VIDEO: Top 10 Anime Shows - Part 2

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It’s the second and final part of Sofie’s list of her favorite anime shows! Watch Part 1 here!

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  • “Cowboy Bebop” is a classic piece of fiction beyond its medium. It is a great bit of genre work fit stand next to “Ender’s Game” or “Bladerunner” as far as character studies in science fiction.

    I like “Inuyasha” though it became a victim of its own success, having to draw out its storylines to the point of being “tl;dr”. Maybe in 20 years they will release an “Inuyasha: Kai” cutting out the filler and leaving all the tightest bits.

    “Madoka” is very much the “Watchmen” of the magical-girl/sentai genres. It very much breaks down and rebuilds the tropes into a very well executed straight exploration of the underlying concepts.

    I only watched the initial “Fullmetal Alchemist” and loved every bit of it mostly because I too have a younger brother that is taller and more well liked than I, and we are both very educated and share a lot of interests. Though we are not orphans in a lot of ways we do follow in or father’s footsteps (who was the first person in our family to go to college and later graduate school, and now my brother and I are both getting Master’s degrees). I have neglected to watch “Brotherhood” mostly as the final episode of the original left a bad taste in my mouth… The last act of the hero is to attempt necromancy, an act that as of yet has resulted in nothing but the creation of super villains, it runs counter to the whole shows theme of acceptance and not toying with god’s domain of life and death.

    I never got into “One Piece” though I see the appeal of a team of protagonists going on adventure through an endless chain of eclectic adventures. But I tend to favor animes that are complete, and I envision that the author will die before it ever ends, I can’t do that to myself, I am fairly certain that will also be the ultimate fate of “Game of Thrones” and I am already foolishly invested in that.

    Nice Mjolnir necklace.

    • Sofie Liv

      I don’t think they will release any more Inuyasha, in any thing, I am just waiting for them to pick up on Rumiko Takahashis lates work, which is another comic Manga more in the style of Ranma 1/2 than Inuyasha. And well yeah, looking forward to that Anime when it comes some-time in the future.

      .. it would be weird if they didn’t make it, it’s Rumiko Takahashi, thus far ALL of her work has become Animes at some point.

      I do think Inuyasha is over and done with, and yes true, it dragged a bit by the end, but I was so happy watching “The final chapter.” just less than a year ago, that I have a hard time minding.

      You should go check FullMetal Brotherhood out there, if for nothing else, then for the ending! the ending of “Brotherhood.” is very different from Alchemist (And well duh, they made the first series while the manga wasn’t even finished yet.)

      And thus brotherhood has the ending that the authro always intended for it to have, and yes it makes much more sense. It drives home the point about. “You are not supposed to tamper with these things, if you do, you are going to pay.”
      As is very evident as the big bad villain of the show…. finally has to pay the price for all that he has done, Equillant exchange.. all the way through.. *swallow.*

      Yeah, I also got a little-sister.. whom is taler than me. And in many ways you could say she seems more. “Adult.”

      We share geeky interests, she’s the big manga nerd of the two of us, so much of this is actually stuff she introduced me to.

      And well, heh.. while i’m living in a 16 square meter room, with shared bathroom and kitchen.. my sister lives in a appartment with her boy-friend.. she got a job, studies on the university, has exemplary school grades (my grades alway sucked.)

      While I am messy and disorganised incarnate, she is very organised, and I have clear memories of her giving me a lecture about cleaning up and holding order..

      On the other hand.. I never had any temper, but she does.. she is definetely the one with a temper problem out of the two of us…

      Sigh, it’s fun having just that one sibling, whom is close enough to you in age that you had a true relationship growing up.

      And man does she hate it when I visit and her friends are there so I can tell all the embarrising stories :3

      Yeah.. yeah… took me a while as well to get into one piece.

      The story actually is that I got a crick in my back.. and I couldn’t move, at all, I was in severe pain, so all I could do was to lay on my tummy with my computer in front of me.. couldn’t even write to much. So I went “What the heck, i’ll watch one piece, they keep saying it’s good.”
      ….. I don’t know whether that was stupid or not, on one hand it kept me entertained all the time I had the crick in my back, on the other hand. I just wasn’t able to let go again!
      I tell you, this show is so much more than you think it is, this show is a heart breaker! It breaks your heart, over and over and over. Your bleeding heart, and then it patches you on the back and says. “Oh we are just having fun, here, have a funny biscuit.” and you are tricked, until it breaks your heart all over again.

      One Piece is cruel that way…. and it’s so hard to let go..

      I will say though, unlike Naruto or case closed, it seems to me One piece has a clear idea of where it intends to go, so it will end… eventually.

      But yeah, from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like it’s any-time soon, the show still has an air of. “Well, it’s first now the adventure really begin, this truly is the story of the life and times of the pirate king before he became pirate king, deal with it.”

      …. yeaaahh

      • MephLord

        16 square metre room? I’m actually jealous you have almost no housekeeping to do in such a small space.

        • Sofie Liv

          Neither do I have room for any-thing, most of my stuff is in my parents attic, and what I do have takes up so much space that my little room gets very messy in no time.

          On top of that, my neighboor, whom I shares kitchen and bathroom with, HATES my piano playing.

          He will knock loudly at my door if he thinks it’s to late, he ones did that at 8PM -_-;

          And after I told him that I also have a right to be there, and I got to practise just a little every day, to prepaire myself for the education I am applying to next spring..

          He stopped knocking on my door.. instead he is playing VERY loud music from his own room.
          It’s also very often that there is loud music from the rooms beside me, which means I can’t record videos when they are playing music like that.

          I’m the only girl, so yeah, sharing kitchen with two boys whom are both younger than myself, and a bathroom, oh the joy.

          And because it’s the cheapest place in town, it’s also where all the chain weed smokers life and hangs out.

          … and now I am sounding like a complaining bitch..

          Well erh, I actually am looking after a new place to move to right now, so it’s not the end of the world.

          I just need room, peace and quiet to do my own stuff.

  • Because you asked =) ….some anime shows are on my list but aren’t on yours. Samurai Champloo, Soul Eater, Monster, Ghost in the Shell. (I liked Trigun and Darker than Black but not as much.) So many anime, so many moods, so many animation styles…

    I agree with you about the music in Brotherhood. I have listened to the “Brothers” theme over and over.

    • Sofie Liv

      yeah.. I’ve never seen any of those animes, sorry.

      And yeah, The Brotherhood soundtrack is freaking awesome, I printed out several piano sheets myself for playing.

  • One thing I would have expected to be an honorable mention, so I’m just curious…did you ever watch any of the Digimon anime?

    • Sofie Liv

      I was never into Digimon.

      Yeah I know what it is, but it didn’t run on any of my channels, and I only know the bare essentials about it.

      I think maybe I watched a few episodes, but I don’t even remember much of it.

      • Ah okay. Makes sense. For the record, the first season (after the opening arc, which is the most blatant toy commercial) is generally well liked, and each season starting with the third is essentially its own show with its own continuity (yes, I know you didn’t ask, but if you get in the mood…).

  • Alexa

    You should check out Tri-Gun, its got everything, the action of Bebop, humor that is somewhat similar to One Piece (especially in its visual gags), and the tragedy (to a degree) of Magica Madoka. Its just a really well done series, that will rip out your heart and stomp on it, but you won’t resent it for doing such.