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VIDEO: Top 10 Supernatural Episodes

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This video is no longer available due to the shutdown of Blip.tv.

The Horror Guru lists his favorite episodes from the Kripke era (AKA the first five seasons) of CW’s Supernatural, the long-running show about two brothers who hunt demons, ghosts, and monsters.

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  • Nate Winchester

    Hmm… not bad but I still rank S2 finale over S3 because the moment when all the Winchesters unite against their hated foe moves me to manly tears every time.

    Def agree on changing Channels (though you’re half right, there were some things about the ending that Kripke didn’t plan, but was smart and talented enough to fold it all in seamlessly).

    I’ll post a “reply” on my blog when I get the chance. 😉

    • Sounds cool to me. =)

    • The_Stig

      Normally I don’t like retcons, but the way they handled the reveal of the Trickster being the archangel Gabriel was so genius that I actually like it. Since unlike the retconning that would follow in later seasons, that one made sense!

      • Animikean

        All the trickster episodes were memorable, Hammer of the Gods… man, that episode.

        I think they tried to recapture some of that with Balthazar but not quite the same

  • Thomas Stockel

    Yeah, this is one of those shows I really wish I had followed from day one, but because of the network it was on I figured it would suck. I feel pretty stupid now.

    • No reason you can’t start watching now! 8 Seasons of Supernatural goodness all ready for your consumption! Watch out for Season 6 though, by far the weakest. =)

  • boyandhorse

    This list is the reason I watched the first five seasons. Always on Team Dean, never understood why people jumped on Team Sam, or ever liked Lucifer. #AdamSucked

  • $36060516

    You got the rock ‘n’ roll spirit going with that jacket! I stopped watching at the spoiler alert point (well, okay, snuck one of them) as haven’t seen the series.

  • danbreunig

    I have the same feeling toward this show that you do, Tommy: I feel like I missed a potential gem simply because I’m tired of that network’s shows and didn’t think that’s where a gem could turn up. Almost like a cable channel I immediately bypass, “seen one, seen them all”. So no problem seeing the spoilers, since I may not get around to watching the Supernatural series–not that I don’t think it’s worth it, it’s just that eight seasons of hour-longs is quite a lot to take in for curiosity’s sake. So thanks for the analysis and breakdown, Guru–this review alone filled me in nicely about a show I never took the time to check out. Thanks also for just being both clown and rocker.

    And Guru, wow…up till now I’ve known you for horror, but classic rock and metal too?! Bliss! On a side note, I got gooey as soon as I saw the Symbol. Thanks for not playing DFTR for the millionth time and actually using Fire Of Unknown Origin (I would’ve used Black Blade myself). At least now anyone who read my comments in Full Of Questions’ review of The Reaping will understand my reference. BOC fans are lurking everywhere.

  • The_Stig

    Ugh, Sera Gamble’s run? Take your time. Nobody’s in any kind of hurry to re-live what SHE did to the series. Though ironically her run probably contains my favorite episode of the series: The Man Who Would be King, Season 7 is best left forgotten but there are only two moments that stand out to me, The entirety of Death’s Door and and when Castiel regains his memory and then starts kicking ALL THE ASS set to the Yardbirds’ Turn Into Earth.

    • I actually dug most of Season 7. 6 on the other hand… Ugh. But I’ll go into that when the time comes. =)

      • The_Stig

        Seriously? As bad as Season 6 was and I’ll NEVER forgive them for raping the mythology of the Colt, it had a handful of good episodes and a couple of classics. Season 7 on the other hand I find to be largely unwatchable due to the lameness of the Leviathans, the stupidity of their endgame (let’s just say compelling television this was not) and Dean being turned into not much more than Sam’s bumbling sidekick.

        And the wedding episode. OH. MY. GOD. The wedding episode.

        It was like Gamble was daring the CW to cancel the show.

        • I enjoyed the Leviathan’s, and I never thought Dean came across as Sam’s sidekick… I thought the Wedding episode was a lot of fun, too. =)

          • The_Stig

            You don’t agree that Sera Gamble actively took every possible chance to humiliate Dean in Season 7 to make Sam come off more heroic? Two words: BALLET SLIPPERS.

            Sera’s a self-confessed Sam Girl and HOLY SHIT did she ever make it obvious. At least she wasn’t into Wincest.

          • I definitely did not get that impression, no. I’m aware Sera’s a Sam-Girl, however. The Ballet Slippers bit was funny as hell. XD

  • Shan

    This was awesome. Loved your enthusiasm!

  • CaptainCalvinCat


    I don’t follow the show “Supernatural” religiously – but a friend of mine loves the show, so I know some episodes. And I am kinda dissappointed – no “Mystery Spot” on the list?

    That was an awesome, epic episode.

    • Mystery Spot is indeed a fantastic episode. There are tons of episodes I love that almost made the cut, but I couldn’t find room for them all unfortunately. =)

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        Like I said I am no big horror-fan, but I like the Episodes without big jumpscares, like Mystery Spot, like Changing Channels, like the one with the Wishing Well (“Kneel before Todd!”) and the suicidal-driven Teddy-Bear, but even the one with minor jump-scares are good. This episode, that takes place in a film-studio, for example.

        Or the one, that my friend used to get me watch an episode.
        She said “Well, you are a fan of Tricia Helfer, yes?”
        “Okay, let’s watch this.”
        The episode with the “lady in white”… uhhhh.