising interest in me based on crush’s..

      • You’re cute. You have a personality. You’re on a fairly popular site on the internet. Crushes are inevitable.

        • Sofie Liv


          Why don’t we have smileys on this comment system? I need a blushing smiley.

          • Rhotomago

            You must be new to the internet.

            “I believe there’s a lot of good very hysterical female characters out there”
            You might find the wikipedia article on “Hysteria” an interesting place to start…

          • Sofie Liv

            I found the articled about “Female hysteria.” … I found it hilarious.. it just proves men has been played for fools for centuries. Women has always known how to acquire special treatment without having to lift a finger.
            Then again, I suspect some of the hysteria were springing from the sheer frustration of being kept down all of their lives…

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          • Sofie Liv

            Do you want some-thing from me?

            Seriously though, I am very flattered, but genuinely surprised over this kind of response, which is becoming rather frequent.
            I would of cause most want people the watch the videos because they think there’s some-thing good about them. But neither do I wish to complain, I feel.. privileged, being what I am. It is my goal to become “That funny girl who is game on to be ridiculous in every conceivable way.” I think the world is lacking some of those.

            And I love having fans of all kinds.

          • ()

          • Sofie Liv

            Heh, we’ll see how it’s going to hold up.
            I am actually still just developing my own reviewers persona.. a light just turned up for me here the other day what my persona is about.

            And well yeah.. I don’t mean to be mean towards my fellow female reviewers, because there are a lot of good ones out there (some of which will join this site soonish) But I don’t really feel like any of them are as funny as male reviewers I can mention.. then again not all male reviewers are equally funny, It’s a matter of style I suppose.. and the direction I am going, I think is different from what-anyone have done a lot of, regardless of gender.

            As this video shows, I believe there’s a lot of good very hysterical female characters out there, they are just fewer than the males.. that’s all. which leaves an open port to me.. so I shouldn’t complain, it leaves me a way to be needed.

  • Elizabethspectrum

    A new episode! joy!! 😀

    • Sofie Liv


  • Ed

    Cool, a new episode. I’ll definitely have to watch it in the morning.

  • Michael A. Novelli

    Damn, the Booth just can’t get away from Catwoman lately…

    • Sofie Liv


      I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean by that.

      • Michael A. Novelli

        First, our crossover about Batman and Catwoman, then Cecil talked about the Catwoman movie, and now Catwoman gets mentioned again in this video…

  • dangerine

    I think every one of the witch characters mentioned are voiced by June Foray.

  • Youfeelingluckypunk27

    I never cared for boys, social status OR EVEN CLOTHES when I was 16. All my friends (well, most of them) are boys I have no romantic interest in so far. So you’re NOT a freak.
    In any case, the WITCH girls were pretty much dumbed down in the cartoon. In the comics they constantly talked about their problems, especially problems with being superheroes. They talked about their enemies and how to deal with them. So in a way, they WERE like the Mane Six.

  • Tamsin Parker

    I never cared for boys, social status OR EVEN CLOTHES when I was 16. All my friends (well, most of them) are boys I have no romantic interest in so far. So you’re NOT a freak.
    In any case, the WITCH girls were pretty much dumbed down in the cartoon. In the comics they constantly talked about their problems, especially problems with being superheroes. They talked about their enemies and how to deal with them. So in a way, they WERE like the Mane Six.

  • necron99

    Very nice eulogy to your friend Sunshine. I’m sure she would have enjoyed your tribute show and probably have turned as red as a chinese flag watching it. I mean that in a nice way, from laughing. Sorry for your loss. You know, I’ve never watched the Emperor’s New Groove in the theater, TV nor on DVD, but now I’m going to have to seek it out because of your show. I remember Ertha Kitt as Cat Woman. I watched the show religiously as a teenager. First run! when when I only had 3 channels to choose from (four if you count the educational channel, which I didn’t.) and you had to watch it when it came on….Oops gave away my age again. Your show had me laughing in many parts which after a full day of sitting in a tiny cubicle with my computer, living my Dilbert life to pay the mortgage is saying something! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep watching.
    By the way, I’m going to Poland next week to stay a short while with my wife’s cousin Thomasz and his family. I bought a red suitcase for the trip. I wonder who gave me that idea?

    • Sofie Liv

      Yeah, she would probably have turned red in embarrassment, then given me a crushing hug and call me a clown while giving me a nelson, trying to solve her embarresment with violence and laughter. Thanks for that mental image! it’s a great one.

      Glad you liked the video! Well.. the feelings about Emperors new groove is very mixed between people, it just makes me laugh a great deal. Always has.. but humour is different as you know.

      And have fun in Poland! I heard that place she be a very beautiful pleace.. btw.. I don’t even have that suitcase any-more.. cause it was old and rotten when I found it on a flee marked, and then it just very simply fell apart :/
      I am of cause looking for a new one… and i just got a really nice red jacket to X)

      • necron99

        Two weeks ago I suddenly realized I had no REAL winter coat, gloves nor hat and had to scramble to find something suitable. Luckily I found an insulated parka and a pair of old ski gloves on Ebay really cheap and a suitable hat as well. We just never have have weather like that in Florida.

        • Sofie Liv

          Well, there’s snow outside of my window right now.. so yeah.. I do owe a lot of woolen things, I kind of have to. I life in a country which is pretty darn cold half the year.

  • DrWheelz

    How did Elmyra wind up on the list, but Dot got excluded? Elmyra isn’t wacky, she’s f*****g annoying. Dot, as the Warner Sister, is insanity personified, and perfectly compliments and counterbalances Yakko’s snarking and Wakko’s physical humor. Plus, she’s cute. Yes, it’s true. She really can’t help it but…
    Ahem. Sorry about that. Anyway, it just seemed like an odd choice to me.

    • Sofie Liv

      I thought she was a fun antagonistic character, the same way Elmo Fudd only works trying to blast Bugs Bunny, but the whole ordeal wouldn’t be the same without her.

      And as for dot.. dunno, I just thought she stood a bit in the shadow of Yakko and Wacko really, I did hear from a friend after the list telling me. “That is not true, she is the biggest stand out, out of all three of them.” to which I can only respond.. I didn’t notice, and I still don’t.

      Well.. individual taste an all that I suppose. It’s only good that you like her.

  • Michael A. Novelli

    Well done, Sofie!

    And, now that you’ve reached episode three, I’ve added you to our TV Tropes page!

    • Sofie Liv

      Thanks 🙂

      Can I have the link to that page?

  • Rhotomago

    Why are there so few funny female characters (or fellow female reviewers)?
    It may have something to do with social dominance, the same reason everyone laughs at the boss’ jokes and the #1 thing women say they want in a romantic partner is a man who makes them laugh.

    Also Lola Bunny could never hope to look as good in a dress as Bugs,an avid crossdresser for years before Lola came along ,poor girl didn’t stand a chance.
    and Congratulations on becoming a TV Tropee!

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, I obviously believe there is more than one reason. In fact I believe there’s a lot of minor reasons.
      My way to fight it would be trying to be a funny woman myself, as far as I can see.. it’s going decently.

      Thanks 😀

  • Serious_To_A_Flaw

    Wow thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on females in comedy. I really enjoyed your show and all of the heart you put into it. Thanks!

    • Sofie Liv

      No no, thank you for watching all the way through and commenting.

      What is a performer without an audience? .. just another cucko standing in her empty room acting out. I’m very glad you enjoyed!

  • Cristiona

    Oh, your accent unintentionally provided one of the biggest laughs for me.

    When talking about Family Guy, it sounded like you said Seth McFAIL-in. Oh so fitting.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, obviously he is not a “Failure.”

      But no.. I don’t get the popularity of “Family guy” at all, I find it mostly to be a very mean spirited unfunny show. The worst part being how mean spirited it is. And no, I don’t find the Simpsons nearly as mean spirited, the huge difference here being that even though Bart and Homer can be mean to each other, they can also work together, and there is always an underlying appreciating and want to get along with all family members, which makes the entire difference. I don’t get that from family guy at all, especially in regard to Meg.

  • Arcadiassx999

    Really enjoyed your latest vid. I’m gonna say its prob the most entertaining vid on Booth to date. You put a lot of effort into it and i appreciate that. Looks like you were having a lot of fun.

    Please except my condolences on the loss of your friend.

    P.S. I love Family Guy, no I’m not mean spirited BUT Damn id love to be, especially to those film makers that id love to give a swift kick in the happy sacks!


    • Sofie Liv

      THANK YOU! wauw.. that sure is some praise oO;
      gah X)

      Condolences accepted, I went visiting her grave today. It snowed doing the night so it was all very pretty when I lithe up a light on the grave. Her stone says “Hakuna Matata.” as her parents decided. The world sure is a little bit poorer, but I am feeling a lot better fortunately.

      Well, each to their own. I wont blame any-one for liking family guy at all, humour and the ability to laugh is only ever good.. I just don’t like it. I think there’s a lot of things out there way more fun.. Family guy just makes me laugh now and then.. Darkwing Duck and Phineas and Ferb makes me laugh all the way through every single episode, and those are disney shows. So well, that’s my major difference. And for me.. laughing now and then and being such a huge success… it just doesn’t add up in my head.
      Well, as long as you can laugh. Do it!

      … and Phineas and Ferb are freaking genius.

      • Arcadiassx999

        Heh, Your personality reminds me of most of the female animators that i “used” to work with here in NYC. You were probably an animator in a past life,BTW was that you singing on stage or am i going blind?

        • Sofie Liv

          I would adore to work in animation actually, I just can’t draw.

          And yeas, that is me singing on stage. I have don a lot of musical work in the past.

          • Arcadiassx999

            Wow, that must be great to be able to perform on stage, i don’t have the guts to do something like that. However i am practicing the song “The Maladjusted Jester” from the movie “The Court Jester” sung by Danny Kaye. If you haven’t see it, its a must. The song is very hard to keep the lyrics to the beats. Check it out!

          • Sofie Liv

            Yep I know that movie! With Angela Lansbury as the princess and Basil Rathbone as the villain!
            I love that movie. It’s really a whole lot of fun 😀

            And being on stage is not that difficult, especially not when you work together with a lot of great people, you help each other up alot. plus the energy you get from a good audience is in-comparable to anything. I actually find it a lot more difficult to sit in front of a camera than to be on a stage with a great audience. ones you broken the first barrier and get the audience in on it, it’s amazingb.. how-ever.. nothing is worse than a dead audience lemme tell ya.
            But if you want it, just go for it! see if you can be part of a community play, it’s so worth the mere experience of standing on a stage just ones.

          • Arcadiassx999

            I’d never “Make It” on stage i have a terrible memory, id be add-libbing all the dialog or lyrics. Imagine me on stage reciting Shakespeare then i break into the Japanese language because i forgot what the next line was,…I wouldn’t last thorough one rehearsal.
            Always Remember: “The pellet with the poisons in the vessel with the pestle, the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true.”

          • Sofie Liv

            Who-ever said you have to “Make it.”
            Who even said you need to be professional to do stage stuff, i’m not exactly professional.
            And btw.. I have also done a lot of improvisation theatre and theatre sports, that counts to! and it’s tons and tons and fun. The important part really just is the comradely, the fun and how you break your borders and challenge yourself. It’s amazing.

            And as for remembering monologue and lines.. honestly.. practise. A lot of practise, and each time I start on a new part, a lot of study! every single time, there’s no easy way around it. You don’t just sit down and play mozart on the piano do you? even if you are a professional pianist. There’s a reason there’s months of rehearsals before any show starts, and even then things tent to first work for real when you are doing audience performance number 3! I am so not kidding, by default, mistakes happen in the first performance, always, then the rest in the second. First at the third will things run smoothly in all departments. And still after that things can go wrong! right up until the last curtain call. It’s a very exciting yet dangerous thing to be part of.

            And as for that rythm.. I can sing “Yakkos nations of the world.” out of nothing (yeas really.) that there is nothing, just gimme three minutes to repeat it a couple of times.

  • X Kecleon

    Really awesome video. Full of heart. It was really enjoyable and I agree. I wish there were more funny females on shows instead of the abused-to-dead females that have to set the stupid boys straight.

    • Sofie Liv

      Thank you very much.

      Well… boys are stupid aren’t they? so it’s only logical what-ever female characters there’s present needs to set the boy straight. It could just be sweet if they did it Miss Piggy or Slappy squirrel style a bit more often X)

      Miss Piggy sure is good to tell Kermit when he is being stupid, with death threats and all that 😀

  • Letusdiscuss2001

    Miss Sofie, I am a relative newcomer to your site, but I have been increasingly smitten not only by your physical beauty and fashion sense, but also by your obvious intellect and fun-spirited personality as well! Now, having said that, I would like to ask a request from you, if possible. In the near future, could you please think about doing another episode where the topic would be your top ten most interesting superheriones? Then as a future sequel maybe your top ten favorite female comic book villains/anti-heroines? I would REALLY love to hear your opinions of them! 😀 (p.s. I would also like to offer my condolences as well to the loss of your close friend, but still you created an AWESOME tribute video! Major kudos to you, my dear! 😀 ;-D

    • Sofie Liv

      Oh, this is not my site! It’s Alberts!
      He writes a lot of articles, help writing some contributors scripts and edit a lot of the videos.. not mine though, I edit them myself, but some of the others.
      He was merely kind enough to let me have a chance posting here! and it sure has helped a lot.
      Actually, I am the newest contributor out of all of us! X)

      I’m very happy you like my videos though, and I am happy people like this video… honestly, the process of making it was just weird because I was well… in grief, and by the end I was sick of this thing. It was a struggle, but people doesn’t seem to notice it. Which is good! that people comment. “Seem like you were having fun.” instead of “You were obviously tired.” .. god I am a good actress then oO;
      But I am happy with my message. And I know that is what my friend would have wanted.

      As for heroes.. I don’t know, maybe. I was planning to at some point make a top ten “Girl friends to Superheroes.” I mean.. they play such a big a part in all the comic world mythos, yet rarely are done that well, rarely are interesting.. and well, we don’t watch Superman to see Louis Lane, we watch Superman to watch Superman. which also means the mere study of this supporting characters goes.. unstudied… if you get my drift?

      And I was also planning to review a couple of “Super heroine movies.” just to compare them with each other and superhero movies with male leads.
      So nothing is out of the question, we’ll see.

  • ()

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, I would love to.

      But lets be honest, I would never ever in a million years make it as a voice actor in the big US animation studious. I got the accent and I can’t control it.

      Never doubt, if I was asked to voice a single animated character in some-thing random, i’ll do it in a heart beat, in fact, I am doing some voice over work for some fellow reviewer currently… And the character I am voicing over is wearing the sixth doctors coat.. that is awesome!

      And very glad you like my voice, I try to abuse it as much as possible by well, making silly changed voices XD

  • Zorha

    I can totally see you as Smee.

    Well thought out critique on sexism on comedy. I’ve always liked Margret Cho’s brand of satire.

    • Sofie Liv

      I was a fantastic Mr. Smee!
      Loved playing that part, dressing up as pirate for three weeks, it was so great X)

      Thank you, I don’t know who Margret Cho is.. but I’ll make sure to check her out.

  • Say Sofie, do you think you will ever review any classic Doctor Who? Since you wear the hat and scarf, is it a fair guess that you’re a Tom Baker fan? 😀

    • Sofie Liv

      If you just knew what I was sitting editing together right now… you would now why that comment appears almost psychic oO;

      You don’t have a camera hidden in my room or some-thing like that do ya? erh.. well.. if you look behind me in my videos, and behind my left shoulder, up above the television set, there’s a print there, it’s a fourth Doctor who print with the motive from the episode “Horror of Fang rock.” signed, to me, by Tom Baker and Louis Jameson (Leela.) Jameson even drew a little heart, also behind me you can spot action figures of the fourth and fifth doctor plus a dalek.
      Just for details sake, the fourth doctor figure is also signed by Tom baker, on the back.

      .. no. no I am not fan… of cause I am! XD

      That being said, no, I am not planning to do any Classic Doctor who reviews, how-ever, I am completely open to do reviews from the new show at some time.
      I had originally planned to do “The end of time.” as my christmas special episode, but well.. my friend kind of died, so I dropped making reviews in that period all together, and made this instead, which is indeed delayed in the making.

      And… I didn’t think of Tom Baker at all when I put together the costume, honestly I didn’t, I just took what I think looked cool.
      I always adored red scarfs, mostly from “Narnia.” where I thought there was some-thing wonderfully magical over mr Tomnus and his red scarf.
      I liked vests, I actually own like a ton of vests I use in every-day life, so I took on a vest, originally I had a white shirt underneath but eventually decided for some-thing darker and more neutral, as a performer, it’s a good thumb rule to keep it black with maybe only one colour that deviates, which in this case is red, or what-ever scarf I decide in the different reviews.
      And well, I had the hat, it is a cool hat, people adore that hat and tend to remember it, even more than me. Why-ever not use the hat?

  • InvaderGabe

    I haven’t finished watching, but I have some constructive criticism: if you cannot improve the quality of the sound (meaning your mic) could you at least not play so loud a music at the same time as the speech? It really makes it really hard to understand you, specially for those of us with English as a second language.

    • Sofie Liv

      Okay, I keep that in mind!


  • DavidWilmotLow

    I hope you and Mendo cross over again one day. Your differing styles complement each other nicely, like Yin and yang 🙂

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, Mendo says he has decided to make as many cross-overs as humanly possible this year. So yeah, the possibility is there.

      All though, he has like a ton of cross-overs planned with a dozen of other people, and so do I actually. Lots of exciting thing is going to go down in a near future.

  • Glados

    I don’t follow, how is Fifi less disturbing and more funny than Pepe? I can’t for the life of me think of any reason other than sexual harassment/assault supposedly being funny when it happens to men and/or is perpetuated by women, which is just another aspect of gender stereotyping that real feminists decry:

    • Sofie Liv

      It’s a question of personal preference of cause, sexual assault is still sexual assault, and maybe it’s just because I am a woman and have now tried how scary it is to have male stalkers in the big cities I Can’t possible ever laugh of Pepe.. maybe it’s immoral of me to laugh at Fifi, I don’t know, I just do.

      There is some-thing in basic human psychology though, our most basic instincts which spells out. “Women are weaker men are bigger and stronger.” which is why woman hitting a man, or a man hitting a man, or a woman hitting a woman, can be a funny gag. How-ever, a man hitting a woman will always come across as disturbing, no matter how you set it up and do it.

      I am not saying it’s right, I am just stating how it is. And well basically, I think this is a whole other discussion for another time.

  • Anna

    Yes! Knew you were a dane, could guess it by your accent, and then I checked your blogger profile. Fellow dane here – keep up the good work and continue to make great videos!

    • Sofie Liv


      Well, please keep on following 😀

      Thank you.

  • Egil Hellá

    I really like this video one of my favorite moments is actually at 04:45 where you accidently say Spaceballs instead of Space Jam yes I know it is a mistake but it a really hilarious mistate thanks to your delivery of that line

  • Egil Hellá

    If you are having problems watching the videos then here is a link

    • danbreunig

      Thanks Egil for posting the link(s) and thus keeping the legacy alive. I’ve kept going back to this video since its debut so many years ago.