VIDEO: Top 10 Disturbing Animated Kids’ TV Moments

Part One:

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Part Two:

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The title says it all! Sofie gets nostalgic and looks back at her own European childhood to recount the ten animated TV moments that gave her the worst nightmares.

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  • Jay_Bay

    Some thoughts:

    A 2 parter?  Hot damn, this must be good.
    You dont realize unless you’re older how Batman TAS was so mature in treating the kids watching not like brain dead dolts…..something that falls to the wayside in most modern cartoons.
    Damn, that Shredder in the new TMNT look badass
    Don’t worry, I too wonder who the fuck is Captain Planet as a kid, but I stretch it out to encompass the whole damn show.

    10-Clowns…..the true face of FEAR.  I met so many people even now have at least an apprehension of clowns, I would if I am the weird one for not fearing them.  I understand why they fear them, I watch the movies based on said fear as a kid (IT and Killer Clowns from Outer Space), but yeah.
    Clown zombies?  Oh fuck that shit, where’s my shotgun?

    9-I think the episodes with Slade returning by Trigon’s hand would be on here, but this episode is damn good storytelling…once again lost on most modern cartoons

    8-Well, this is the one from Batman TAS that makes the list.  Its just sad.
    Answer:  a metric fuck-ton
    What?  Logic in Gotham City….please
    Excuse me. Allergies.  Eyes getting misty…

    7-You know, I should get around to watch Avatar TLAB.  So many people like it, they all can’t be wrong
    Also, a egotistical lil bee-yotch finding out that she was the one getting played…..yep, I’m behind the couch
    Yep…that is pure unbridled RAGE!!!!

    6-Wait….there is anime, on the PPG?  Dafuq?
    When it comes to disturbing in the PPG, HIM is the one
    Well, that scene represent the show’s fans to a point.
    That is a good point.  Why do the world go to shit when the hero time jump forward?  Oh no, the Flash has time traveled, so who would put the creme in my coffee?

    5-Aww, look at the cute lil bu……HOLY SHIT!
    All the roid RAGE!!!
    Damn…..Europe doesn’t fuck around.  Damn our American “ethics” in regards to children TV

    4-And more killings….UPGRADE!!!
    The killings were on screen…..this show is so HARDCORE!
    Ummm Sofie, friend…I don’t see any blood?  Still HARDCORE!
    Oh, there it is…..fuck
    This is deeper than most television airing now.
    Sofie, I think you’re a lil bit tipsy….nah, screw it.  It’s more fun this way.

    3-Fuck yeah, COURAGE!
    This show is the definition of disturbing.
    See…from the get go.  Disturbing.
    Well duh, the message was to face your fears and not let it control you.  Duh.
    Or that reason too….or at least I would greenlit it on that premise.
    And Courage is a bad muthafucka.

    2-Yep, transformations.  It’s a nasty thing to see when you’re a kid.  When I was a kid, I had a fear of watching the Bill Bixby Hulk show.  Not of the Hulk, not persay….just the transformation sequence.
    It just comes to show that intelligence = EVIL!!!!  Stay dumb everybody.
    Seriously, if you are so smug that you talk shit to a big muthafucka with blades protuding everywhere, well you deserve what you got.
    ….Well damn.  He is badass to the bitter end.
    Damn…that is severely fucked up.
    A lot better than being a fly, amirite guys……guys?

    1-No, no we don’t
    What the hells is a Moomin?
    So she is a ice bitch…..yeah, that joke wasn’t funny
    Yep, if I saw her, I would shit my pants.  
    Fuck Old Man Winter, she is the real deal.
    The best villains are truly the tragic ones.

    The crow sounds are a real nice touch to the ending sce….OH FUCK OH FUCK GET IT AWAY!  RUN FOR YOU LIVES!!!

    (all jokes aside, a damn good episode. Funny as hell and nice to see some personal tidbits on yourself. and thanks for The Grog. I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyways)

    • Sofie Liv

       well… you’re welcome. The Groke says sleep tight..

      • Jay_Bay

        That is just ice cold -SchwarzeneggerLaugh-

        • Sofie Liv

           really glad you liked the video though, your long comment made me smile 😀

  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    You know at first I had no idea what that last one was but then I started having…well…flashbacks. I think this cartoon seriously caused me to supress the memory of it. Also while on the subject seeing as how europe has a series of disturbing cartoons how much do you wanna bet that they will make a childrens TV series out of  Warhammer 40k? assuming that they stayed true to the source material I think it would result in this entire list having to be replaced with moments from that.

    P.S How come it’s allways the grandparents that have the channels kids like? was the same with mine

    • Jay_Bay

      As well mine….but she kept the viewings on locked.

      • FullofQuestions1

        LOL, same here. But I liked watching TV at my grandmother’s house more for the fact that when the person supervising you doesn’t speak English, A LOT of your entertainment doesn’t get censored. It’s how I got to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when I was six.

        • Sofie Liv

           So you lived in the kind of home that wouldn’t let its kids watch harry potter huh?

          I hate it when that happens, I had a friend whom had to sneak over to my house to watch harry potter, as well did he hide all his magic cards in my closest because his mom wouldn’t let him have them.

    • Cheshire Cat

      My gran didn’t have cable. She didn’t even have a remote control. I turned one knob for UHF channels and another for VHF channels. I feel old.

    • Sofie Liv

       Europe doesn’t make that many original TV-shows more.. there just seems to be very little point when we can just import from the US much cheaper.

      And since there are now cartoon cable channels all over the place which are owned by american companies and send original new american shows.. have you ever heard of an european cable cartoon channel? no? I did not think so.. so erh.. no they aren’t really being made, so don’t get your hopes up.

      And because grandparents are awesome!

      • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

         Pitty otherwise we could solve the economy crisis through spending on child psychologists

  • I’m impressed. You were so young when you saw Batman TAS? It disturbed me a few times…and I was 10 years old. 

    Eww. I forgot about the many forms of Baxter Stockman. 

    I read the book Watership Down. It was more intense than I expected.

    On my list, I include any scene with Mumm-Ra in Thundercats. 

    • Sofie Liv

       i didn’t grow up with the thundercats and only seen the new show that came out last year, so that’s why it’s not there.

      and yeah, I was very very small when I first saw Batman tas, I remember watching it.. but I was extremely small.

  • $36060516

    Super dumb question, I apologize for it:  why did you rename your show “Movie Dorkness” if you want to talk about TV shows too?  The first episode of the renamed show was about TV shows instead of movies and this one too!  Not that it’s a problem at all, it just slightly puzzled me and was curious! 

    • Sofie Liv

      well, you could argue that it was a “Television movie.”

      And well, my show is still mostly about movies, if you look back on my show list you’ll see that 80 percent of all episodes are about movies. Also it’s a little bit catchier than.

      “Television, movies, books and what-ever dorkness.”

      • $36060516

        Thanks for the answer, Danish Dorkness!

        • LindaMinda


          • Sofie Liv

             I’m a Dane.

            I come from Denmark.

  • The Nightmare Rider

    I knew I wasn’t the only one who remembers the Animals of Farthing wood! The Mice skewering scene and the hedgehogs getting run over was REALLY disturbing as a kid. Gave me a concept of death in a kids show really early XD. Most of the moments I remember from the show were the disturbing bits!

    I have VERY vague memories of the Moomins from my early childhood. No more than the ending theme and a few clips. Thankfully I never saw the episode you were referring too 0____0.

    • Sofie Liv

       Oh the childhood memories, yeah I grew up with that show, I actually watched it a lot, and I do remember many bits and pieces from it.. the death of the great white stag was actually particularly disturbing. Not just because he died, but what the show had been building up to what his death indicated. Change of status quo for the worse for all the animals.. that’s kind of clever writing.

      Oh and the Groke appeared in several episodes 😉

      …. yeah also watched the moomins several times, so I definetely remember.. and there were more than just one disturbing moment in that show.

  • I seem to be the only person on the entire internet who could not stand Courage the Cowardly Dog, or find it scary or funny in any way.

    Good list though.  Some things I’ve seen before on other lists, some I haven’t.

    • Sofie Liv

       well you all are entitled to your own taste. I just like it, I have a lot of memories connected to this show.

      and well yeah, that ought to happen since we are from two different nations ya know. Some-things you grew up with I didn’t and virsa versa.

  • I do remember a few things from this list, particularly in the Cartoon Network department (in fact before we got Satellite, I watched CN when i went to visit my grandparents just like you did), but the ones I didn’t see growing up still gave me a sense that they would traumatise kids. The fact that Grey Delisle who usually does bubbly, valley girlesque characters in her career could scare people as Azula is pretty a pretty disturbing fact to me at least!

    Ah Courage, one of my all time favourites on CN. And people wonder why I’m so fucked up! It had scares, humour, compelling characters, surreal imagery and some emotional moments too (the piano in last of the starmakers makes me tear up just from how beautiful it is along with the animation). The Great Fusilli was supposed to be the end of the show, with Courage playing with Eustace and Muriel’s dead marionette bodies! (John R Dilworth you insane evil genius!) King Ramses looks like baby Applejack compared to that disturbing image and what might have been!

    Speed Demon does tend to show up on other people’s Disturbing Nostalgic moments lists and it’s on mine too. The reliance on superheroes is shown here and it’s the first time HIM, who I always thought was a pretty funny villain, lived up to His Infernal Majesty name. Knock It Off was another disturbing episode, mainly for the decomposed PPG clones taking down a human villains and actually killing him but SD is still one that lingers on in my mind when coming back to the show.

    The Animals of Farthing Wood and The Moomins are vague memories for me. For Animals, I remember the woodland visuals and a few of the deaths (which is why I’ve hardly been that squeamish around blood) and The Moomins which I remembered mainly because I saw marshmallow hippos riding on a boat in the opening. The Groke was a good choice for the number one on this list because it really seemed to disturbing in the sense that it wasn’t just scary in some way, it was tragic and had a way of sticking in your mind for a really long time rather than just giving you nightmares for a few days (although it might have done that for you). An icy Midas who for all we know wanted to spread love but can only spread deathly cold, literally in this case. That’s pretty heavy man.

    Likesay, although I’ve seen plenty of these Disturbing Nostalgic moments list, this is a welcome addition, bringing some different scares to the table that came from our crazy continent as well as imported nightmare fuel. Good times.

    • Sofie Liv

       Cartoon network really was a fucked up place ones in ancient times.. I mean seriously, if you try and think back you suddenly realise ALL of their original programming were fucked up, ugly animated, scary stuff.. and probably one purpose.

      Yeah we all remember the Groke over here as I say, ask any dane my age, and they will now.

      Thanks.. and of cause first now after the list is done I remember even more I could have picked and probably should have picked.. oh well, that’s all-ways the thing aint it?

  • Muthsarah

    I was three years old when I first watched this episode.  If I were to make my own list, this would be #1.  There’s no way it couldn’t be.  It was a lil’ before your time, so you prolly lucked out.  I wish I had missed it too.  But the whole episode’s worth checking out; I’m sure you can follow it, even if you’ve never seen the show.


    – Why wasn’t there a zany Farthing Wood Roadkill montage?  It was RIGHT THERE, begging to be made!

    – The 2003 Baxter Stockman looks awesome!  I never really saw the show, but I wouldn’t have imagined they would have done that much with him.  I kinda wanna check it out now.  At least Baxter’s episodes.

    – I haven’t seen Courage the Cowardly Dog either.  Looks pretty damn trippy, and original.  I’ll put that one down too.

    • Sofie Liv

      yeah, I don’t think I grew up watching the real ghost-busters. I remember some kind of show which was sort of like it from long ago, but can’t really remember it.

      – to spare the viewers feelings, and moving on with the list, it was long enough as it was.

      – 2003.. oh they utilize stockman. In fact if there is some-thing I have to give that show points for it’s that every single villain is his own agent and works on his own accord. Hun first introduced as Shredders first henchman, suddenly also turns out to be his own entity and acts on own accord, which is bloody awesome. Except for that little fact that Stockman never ever dies.. there’s a point they travel two-hundred years into the future.. and Stockman is still there! now a tentacle brain whom crafted alien tissue to his own brain so he could survive.. that’s just insane man.

      – Courage is a lot of fun, check it out 🙂

  • As I told you before, I remember thinking Moomies was weird even as a kid (Also I did watch it, yay for Mexican dubbing!). That said, your list gave me enough curiosity to check it out again, pretty sure I can find a couple episodes on youtube 😀

    • Sofie Liv

       yeah you probably can, youtube.. all though as I was led to beleive the english dubbing removed lots of the sound effects from the Groke that made her so scary.. ass’s.. but well, they did.

  • Randolph Quazalpene

    there is nothing better than a kids show or cartoon that pushes the boundries.  Wonder why Anime and Manga niched its way into North America here, look no further than the “cartoons are only for kids…little kids” attitude.   

    For me, I ‘m not sure about plain scary its hard to pin down. Opening and first episodes of Gargolyes still give me shivers though, love it. Lots of creepy and awesome stuff from Alladin TV series too. Anng going full avatar state for one the first times tears running down his face after losing track of appa again….wait the cute little kids is about to go full psycho…
    My just WOW they did that moment is Gargoyles and the gun episode and its ramifications.

    It also kills me you got all the cool stuff sofie, when our TV was being waterdown by censors. We’re such wimps over here >_< I have alot to hunt down now.

    wait its snowing outside here to…can locked doors keep the grugg (spelling?) out?

    • Sofie Liv

       yeah.. I neglected to mention it.. but that Baxter Stockman episode.. it was removed from all American television screens due to cencorship.. but that does not mean it was removed in Europe.

      So yeah.. Europa bitches..

      Oddly enough, in spite of having grown up with Disney hour, which I never ever missed! every single friday evening at six PM preciesly, I would watch disney hour! .. I actually didn’t watch gargoyls, for some odd reason they just never send it in Danish tely, I don’t even think it has danish dub.
      alladin how-ever, yeah I remember that! it had some very scary moments all-right.

      She’s spelled. “The Groke.” or “Muren.” if we are going after her original name.

      And don’t worry, if you take your time to actually talk to her and talk her down, she is actually very reasonable and will leave you alone if you just ask. Of cause you could also end up hurting her feelings which happens quite easily :/

      Also be a little carefull, because Moomin himself took the time to talk with the Groke, she actually developed a crush on him. Which also means she is willing to do what-ever he says, but also gets hurt much easier by his words.

      • Jay_Bay

        Damn us American weinies

      • Randolph Quazalpene

        Ohh I got a one up gargolyes was pretty edgy back in the day.  I’m guessing the number of episodes it and diseny trying their darndest to bury it might have made it slip through, idk. Still love it.

        Groke got it.   im not sure if I want get crushed on by a creature of winter, but I promise to be nice as I can.

  • John Wilson

    Moomins seem very Japanish to me. I’m surprised it came from Sweden.If you belive about the mind control thing some people think kids shows have.
    Then kids shows can be a lot worse than adult movies. And most kids like scary things. Why do you think goosebumps sold so well. I remember liking “adult” show better in some places than kids shows because at least in most adult movies they react to what happens Like in goosebumps. I remember thinking “get out and call the police a lot”or just “get out”. I was about ten when I saw house on haunted hill(remake) on T.V. and remembering liking when they first get trapped. They try to get out and get help.

    Well kids like games right. How about some funny games.
    Nice videos:).

    • Sofie Liv

       That articles… oO;

      I can’t believe any adult mind can think that, that a cartoon show like that will. “Damage.” the children and making them more open for occult influences to one day join a cult.. which of cause will be bad for the soul. And that the cartoon creators are making their show like that per design. That’s insane!

      Oh yeah i saw some goosebumps tely when I was a kid, it scared me a lot, but I also enjoyed them, also I read a couple of the books being released in that seriel.

      And yep, we like scary stuff! it’s cool! That’s why I wish I could celebrate Halloween more, I think it looks like the coolest holliday ever. This darker more edgy stuff which exists just for the sake of its own amusment is some of the coolest out there, I like it 🙂

    • Randolph Quazalpene

      Yep my large comic collection has turned me into a socipath too just like Suduction of the Innocent predicted…and makes me transform into a car everytime I go to work every day because I liked G1 Transformers.

      AS for Moomins being Anime like looking it seems like it woud fit into a simular world of My Neighbour Totoro. some cross cultural influnece may be or just good parallel evolution.  I’d love to see a cross over.

      • Sofie Liv

         Well… my books, comics, role-game playing, cartoons and movies I watched while I was a kid is directly responsible for wasting any precious free time I have making enternet videos… dunno what my defence is supposed to be against that <_<

        But as far as I know I have not killed or hurt any-one yet…

  • drumstick00m

    It is a good thing you did not include any Anime. Azula’s breakdown, Robin’s mind torture, kind of the tame stuff in a lot of those…

    • Sofie Liv

       erh yeah.. I would also dare say stuff as elven Lied are intended more for adults than children.. and beside it wasn’t even broadcasted in my country when I was a kid.

      What was was Dragon Ball z, Yu-gi-oh, Shaman king and some Naruto.. and though some of those shows had some creep out moments, oddly enough they don’t stand out as much to me. I guess in a way much of thus stuff I mentioned here had better focus and build-up so you were more involved in the scary pay-off, or was a bit more grounded in reality.

      That’s my only beef against anime.. Anime can be cool and all, but quite often it becomes obvious that the author have no idea where the story is supposed to end so they just makes new stuff to add as they go along so they end up lacking structure by the end.
      While stuff like. “Avatar the Last airbender.” clearly the show-creators knew all along where all of these plot threats were supposed to end up and how the characters were supposed to evolve, so it was all very firmly and neatly structured fitting perfectly together.
      Also what I felt like made Robins episode so effective were that he was genuinly the only one able to see or feel Slade, that’s just a whole other mental level of “Disturb.”

      • drumstick00m

        (Thought I replied to this, guess it did not post…)

        Yeah, I suppose disturbed is the wrong word for that episode of Teen Titans. 
        Anyway, anime is like comic books though in that there are a lot of different kinds of them. Some go on forever with no focus, but others are different. 

        Some good ones that had an ending in mind from the start and also happen to be for kids and contain some really, really disturbing scary moments: Full Metal Alchemist (2003 more than Brotherhood), Digimon Tamers, and (at least I think so) Magical Girl Madoka. 

        Also this is Anima, she is from Final Fantasy X:

        • Sofie Liv

           I’ve seen both cowboy beboop and Death note and loved them. Those clearly had a beginning, middle and end.

          But yeah, it’s their entire own genre with plenty of sub-genres.. it’s what came out from an entirely different culture than hours. Not Western, not european.. but just all things japaneese.

          I enjoy the occasional anime, but honestly it’s not my thing, i’m going to stick with the western cartoons, they do have good things coming out in a while.

          Currently. “Young Justice.” “phineas and Ferb.” “My little pony.” “Teenage mutant ninja turtles.” “Avatar Legend of Korra.” and. “Green Lantern.” are all great western shows coming out as we speak. So that’s nice.

          • drumstick00m

            Well, you just named two of my favorites with Bebop and Deathnote. I am told my tastes in anime are fairly Western so…

            Was not trying to get you into anime or anything like that, just thought I was list a few of them. Ones I listed are fairly Western in appeal. 

            Anyway, nice list of cartoons. I will mention that I watch My Little Pony because of your reviews, and link them to a lot of my friends. Is Korra good. Last Airbender is the hero’s journey that I think kids should watch first (not Star Wars not Harry Potter). 

          • Sofie Liv

             I would recommend the new Ninja Turtles show that started airing last October, that one is a damn good show which I ended up highly enjoying in spite not even exspecting to do so.

            I know it’s a sentiment a lot of TMNT fans would kill me over but honestly… having looked the old turtle legacy over including movies and various television adaptations.. I would actually call this new show the best thing to ever come out of TMNT. It’s just very smart and cleverly put together while actually making me connect and genuinly amuses me, I think the stuff they touched and changed improves the over-all story a lot, it smoothened out flaws other adaptations had, hits a good core in between drama and comedy, and well just all around. Great show. check it out.

            Phineas and Ferb is just consistently hillarious! It’s what I think is the funniest current animated show out there, it always by the very least becomes a bright spot in my day. Rmember though, it’s a comedy, nothing else.

            Young Justice is the thing every-body is going nuts over currently.. me? I think it’s good and has its moments, not as good as “Justice league.” or “Teen Titans.” but still good and managed to have some very dramatic moments and three dimensional characters.

            Green Lantern, check it out if you are a fan of the Green Lantern, then you wont be dissapointed, that is at least one good thing the movie managed to spout. If you are not a fan.. well it’s pretty good. not. “omg amazing.” but good none the less.

            Legend Of Korra definetely has more flaws than. “The last airbender.” it’s structure can become a tinsy bit awkward ones in a while. But on the other hand, what works and stands out, really works! And really stands out! A lot, then it becomes “omg amazing!”. It’s the most beautiful looking animated television show I have ever seen, the lead is a three-dimensional compelling character. The story unqiue and interesting and it really exspand on the avatar legend in interesting ways. I will say it’s a definit “Do not miss.” in spite of some structural hiccups.

            And well… my heroes journey will always be the potter. Not the movies mind you, the books. I loved the books when I first read them as a eleven year old and I love them now, Harry potter is my childhood 🙂

            The last airbender is damn good to though, just awesome!

          • Well Korra had its first season at 3/5ths the size of Avatar, so it cut off a lot of the gristle and fluff that Avatar may have had.  It had to fit everything in 12 episodes as it was just a miniseries.  Then the series length was basically quadrupled on average by episode 5.  Book 2 premieres sometime this year. How soon after Britain and Denmark get it… I don’t know, I’m in the US. Korra and TMNT2012 are beautifully written.  They and Power Rangers (and Schneider’s Bakery) keep my faith in Nickelodeon

          • Sofie Liv

            that it’s short doesn’t really excuse the awkward pacing and some-times awkward sudden introduction of characters or turns.. also not all characters are as fleshed out as I would like, they keep treating “Mako.” as the new Zuko every girls crushes on and ships due to his complex persona, but Mako lacks the genuine deep down conflict of Zuko, he feels way more forced and not that natural of a character. But again when it suddenly works it becomes. “wow omg, can’t believe it.” good. so I will say the good definetely makes up for the bad.

            And “Last airbender.” probably also had the advantage in just taking it’s time slowly moving forward at a natural pace. introducing new ideas and plot points very firmly in that slow pace.. the show never really stood still or any-thing, it alwas changed, but very naturally and smoothly so. Korra can be more abrupt in its changes.. and when they wrote this first season, they didn’t know yet there was going to be another one!
            First when they found out “Legend of Korra.” was the most watched animated show out of all of 2012 did they green light a second show, so that’s an explanation.. not an excuse, merely an explanation.

            Also Korra runs into the classic sequel problem of needing to be like it’s predecasor but also different, and even very competent stuff often ends up tripping in regard to this.. and so did Korra unfortunately.. but it also succeeded.. it is over all a really good show people ought to watch.

          • drumstick00m

            PS Ms Liv (Sofie?), 

            Wanted to say a formal thanks for replying to me. Your stuff has been a big influence on what I watch (and how I try and interact with people–your Scott Pilgrim review), so getting to talk to you was awesome.  

          • Sofie Liv

             You can call me Sofie 😉

            Oh gosh, thank you. I would not be here without you folks and to think I am actually influencing any-body, that for me is incredible.

            You’re very welcome I LOVE talking about all of this stuff, that’s why I am here ^^

          • drumstick00m

            Well Sofie you are. I now review on the internet partially because of your work.

          • Sofie Liv

            Lots of people are reviewers on the enternet, doesn’t mean you have genuine followers. It’s just as hard an artform as any other performance.

            I have been ridicoulesly lucky to get in touch with the right people at the right time, being picked up here at the right time, learn to know all these incredible talented people

            Good luck with your reviews! just a tip, use the TGWTG forums to post your stuff, that’s an excellent way to gain feed-back AND being picked up for sites! I was getting picked for this site through that forum, so go now and start your thread to show your stuff, then maybe i’ll be seeing you in the staff area of this site at some point 😉

          • drumstick00m

            Yeah, I would love that, but I am actually having problems getting an account on TGWTG to work for me. I made two different accounts with two different e-mails/user names, and neither will let me post stuff or change my avatar. I will keep trying but…

      • John Wilson

        Well I watch anime when I was a kid(sailor moon and others)because I thought it was more mature and I thought the girls were much more attractive than your average kids show:). 

  • Adam Bujas

    Gotham City has the largest number of abandoned amusement parks, toy factories and playing card companies per capita.

    • and second in abandoned office buildings and apartments to Angel Grove!

      • Sofie Liv

        yep to all of that. 

  • turin231

    Great list!!Btw the Moomins even reached the Mediterranean…The damage spread more than you think…

    • Sofie Liv

       nice 🙂

  • Torgeaux

    I took some notes and I’m going to look for that Watership Down series. I saw the movie in the theater first run.  I was probably one of oh, 86 Americans who actually paid money to see it.   I did not know there was a series. I’ve got to watch that somehow. The Noonin looks especially good too.  I sort of remember those characters but I can’t recall where.

    I have a question.  What is it that gets so up the nose of Europeans about Americans?  Try to remember that a whole lot of us are descended from people in your countries who said ‘fuck this!’ got on a boat and never looked back. It’s in our genes.  I will admit that a lot of people in America do not know where the Atlantic Ocean is even though they live on it’s beaches or what state is next to their state and so on.  Not all of us of course.  I’ve lived in Europe and there are a lot of things I wish Americans would adopt.  Being more militant about the total asinine bullshit of a government we have…well I’m not going to start.  Great show and thank you for producing it.

    • Sofie Liv

      Their called the moomins 😉

      And yeah that’s nice, this particular cartoon which is the incarnation I grew up with was actually animated by a japanese production company, so in a way you could call it the first anime to ever reach europe. There are seveal different interpretations of the moomins though, including a polish stop motion series and a finish series where it’s people in full body suits. 

      Well.. that’s the problem right there.

      A lot of the American attitude tends to be sort of.. arrogant. “We are the bigger better country screw you Europe.” and then doesn’t acknowledge most of our existence.. then American also often go ahead with an attitude. “Look at our television! We are the free people, we dare do stuff, we are so open minded, really we are!” and in comparison it’s just not true as there’s a lot of stuff US obviously doesn’t dare do with their tely that we do without problems.

      And it doesn’t just stop with entertainment. Also when it comes to goverment and leadership, sciense, religion and the people. We in europe constantly have to hear speeches about. “How we in america are better than you guys.” on the same time as witness so much stuff that seems baffling and ludicrus from our out-side perspective.

      Much often it feels like American the country (not the people i know you are a big folk and most americans I have actually talked to are awesome.) Seems to have it all in the mouth but lack the action and reality that is supposed to make the country so darn great.

  • danbreunig

    Wow, what to say, what to say…..

    First of all, this was quite a huge treat, Sofie.  A top ten video, two-parter, a whopping 45 minutes (and all without a single crossover or cameo anywhere!), truly deep, analytical, fun–just like your reviews when you first came on board here–quite a bit of nostalgia for me, just like these shows were for you.

    Of course, I’ve known or at least heard of all the shows mentioned here (even the European ones), and yet never got into watching them myself.  Maybe I would have, had I known beforehand what twisted and mature aspects they had. 

    Just like everyone else here, I had a pretty cool Grandma–but her TV had the same channels as in my house, so no “I can’t wait to go to Grandma’s and watch all the cool shows I’m missing!” experience for me.  So all the shows/cartoons I saw were the current network fare, or reruns of older shows on a couple auxiliary channels we had if they came in clear.  (I didn’t get to watch actual decent cable shows until the 90s.)  My brother’s friend had some quality cable channels, so we would occasionally get stuff from him–but nothing animation-wise.

    So for whatever scary cartoon stuff there was, it seems my scariest moments were from movies and shows more than actual cartoon series–including one simple production logo that literally gave me nightmares since age 3 until my teens.  If the shows I watched disturbed me, it wasn’t because of intense traumatizing moments so much as (too much) drama, or “serious” moments suddenly thrust into otherwise “fun” action/adventure series, like the later-day Filmation or Sunbow shows, or imports (mostly Japanese) which were rare. 

    Speaking of imports, I noticed a similarity between one of your shows and mine that has the same quality or aspect to it.  I never properly saw Animals of Farthing Wood except in clips, but you made a point that they weren’t sugar-coating the harsh realities of life from kids by showing well-loved and mostly innocent characters intensely dying on camera.  I never got into most Japanese anime myself, with one huge exception: Gatchaman.  The biggest continual theme running through that series was the real nature of War itself.  The heroes nearly always won, the villains mostly lost, but *everyone* got killed, especially whole cities worth of innocent bystanders.  And whereas U.S. adventure toons would at most show a guy getting punched, that series would show that same guy getting punched, then neck snapped, then blood spurt from the mouth, then corpse dropped.  It was definitely rousing exciting cheer-them-on action and adventure, but they never glamorized what really happens when whole forces of people fight.  And as proof of how we tend to water down such elements in said imports, the American version was the famous toned down and translated series Battle of the Planets (also called G-Force)–but even that was loaded with action and drama, just without the intensity and blood.  Both versions are still my favorite anime.

    It’s also unique how many of your imports come from us as opposed to elsewhere in the world.  Here, we may occasionally get something from Canada or Mexico, but in the last decade or so nearly everything we get overseas is from Japan or England–and just Britain itself, not from non-English-speaking European countries.  And the most intense imported cartoon moments I remember were in fact from directly across the pond.  I never knew there was a whole Watership Down series before your video (really–now I want to see it!), but even without you saying anything I knew what was involved, because I saw the U.K. movie version on TV when I was really little and the one detail I remember most was the final struggle between Bigwig and Woundwort, complete with come-ons and streams of blood running down their faces.  That was my first exposure I think to a kid’s cartoon movie with talking animals that wasn’t meant to be cute or funny–and I learned straight from that “yeah, these things happen to rabbits”. 

    So it seems that the creepiest kids’ fare need to be non-English.  I first learned of the Moomins maybe a year or two ago, and even then I had no real clear concept of who the Groke was (I also first thought they were Finnish, for some reason).  Then you made this video, and…I never knew I was missing out on something so damn creepy for a kid’s show.  As soon as you said “Moomins”, I thought “Yes, bring on the Groke!  I wanna see what she’s really like”.  She’s so much deeper a character than I’ve ever got to learn beforehand.  Almost like a mix of Frankenstein’s monster (emotionally fragile, secretly lovable, innocent but unaware of its own deadliness) and Rogue (“stay away from her or you’re instantly fucking dead”).  So she can be influenced, then, with some careful sweet-talk?  In that case, I’d be quite the dead man if she came my way.

    Ultimately, all this intensity in the non-U.S. shows apparently prepare kids for the harshness that comes in life, so they’re better prepared mentally and emotionally when they come.  Now there’s an advantage the European kids have over the U.S. kids!  (You’re not ashamed of us, are you Sofie…?)

    Lastly, about the actual video itself–
    I had one of Sursam’s “squeeee!!” moments as soon as I heard the Phantasm theme at the beginning.  I waited for so long for someone on this site to at least make a reference to my all-time favorite horror film (and no less by one of my favorite Boothers).  And a little side note–I was the one who requested the review for The Black Hole, and it was a toss-up between that and Phantasm (love them both).  Looking back I would’ve picked the other instead, just because I can picture how the review would’ve been: a featured cameo with Mister Mendo anxiously looking around, creeping cautiously around the house, watching the shadows, ever fearing an encounter with the quiet, squinty, stealthy, ever-present, omnipotent, black-dressed image of that sinister entity The Blonde Dane…

    Also loved that final shock-and-awe face you pulled at the end (where did you get that live-action clip of the Groke?)–maybe a new trademark reaction for more videos?  Looks like a nice town you live in, by the way.

    Wow–this may be my longest post here yet.  Sorry if I bored you or got sidetracked along the way, my mind’s just so filled up with all this…

    I’m gonna heed your example and grab myself some Zinfandel now…..

    • Sofie Liv

      No no, it’s very cool you enjoyed the video enough to even write such a long comment!

      …. what do you mean. “Just like when you first came un-board.” does it feel like I have been slacking off or some-thing like that?
      Well, i’ve been busy in these winther months and now have a breath room (for how-ever long.) but I don’t think I actually ever stopped.. did I? This video is quite long though yes, and I didn’t intend for it to be so long. But what do ya know, top ten lists, they will do that to you :/

      In my house, it was just the two channels, so it was every saturday and sunday morning I just had to watch my cartoons X)
      Oh I just remember! one of the channels had a “childrens hour.” at five o’clock on all ordinary week days where there also some-times would be some cartoons, life sure was good and simple back then.

      Well.. it would be a bit hard to import cartoons with danish dub you know.. so it would often be American cartoons, and the ones that had all-ready been proven popular in America.
      And the anime that would be imported would also always be stuff that had all-ready been imported to the US and had been a success there for a while.. so it would more be the US version of a show we bought and then dub the dub.. if that makes sense.

      The moomins are Finnish, it’s an old Finnish comic book which had several adaptations around europe such as an Polish stop motion series and a finish life actions series where it was people in full costumes playing the characters. So that’s very correct.
      And yeah the Groke, an surprisingly complex character, moomins all in all is actually a very philosophical show with a lot of high concept ideas in it.

      Phantasm is an awesome movie, love the directoral style and well of cause, the soundtrack, the way I would describe that movie is.. weird and wonderful, surreal in the good sense of the word. Though what helped for this video is that I actually have a sountrack collection called. “The ultimate horror soundtrack collection.” on my computer, which is an awesome four disc CD-set each CD having music from its own time period.. how-ever. “Bellas Lullaby.” is also on there.. I don’t know what the hell is up with that. Oh and. “Bad to the bone.” from Terminator, which as awesome a musice piece at it is.. I wouldn’t quite categorise as horror.

      The life action clip of the Groke is from a Finnish fan-trailer adaptation, you can find it on youtube if you just search for. “The Groke.” in the search bar.. and I still maintain it could be a really scary monster movie if you decided to base the monster on her.

  • MephLord

    Sofie I think you should do an entire episode on Teen Titans.  I just rewatched “Date With Destiny” and forgot just how funny the series can be.  Even a top ten Starfire moments episode would rule (loved the line “THEY ARE NOT FIGHTING OVER YOU!!!”).  Truly an underrated classic with a still catchy and enjoyable theme song (like both the English and Japanese versions of the song).

    • Sofie Liv

       Maybe one day I talk more about teen Titans, because yes! I also feel the show is a bit overlooked and deserve a lot of recognision.

      It’s both a lot of fun and very dramatic. All five main characters very interesting and multi dimenesional, both girls of the show being very interesting in their own right, which is awesome, all five characters are. I must admit though, I am more of a Raven fan than a star fire fan, so if I should dig into any of the girls, it would be Raven.

      • MephLord

        Since you a Raven fan, then the Trigon season and especially “The End” must be such a poignant point of the show for you.  Slade in season one, Terra in season two, Brother Blood in season three, Trigon (that three parter I still shake my head at how they pulled that epic off) in season four, then the Doom Patrol and Brotherhood of Evil in season five, with the most epic final fight I think I’ve ever seen in a series finale.  Titans Together, Avengers Assemble, Makluan Invasion Part 2, Foresight Part 3 and Destroyer…five impressive ways to end series however bittersweet they are. 

        • Sofie Liv

          I would call season three the weakest season with the weakest over-all story arch and main villain. But still pretty good with some good stand alone episodes.

          I must admit I am a bit in love with season five out of all of them because I really like how they dug into beast boy here and how he got to have a little heroes journey, being sepperated from the team thus has to stand up as a leader for a new team. (even if only for a short amount of time.) That really showed what he was cappable of when needed, only when stuck with his group he naturally falls into the part of comic relief because.. what’s the point of doing any-thing else when youa aren’t going to be as strong as the rest? Kind of like Mikey in the new ninja turtles show, which is kind of ironic as it’s the same voice actor.
          Also loved to see the dooms day patrol in action, now that’s a team I would like to see a movie about! .. yeah.. if I should pick a favourite Titan out of that show. (Even though all of them are really good characters and very varied and dynamic.) Beast Boy would get my vote, he’s so adorable.

          The Trigon three parter was of cause, exstremely epic and I loved it a lot, also a cool Raven season where we dwelled into her persona and agendas. It’s like each season picked a titan to focus on. Season 1; Robin Season 2; Beast boy season 3; Cyborg season 4; Raven and season 5… Beast boy again actually.. daww, Star never got her own season. Oh well, can’t have every-thing I suppose, and I liked season 2 and 4 just as they were ^^

          • MephLord

            I don’t think there is a single weak season of Teen Titans, but overall season three was the “most comedic” of the five seasons, but I did like the HIVE Academy and the overall arch of the season.  It’s sad that Starfire never had her own season arch nemesis, her only proper rogues were Blackfire (a character I actually really like) and Killer Moth.  She is one of the most powerful of the DCU characters and is on par with Ms Marvel, so why she doesn’t get better treatment makes me want to troll DC. 

            I also really loved the Trigon three parter, and Raven is such a tragic character.  It’s easy to relate to her, that if she ever let her emotions go the Universe would suffer, in the same model as Jean Grey and Scarlet Witch….wait all three characters are women that can put men in their place…oh damn that is scary! 

            Raven by herself would make a great lead in to a Teen Titans movie, and Robin being the second movie for a three parter.  Teen Titans and West Coast Avengers I cry that I will never see those great movies…

          • The_Stig

            Evil Beware. They have waffles.

            I always preferred Raven to Starfire, smoking hot though she was but goth chicks rule.

          • Jay_Bay

            TEAM RAVEN FTW!!!

  • Elizabethspectrum

     I think the #1 choice in terms of true horror can be compered to the Delek’s from Dr. Who (except that The Groke is not evil while the Delek’s are, but I digress), because to anyone that has never seen any episodes of Dr. Who the Delek’s would not seem intimidating because they look like weird robot trashcans, but to a Dr. Who fan the Delek’s are a force to be reckoned with. 

    • Sofie Liv

       All though I do see a slight difference in design.

      out-siders seeing a picture of the Groke for the very first time are likely to go. “Wtf is that? that looks creepy!”
      While the genneral response to Daleks from out-siders is. “Wtf is that? pfff, it looks silly, am I supposed to be scared of that?” in to which all the Whovians just frightenly nods and says. “Yes.. you ought to.”

      But I suppose the Groke is more scary for the people whom grew up with her, yeah.

  • Jake Zender

    my batman episode as growning pains it never left me it was just sad and weird andnever ever left why batman why must you scar us with your amazing show

    • Sofie Liv

      He must scar us… cause that is what makes that show so amazing! 😀

      … Penance to Dream.. brr.. Tragedy of Clay-face… Two-face…. thanks show.. thank you for all of my nightmares. 

      • MephLord

        Do you think if Batman and Wolverine swapped rogues (so Joker, Riddler, Two-Face and Catwoman were in Wolverine’s universe and Batman got Sabretooth, Silver Samurai, Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike) that both characters universes would be pretty different, since both characters are very different from how they deal with their enemies?  Also, since Wolverine doesn’t really defend a city he’s free to travel whereas Batman is known as Gotham’s protector even though he also travels quite a bit but is tied to a particular city.  I think the two characters are fascinating opposites in some regards but similar in ways as well (Wolverine was messed up by his government and doesn’t trust authority, Batman was messed up by a random act of violence and doesn’t trust human nature).  Bruce and Batman act like different people while Wolverine is the same in and out of costume.  Both harbour extreme anger but channel it in different ways.  Wolverine is a trained killer and killing doesn’t bother him while Batman does not ever kill or even use a gun.

        • Sofie Liv

           That would be extremely weird and nonesensible since the Batman rouge gallery were created to suite the batman character pr design.
          And the wolverine roug gallery were desiged to suite the wolverine and x-men univers, which is much different from the univers of Gotham city.

          And even so far now, I will go as far as saying that the bats rouge gallery IS batman, they are just as big a part of him as his cape and cowl is, and he wouldn’t be Batman without this specific rouge gallery of the Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler, the Scarecrow ext. Same way Wolverine wouldn’t be wolverine without his convoluted, tragic, forgotten, mostly kept in shadows past.. and claws.

  • groupthinker1984

    If I recall correctly, I’m at least ten years older than you. I know the first time I saw that Power Puff girls episode you mentioned I was in my early twenties (What!?! It was a good show!) and speed demon managed to creep ME out a bit. I chalk it up to just being so out of left field. For me it was really only the moment when they first see their teacher.

    • Sofie Liv

      Don’t worry about it, i’m in my twenties and I just got hooked on the new teenage mutant ninja turtles show, I highly enjoy it, and the new shredder actually scared me a bit, he had an absolute brilliant introduction ^^

      Pff, why should you stop watching cartoons and stop being emotionally engaged in them just because you are older? as any-thing else, cartoons are a true artform capable of so much in the right hands 🙂 

      • groupthinker1984

        Oh I love the new Turtles. They got it just right this time. The 87 Turtles are too goofball for anyone but kids from that time period and adults who were kids then who have really thick nostalgia goggles. The 03′ Turtles were too serious for the whole concept for someone like me who grew up with the 87 Turtles. 

        But the 2012 Turtles are great fun in a way that seems to be designed for a new generation of Turtle fans and their parents who probably grew up with the 87 Turtles. Its has that ingenious Disney/Pixar balance to the humor. 

        • Sofie Liv

           Well as I have been lead to understand, the 87 show was the best thing on at the time and actually pushed the boundaries a bit for morning cartoons, also the cartoon show at the time that had most fun with itself… at the time, it’s very much dated now and hasn’t aged well.

          It’s hard to blame the 2003 show for being what it is, it came out only three year after the eighties show had ended and the turtle craze still wasn’t that old, so they needed to be compleately different so they wouldn’t just be a rip-off.
          What they decided to do was looking at the original source material, the Mira comics, and tried to stay as close to the Mira comics as possible while still being their own television show and recognisable for an audience of the older television turtles.. and in that regard they did succeed.
          The Mira comics were a darker more ‘edgy’ comic, and they adopted several plot points and characters archs from there, based characters like April and Casey on the Mira comics, changed splinter to fit the Mira comics all of the show, owes a lot the the Mira comics and pays way more tribute to them that any other turtle interpretation.
          It did take itself to seriously though yeah, and it could have been better, it’s not bad, but it could have been better.

          Then the new 2012 show is now coming out so much later it doesn’t have to worry about being to close to the eighties shows in fact… it is being made and written by people whom grew up with the eigthies shows and are fan of it! so this new show honestly wants to be a tribute to the eighties show as in this time periode, those are old enough to be considered the classics.

          Also yeah.. it really feels like the first show to probably hit that core between drama and comedy since Teen Titans. Some other shows might have tried, but none of them has hit the sweet spot to the same degree. I’ll always say.. characters people, just have strong characters. If you can let them loose on a scene and their mere interaction is fun, then you got some-thing. (ahem, my little pony fim.)

          And I honestly feel like all character changes they have made to the turtles here are improvements, making them be very more sepperate and unqiue characters in their own right which makes their encounters much more dynamic and vibrant. Again also cool how every single turtle had at least two solo episodes new focusing on that turtles problem and character development with a lesson in it, so all-ready these turtles has been more fleshed out than in any other incarnation I can think of.

          • groupthinker1984

            I hadn’t thought about the timing. Didn’t realize the 87 Turtles hung on for that long. 

      • And I can testify to your love of the show because it got me into the show too and I’m in my twenties too. I wasn’t even into the original TMNT but being a cartoon fan made me appreciate what great people they’ve got boosting the appeal of it for me and now, I love it! Those 12 episodes went by so fast! New one coming soon though so I’m not fussed 🙂

        Also Jeffrey, I know guys who like PPG even more as adults than they did when they were kids since there were many easter eggs in the show for the older crowd. Meet the Beat-Alls is…well if you still don’t know what they reference by the end of that episode, go see a doctor!

        • groupthinker1984

          I know, I know. I don’t normally feel the need to apologize for watching cartoons as an adult but if I told someone who hasn’t actually seen the show that I like to watch a cartoon about five year old girl superheroes, I’m always a little worried what they’ll make of that. 

          I guess I can relate to the Bronies that way which is appropriate since one of the PPG writers is responsible for making My Little Pony into a show that adult men can freely admit enjoying. 

          • Sofie Liv

             Well people who thinks like that are just compleating missing the point of the show, clearly they havn’t seen it and don’t know that the very joke and core of the show is to take the three most unlikely cutesy heroes and have them face off against all these grotesqe villains whilst there’s honestly no holding back in blood, flying teethes, ugly mutations and crude humour. Like Dexters Lab it’s a surprisingly adult show living on this weird humour, it almost feels like those are shows more made for adults than children and thus adults have another level of enjoyment.

            Which makes my little pony the wierd one, cause that one IS created for eight year old girls and no-body else. I think there goes several factors into why it has become so succesful.. the strongest ensemble cast of female leads I have ever seen in my life, I can’t even compare them to another female ensemble cause they are just better.
            Genuinly funny humour, which is funny without needing to be crude or grotesque like the powerpuff girls.
            And I think the “Disney.” “Muppet.” factor plays in here.. it’s genuinly innocent, and living in a modern world where new comedy feels the need to always be crude or socially commenting.. it’s so weirdly refreshing and relaxing to have a brigh colourful show that just is.. and is genuinly so funny just by being itself, extremely pleasent company whom doesn’t treat you like an idiot and doesn’t make you feel like you should comment on this.
            So yeah… and yes I watch the show I enjoy it -_-;

          • groupthinker1984

            I’ve been craving that very thing lately. Comedy that makes me laugh without also reminding me about all the stuff in my real life that sucks. The 2012 Turtles delivers on that as well.

            Its hard to get away from that when you’re watching stand up because your own anxieties can be such good fodder for stand up material. Its like Dilbert. Reading a strip or three a day makes me laugh but if I sit and read 50 or a 100 strips from his archive, the cynicism of it drags me down. 

  • I can’t believe you didn’t bring up how Slade’s mask spores were activated outside the Tower, that would have been a creepier note to end on, but still loved the vids, and you have a beautiful taste in cartoons

    • Sofie Liv

      Well we don’t want to give to many spoilers to people whom potentially will search out the series or episode now do we? 😉

      Thanks! glad you enjoyed it! 

  • James M. Fabiano

    Did you see the newest TMNT?  The Rat King was REALLY scary!

    • Sofie Liv

       i absolutely LOVED that episode, and the design of the ratking, I can honestly say the first thing I did after watching the episode was tweeting that I want them to release an action figure of the rat king now. I need an action figure of the rat king!

      • James M. Fabiano

        Yes, and did you catch onto the appropriateness of Jeffrey Combs playing this character, and what it seemed to be a callback to? 

        Great show so far…it’s interesting to get this from a perspective of someone who grew up in the 90s and 2000s, as opposed to, say, the Nostalgia Critic’s take on this subject, which of course dealed mostly with the 80s.

        • Sofie Liv

           Urh Combs has done a lot of sci-fi stuff and has played telepaths before? Okay I admit it! I had to look up on wikipedia whom the guy was!

          And yes, yes it is quite interesting, me being on the out-side first now truly getting to understand the turtles.. i have this thing about franchises you see.. I find one I find sort of interesting, I start re-searching it, and some-how I can’t stop.
          I researched for my ninja turtles video. Watched episodes from both the eighties and 2k3 show made the video.. And now I can’t stop! now i’ve re-watched almost all of the 2k3 show, seen much more episodes of the 80’s show, saw the original movie and have read issues of the original mirage comic.. damn my own compulsion I can’t stop myself! this has happened before with other franchises…

          people whom grew up with the eighties show really seem to be very protective of it.. so much so that they have stated out-right hate towards. “Turtles for-ever.” to which I can only say… are you bloody kidding me?

          I mean seriously! this was a seasons finale, created.. not for the eighties show.. but the 2k3 show.. and they chose to make that a homage to the turtle legacy! making it the biggest fan boy wet-dream ever. And even was damn respectful of it.
          The character designs of the old shows were not just new designs based on the old.. they WERE the old designs brought to life ones more, the detail, the love.. the fact that this even happened. Why the hell is any-one complaining?
          Number one complain. “But they make our turtles look like morons whom takes nothing serious beside the more serious turtles.” ….. have you watched your own show recently? These were pitch perfect representations of those turtles! they DID act like that. And they even got to safe the day to a couple of times in that special.

          Now having gone through ALL of this material.. original comics, the old movie, eighties show 2k3 show and the newest. My point from my video still stands.. I like the 2012 show the best! I honestly find it to be the best thing to come out from the turtles.. that’s not to say the rest is without merits.. it isn’t.. but this just is better and hits just the right mark.
          The great characters, the good humour the incredible smart build up.

          I mean dude.. introduction of Shredder! they took, and entire episode building up a falls sense of security in the turtles AND the audience.. very much on purpose. Because, as we felt so secure and triumphed, the moment the Shredder came and beat the shit out of all four turtles, the down-fall felt so much greater and so much scarier. That is bloody brilliant.

          They have spend a good deal of time just setting up the show and univers at this point, merely introducing new characters.. first now has things slowly started to pay off.. slowly. Because we are not even there yet. This show has only been out for 13 seasons, it’s on my list of top ten favourite cartoon shows of all time.. yep I find it that bloody good. That’s why I dug so deep into the turtle craze now, I can’t stop myself ^^

          …… same thing I can’t stop myself from writing these extreme long fan rambling comments… -_-;

          News flash to the world.. geek women are real.. or at least I hope so, otherwise I could end up in a serious identity crisis…

          • MichaelANovelli

            It wasn’t that Turtles Forever made the 80’s turtles look silly, it’s that the people who made the special held the audience down and bludgeoned us to death with, “Our version of the Turtles is WAY better than the original and you were wrong for ever liking them!”

          • Sofie Liv

             It was the series finally to the 2k3 show, that they even as much as decided to bring the 80’s turtle back should be considered a treat.

            And I didn’t think they did.. I honestly don’t know how they could have written it different. The 80’s turtle were silly, and the 2k3 turtles had been active for seven years where they had faced off to some pretty grim stuff, taken themselves extremely seriously (a bit to seriously.) for all that time, and saved the universe multiple times. So I have no idea what any-one would want from it.

          • MichaelANovelli

            That’s probably what killed it, right there; the whole thing comes off as a scenario where they HAD to bring the 80’s Turtles back, rather than them actually wanting to.  If I remember correctly, the people who made the 2003 version never hid the fact that they outright hated the original, and the comparison between the two iterations came off as more than a little spiteful…

          • Sofie Liv

            Are you kidding me? so much care and attention were put into making it an exact replica of the old 80’s turtles.

            again, these weren’t just re-designs of the old figures.. these were the actual original character sheet-designs getting used again. They had to pay money to be allowed to use those sheets and pull them out of the archieves in Japan.
            In the one big scene where the Shredder does that whole swirly around the turtles things.. it has pictures of every single turtle intpretation ever made! even the obscure ones such as claymaition shorts or comic spin-off.
            Not to mention turtle prime they land in, which is a perfect replica of the original Mirage first issue of the turtles.

            They did not have to go through all of this bother! they could have made an TV movie with an original story only featuring the 2k3 turtles and it would have been considered a treat.
            But they deliberately elected to make it the biggest fan-boys wet dream ever.. because they wanted to.

            I don’t know where you got it from that the people making the 2k3 turtles show ‘hated’ the 80’s one.. perhaps some did, but there’s also lots of lovingly references in it.

            Like it or not, the 80’s show was incredibly silly and not always that competent nor consistent. And if any-thing shit all over legacy and source material. It’s that show, it wanted nothing to do with it’s mirage comic book counterpart, and the reasoning. “It shit all over source material.” is even valid.

            the 2k3 show how-ever, was deeply respectful towards the original Mirage comic book. Characters were re-written to be like their mirage counterpart, stories were pulled directly out of the comics, dialouge were pulled directly out of the comics to the screen. And still there was a loving nodge to the 80’s show put here and there. The people whom made that show, might not have been perfect.. but they god damn knew their source material down to the seams!

            And the Mirage comics were darker, grittier and took themselves very seriously, some-times to serious.. so the 2k3 show pretty much went as far as it could go to re-capture the tone of the mirage comics, without being taken off the air for graphic violence.

            I just cannot believe, that some-thing so unbelivable happens to the turtles fans.. the turtles brought back to life, them spending their big movie introducing the viewers of the 2k3 show to the legacy of the turtles. (which is any creators stamp of love to a franchise, it’s them saying.. kids, go watch this now.)
            It shouldn’t have happened.. no one could have imagine it happen. And then it did happen.. and the fans are angry about it? Even if it was shit (which it isn’t.) You still aren’t just a little bit awed? no.. just angry..

            What the hell is the point of being a geeky fan if you can’t be happy when they finally treat you.. with some-thing that has been dead for twenty years.

          • MichaelANovelli

            I don’t care if the 2003 version was closer to the original comics, the original comics sucked.

            I know the 1987 Turtles weren’t perfect (believe me, I saw most of it when it was new), but that was what got most people into the franchise.  Hell, without it there would have been no 2003 version, so you’d think the makers of that one could have shown some gratitude.  Personally, I will never buy the idea that Turtles Forever was made out of love.  The whole thing just feels like it was mandated by the higher-ups.

            And, to answer your final question with a question, what’s the point of being on the internet if you can’t hate something just for existing?  😉

          • Sofie Liv

             No they wouldn’t, but neither is it a bad show. And the turtles forever movie is a loving testimony to its legacy and a big. “thank you.” and “love you.” letter to the eighties show as well as the Mirage comics.

            There was put so much afford into making it just right.
            Yeah there was a few scenes where the 80’s turtles suddenly started fooling around which might was a little bit miss-placed, I believe they were there in a attempt to have comedy. Same way as they used to utilize Mikey. which yeah, I can see some-one being a little annoyed by, but when every-thing else is so good, looks so good, is so respectful.

            So much love and care went into it, nothing was half-assed, so much respect.

            To me it seems like there just is this tiny little thing, which I can see, but it’s so tiny, pissing so many people off. I am a nitpicker myself, but come on. 

            I just don’t get why any-one would be so angry and so dismissive of some-thing so miracoulus. It honestly blows my mind.

            Did I get annoyed when the Doctor in doctor who suddenly out of no-where acted OC not caring for the human race? sure.. was that my reason to hate that episode.. no. Cause the rest had merits to.

          • MichaelANovelli

            Sofie, dear Sofie, whenever you try to make a point to me, you keep referencing Doctor Who, and I never have any idea what you’re talking about, you silly goose!

          • Sofie Liv

             Michael my point was I have fandoms I highly enjoy that are brought back, none of the brought backs are flawless, but I don’t hate them for it, on the other hand I love that they were brought back at all, especially when there’s love and caring involved.

            Perfect is a loose concept, it does not exist. and hiccups happens, but when some-thing is treated with so much caring, have a little hiccup, I am not going to hate the entire project for it, no matter what it is.

            Whether it’s potter related, lord of the rings related, doctor who related, batman related or what-ever.

          • James M. Fabiano

             Jeffrey Combs was the Scarecrow on B:TAS when they switched to the WB, and the redesign of the character looked almost identical to the 2013 Rat King.

          • Sofie Liv

            Ah… though honestly when I see this rat-king design i don’t really think. “Scarecrow.” as much as I think. “The Phantom of the opera.” really… But well that’s some-thing I know i’m going to buy when I get to England this summer, a Rat-king action figure <_<

            I also kind of want one of Splinter.

            Heh, I always pick up some kind of action figure when I am in England, last time I picked up the eleventh doctor and a plushie of Kermit the Frog ^^

          • James M. Fabiano

            Ah, but you might think of THIS Scarecrow:


            And come to the states, I’d love to take you out shopping for action figures!

          • Sofie Liv

             No.. still just the phantom of the opera, he got the traditionel out-fitt with robe and hat and every-thing. Also

            And I also think it so comes down to that hat and long cape-like robe. That’s a phantom of the opera hat and a phantom of the opera robe, swirl it a bit around and use it as a cape and you are there man.

          • James M. Fabiano

            Ah I see.  I still think, since Andrea Romano casted both shows, it can’t be a coincidence. 

            Now, how about our action figure buying date, hmmmmmm? 😉

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Weyoun and Brunt were the Scarecrow? Damn, this guy is changable.

  • GREAT LIST!! Damn…I MEAN DAMN. I really enjoyed hearing about the European ones that I had never experienced as a child. The Grugg, especially, taps into a fear I definitely have.

    Have you ever seen that Super Man in High School show, “Smallville”? I didn’t catch all of the episode but they had a villain on there similar to the Grugg. He just wanted to get warm but everything he touched froze instantly. Definitely creeped me out.

    Also, how old are you? There were a few things on there that I saw as a teen/tween, so you may be a bit younger than I thought you were. The Teen Titans episode especially, although I still found it super creepy non-the-less. (And I think it gave my sister literal nightmares.)

    • Sofie Liv

      Thanks 🙂

      yeah, the Groke really did a number on us European kids, and yet those who stuck around ended up growing sort of fond of her, cause even though she is initially so very scary, she ends up becoming very sympathetic.
      … I don’t know if I have ever seen that episode. Maybe I did and then forgot all about it, cause I have seen a lot of Smallville.. but honestly, forgot most of it around now.

      I’m 23. So i’m not.. that young. I on the other hand never really stopped watching morning cartoons, to this day, I am still watching them!
      Currently stuff as “phineas and ferb.” “My little pony FIM” “Young Jusice.” “Green Lantern.” and “Teenage mutant ninja turtles.” genuinly is on my watch list, is stuff I watch as they get released, and I highly enjoy it all so erhm.. hehe. X)

  • MephLord

    Am I the only one that wants Mendo and Sofie to have a live Skype debate with each other about any issue that they feel strongly about?  Or maybe if the technology is there an Agony Booth Roundtable where each individual can chime in?  ABR featuring Mendo, Sofia and maybe one of two special guests…I’d listen even if it ends up being three hours long since Mendo and Sofie have long-winded answers and we all know Tedesco and Renegado can be good for a debate along with Questions.  Porn Critic is probably still doing the macarena and Ursa still rolls her eyes at how silly this site has gotten but she still smirks so she doesn’t totally disapprove of it.

    • Sofie Liv

       See if you can some-how find a way to sponsor a plane ticket to me to Magfest 2014, we’ll record it life.

      • MephLord

        2014?  I still won’t have a passport by the time that rolls around.

        • Sofie Liv

          Who said you needed a plane ticket? just me. Then I and Mendo can record that video which you speak of, with us actually sitting next to each other.

          • MichaelANovelli

            I like where this is going.  😉

          • MephLord

            You might not like the ending.  The US Military might pay for people to travel to remote places, but that doesn’t work for most…

          • MichaelANovelli

            Emphasis on “most”, my friend…

          • Sofie Liv

             On the other hand I am an adorable scandinavian blond with a great smile!

          • MichaelANovelli

            Bring it on!

          • The_Stig

            You make your Viking ancestors proud with your…..adorableness.

  • I actually like the Groke, yes she was frightening at first, but she grow on me.. along with the The Hattifatteners. Like you I really want to hug her, but.. well I don’t want to die O.O;

    But one could just follow her and talk to her 😉

    Anyway I saw some of the animal shows too, but I don’t recall that much about them… Something about a silver deer and poisoness water.. hmm.. Good review anyway, keep it up 😉 

    • Sofie Liv

       Yeah, she is multi dimensional, which is what makes her so compelling and memorable, yet her initial introduction.. wauw that was scary oO; as well with the hattifatteners.
      The Moomins were all around a very philosphical show, which is kind of cool when you look back at them.

      It was a white deer.. and he died.. by being beaten in combat by another deer.. after he had drunken the poisonus water which humans of cause was behind. jeepers that show :/
      … yeah this is how you make an enviromental show..

      Good to hear from Denmark! hope you’ll stick around!

      • Yes they were! 😀

        oh he did? Good, I can kinda remember him being a jerk to the other animals and not letting them drink from his creek when they got poisoned.

        • Sofie Liv

           Well there was this first white deer, whom was the king of the forest and were very kind.
          But then there was this really really mean other white deer whom wanted his place and eventually challenged him to a duel, then the younger mean deer killed the older wise deer in duel, only to die himself later from the poison.


  • James M. Fabiano

    Did you notice that, although he hasn’t done anything to him (yet), Shredder has been making references to the kinds of abuses that happened to Baxter in 2003 on the current series?

    • Sofie Liv

      he has sort of threatened every single one of his hench-men including his daughter all-ready…

      So well, no one is safe from this Shredder, there was a moment it looked like he was just about to hit Karai or some-thing.. cheerful dad.

      But honestly, to take a guess this new Stockman will walk much more in the foot-steps of eighties stockman.

      He kind of have the same, more akward little scentist, theme going on. He is finding himself way over his head very quick, things just escalates around him so quick and he is all-ready trapped.

      Poor guy, to think it all only started with him making a minor break-in in a garage and then got frown into the trash-can. To now being the unwilling slave of a guy whom is going to kill ya if you don’t do his bidding? Seems that no matter what incarnation we are in, it sucks to be baxter stockman!

      And yeah, that this new one eventually turns into the flie… it seems likely.. poor sod.

      • James M. Fabiano

        Yes, but it seems like his two threats to Baxter in particular reference the 2003 version (aiming a blade towards his eye, and threatening that he’d be the one not to walk)

        I doubt it will ever get to that too, this is more kiddie-oriented, despite the scary mutants.

        So the new Baxter becomes a fly too? Seen any spoilers of that? I kind of like his homage to Superman III Richard Pryor as it is.

        • Sofie Liv

          Oh I don’t know if he becomes the fly! I just say that I find it very very likely.

          The only two mutants I actually know will appear eventually is this sort of toad mutant and a cockreach mutant. The reason why I know of those, is because they are releasing action figures of them!

          Well, yeah.. this is a kids show, but I would absolutely not call it dumb, weak or childish because of it.

          It’s sort of childish when it needs to be childish and it takes itself serious when it needs to be serious. It’s highly unlikely any-body is going to actually die in this show, that didn’t happen in the 2k3 show either… people seemingly died but they were always brought back.

          Heh.. I can only imagine peoples reactions back in 2003 where Leo walked into battle and chopped Shredders head off!

          Yeah Shredder came back, but the point is, that in that moment in time, we didn’t know that! the audience didn’t know that, Leo didn’t know that! for all we knew, Leo had just decapitated a human being! oO; …. and that’s as far as I think any kid show has ever gone.

          I hope this new Stockman wont loose any body parts, we have all-ready driven that to its exstreme ones, and it doesn’t seem to fit the tone of the series.

          How-ever, that he some-how mutates at some point, seems very very likely. And I would like to see him act out as his own agent at some point, what I would really like for them to do is to exspand on the final line the 80’s Stockman has, I really hope so.

          Check it out, in the last appearence of stockman in the 80’s show, the turtles asks him. “Why are you even doing this? why are you after us?”

          And Stockman responded. “I forgot.” where-after the turtles hurled him into another dimension and we never saw him again.

          That one little line.. I think is way more powerful than what they were going for, and I could easily see this show going in the exact same direction.

          So Stockman is angry at the turtles, why? they stuffed him in the trash-can!

          In hinsight, it seems so meaningless, and every-thing else has grown so fast around Stockman, it would only feel natural that he forgets why exactly he hates the turtles, and for them to build on that, I sure hope they do that!

          This Stockman also seems some-what redeemable as a character, the 2k3 Stockman didn’t.. he was just constantly beaten further into the ground, hit the basement and yet some-how found a way to fall even deeper :/

          What I honestly really really like about this new 2012 show, is that it takes ideas, good idea, all-ready introduced in the eighties show, and brings them further to the next logical step, the step you just didn’t take in the eighties, but here they do.

          They dwell into what Splitner feels being turned into a rat and all, they dwell on and points out what a horrifying substance the ooze is, they point to Shredders obsession and how maddening it is, they take that extra step with the all-ready existing ideas, and explore them further, which I appreciate, on the same time as having a lot of fun with itself.

          As you can probably tell, I am deeply in love with that show, it’s the best cartoon show I have seen come out in a very looooong while, I can’t wait to see where it goes next, I want the t-phone ring-tone on my phone and I want a rat-king action figure!

          Be careful about asking me more question, cause I will respond, as I love discussing every-thing I like, and this show, I like X)

  • Poman

    How about Ren’s mental breakdown from Ren and Stimpy show?.. It’s quite creepy.

    • Sofie Liv

      I have never seen as much as one single episode from Ren and Stimpy as that was not a show syndicated in Denmark, that’s why I don’t even as much as mentions it. but yeah, that does look freaky…

      • Muthsarah

        While that was a fun clip, it doesn’t give you the full essence of this genuinely weird show. Here’s the best episode: SPACE MADNESS!!! Only eight minutes, it’s totally worth checking out.

        Also the first episode I saw. First time I’d ever seen anything like it. It still cracks me up.

  • eb

    Oh, I miss the animals of Farthing woods (Flukten fra Dyreskogen here in Norway). I wish we could get it on dvd in Norwegian. I have found it in english, but it’s not the same. But not only the roadkills. How about the tail of the snake getting ripped off by one of the silver foxes with lots of blood, and the birds impaling mice on thorns?

    • eb

      Oh, wait, you did show the mice. Sorry 😉

  • CasuallyInquiring

    I’ve noticed that a lot of the old episodes are still focused on Blip.

    And, Youtube is notorious for flagging down anything to do with movie or tv that’s not game related.

    Yes: Sadly, including this one and many others on your channel.

    Don’t let Youtube’s copyright system for crap win.

    If you still want Youtube…may I suggest Screenwave Media? Seriously: I think it’s the only way to make such reviews on Youtube without thought police coming after them.

    Unless you’re just doing reviews on video games. And, that’d be fine too.

    But, I don’t think that is what you do.

    Whenever you can do something about it is fine. I just wanted to put this out there. Because, it needs to be said.