VIDEO: Top 10 Anime Shows - Part 1

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Sofie covers a somewhat neglected subject here at the Agony Booth, and counts down her top ten favorite anime series.

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  • John Wilson

    I never did like Death note. I though it was going to be somthing like Seven where its just a bunch of shades of grey. It was uninterresting for me. Have you seen Attack on Titian yet. And is Gurren Lagann going to be on your list. And on a bit different level.What do you think of Hentai:)

    • Sofie Liv

      I havn’t seen Attack on Titan yet, but it’s a series my littlesister insists that I should watch, so I probably will at some point.

      I have never even heard of Gurren Lagann so that would be a no.

      And hentai is just animated porn, I am compleately inddifferent to the concept, apparently there are people out there enjoying it immensly, and therefore a marked was created, just like regular porn, and I don’t mind that, as long as people keep it in private and isn’t ‘in your face’ about it.
      Porn and Religion, it should be handled the same way every-where, it’s peoples private buisness they can go enjoy at places where it is meant to be that way, and then keep it out of places where people don’t want to hear about it. *shrug*
      I must admit, my feelings towards Yaoi is of the more amused fond kind, as it does amuse me and makes me weirdly happy to know that there is a porn marked out there gathering to girls, not pretending to be any-thing else than porn, you know.. like fifty shades of gray is claiming to be any-thing else than what it actually is.

      And lasty, I don’t mind you don’t share my taste in entertainment, I followed death note when it was first released years ago, I believe I was 14 or 15, and for me back then, it was just incredible fascinating, re-watching it as an adult the flaws does stand more out to me, but it still thrills me enough to impress, and then there is that animation, it’s just beautifull.

      Though… any-one whom says that Light has a point.. they are wrong, he is bat-shit crazy from the beginning -_-;
      L is also bat-shit crazy, so I guess they have that in common….

      • John Wilson

        Never hears of Gurren Lagann? Stop whatever your doing (if you can)and look the first two episodes up on you tube. Or look up the movie.If you don’t like it that fine. But if you like it. Your probably going to really like it:)

        • Sofie Liv

          see that’s the trouble about talking about anime, every-one got their favourite and would have an reaction just like yours -_-;

  • I much prefer Killing in the Nappof to Ghost Nappa but that’s just mean being the Rage Against the Machine fan I guess. Fun fact: Near from Death Note has the same voice actress as Spike from MLP FiM! Hey don’t look at me like that! You were wearing your Trixie wig, so we’re both as bad as each other! I eagerly await the second part to see what the punch line is to the ending gag. Mendo with green hair and blue balls would be an interesting outcome…a bizarre outcome but not nearly as bizarre as half the entries here!

    • Sofie Liv

      Well… you can guess one thing Ranma, L, and Usopp has in common…

      Same original Japaneese voice actor. That was so odd for me to find out the first time around, but funny enough, as I have just re-watched both Ranma and death-note.. I didn’t really notice, even though I know, he is really a damn good voice-actor oO;
      Still.. L and Usopp.. is the same guy.. And Ranma! And Inuyasha to now we are at it, wow.

      And, why is that wig demoted to just be a trixie wig? There are a ton of blue-haired characters I could cosplay! Vivi from One piece, Sayaka from Magica Madoka, Sailor Mercury, Hannah Hosho from Mermaid melodies, the oppertunities are many.

      • I’m not saying it’s not versatile, I’m just pointing out it’s origins and how you looked the cream of the crop of the con at Alcon with it along with the whole cosplay. Be whatever the hell you want, it’s your video-based fantasy!
        It’s so great and interesting to see what multiple roles certain seiyuu and voice actors have, particularly if they can pull off both genders of a certain age group (a lot of women can, I don’t know if many men have tried gender bending without it sounding like a Monty Python sketch). The Abridger community geek out over this sort of stuff quite a lot, particularly when Funimation announced who the English voice for One Piece’s Brook was!
        Both Ranma! and Inuyasha have the exact same voice actors in both Japanese AND English! Wow indeed! (At least, the seiyuu voiced Inuyasha for two years, but it counts!)

        • Sofie Liv

          It’s pretty normal in Japan to have female actors voicing male roles, whom are supposed to be either kids or just.. youngish.

          Luffy is voiced by a woman, so is Chopper (unsurprisingly.) … which english voice actor is going to voice Brook? It better be a damn good one.. but then again, there’s just no beating the original voice, and I don’t care, I am never going to watch the english dub, I am sticking to the original japaneese un-cencored one.

          If I am not mistaken, I also think Near from death note was voice by a woman in the japaneese version.

          It’s not really that surprising that Ranma and Inuyasha has the same voice actor is it? I mean, they are created by the same woman and as a result look and behave kind of the same… yeah Ranma 1/2 are one of the few mangas out there that has a female author and artist.

          And apparently.. I had no idea, but the voice actor voicing Usopp, L, Ranma and a ton of other characters, is apparently quite the big name in Japan when it comes to voice acting, one of the few voice actors considered a bit of a celebrity.. think Japaneese Jim Cumming or Rob Paulson.

          • Well as of right now, Ian Sinclair is the English voice of Brook, but only announced for Strong World with the possibility of voicing him for the series. The preview clip with his voice was well received so good for him.

  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    Not entierly unexpected and I must say that the bit about waking each other up so to not miss an episode is something I can relate to

    • Sofie Liv

      hehe, good times, good times 🙂

  • Muthsarah

    Ranma was my first anime proper (dubs of Speed Racer and stuff on TV don’t count, doubly so since I didn’t like them even as a kid), waaaaaaaay back in the 90s. The first two seasons are still brilliant, mixing the fast-paced jokes with quieter moments and moments of real character that almost make it transcend the slapstick genre. I’ll always love it. But then it just gets too big, too many characters, too frantic, no more new jokes, just crazier and crazier, faster and faster, more and more chaotic, a blur. Which…is pretty common for anime, it seems.

    I understand why many anime fans love the no-holds-barred freedom to be zany, but I tend to prefer the more realistic animes to the magical girl, space opera, or powered-by-fission martial arts genres. Maison Ikkoku, Here is Greenwood, Emma, Welcome to the NHK. Basically, stuff that could easily be done in live action, but which can be exaggerated or just stylized all pretty-like using animation as accentuation. I’m sure there are others like these, but as far as anime goes, I’m way more casual than you are. In that I don’t know much. Any recommendations (runners-up?) that fit the bill?

    • Sofie Liv

      I’ve never even heard of those animes…
      And well, as for Ranma, I own the entire manga collection (When my sister moved we decided she could have the dragon ball collection and I could have the Ranma collection, an agreement we were both happy with since she likes dragon ball better and I like Ranma better, win for both.) and for me, it never became to wild, it was just always funny. But oh well.

      Death note seems to be a thing that could easily be transcribed into life action.. except for the shinigamis floating around of-cause.. urhm..
      There’s also this anime called “Monster.” you’ll maybe like, it’s about a doctor who ones lost his job, future and entire life, because he decided to perform life saving operation on a small child instead of a famouse politician, and the politician as a result died.

      As it turns out though, the kid grows up to become a manipulative mass murdere, destroying lifes even further, but spare the doctors life at their encounter years later, as a pay-back for the doctor saving him.

      Yeah.. Light Yagami is nothing compared to that kid.. spoiler or what-ever.

      I must say, I am a fantasy girl, I like my fantasy and magic, so I really like animes and mangas that is like that, which you will see more of in the second part of the list, aside from Death note, I am not really including any of that stuff you describe.

      I do think one of the great things about Anime is how beautiful the animation is nowadays, people keep complaining that hand-drawn animation died?… it sure as hell is as alive as ever in Japan! their god damn TV-specials are beautiful to look at!

      And well.. I do like camp stuff, I do like things where colours, scenary and music just becomes theatrical and what some people would call camp, and anime likes to do that, so I love that aspect of it 🙂

      And as for my anime knowledge.. over half I know about anime and manga, I have to give credit to my sister.
      In this case.. She is the manga and anime exspert, she is the master cosplayer and photographer, she is the one with all the lolita dresses for photo-shoots, she’s the manga con girl out of the two of us! I am just casually enjoying by joining her ride.

      When we come back to superheroes and western cartoons again though, I am the undefeated master B)

      • Muthsarah

        “I’ve never even heard of those animes…”

        Don’t worry, those aren’t the kinds of big, popular ones that catch on internationally, like Sailor Moon or InuYasha. I probably never would have heard about them if I hadn’t had an older sister and older brother who watched anime when I was still growing up; I was introduced to tons of stuff without having to seek anything out. They watched the big series and the little ones, and I tended to prefer the littler ones. Here is Greenwood and Maison Ikkoku are from the 80s, I think, and Urusei Yatsura (Takahashi’s first big hit) started in the 1970s. Emma and Welcome to the NHK are more recent, but probably wouldn’t be your kind of thing – a realistic Victorian romance, and a modern-day tale of a Japanese shut-in who’s gone insane and a girl who tries to cure him for unexplained reasons. No aliens, no magic, nobody making mountains explode by punching them with their veiny-ass tree trunk arms, just restrained 19th century manners and modern day neuroses. It makes for more tangible escapism to have a believable world and believable characters to disappear into. The Japanese are, oddly, very good at modelling both delicate dramas as beautiful watercolor paintings, and creating batshit insane characters.

        Anime is so varied; it’s not going away anytime soon, praise Amida. 🙂

        • Sofie Liv

          I never said I don’t like stuff like that, I do enjoy such seriess as “Downtown Abbey.” in tely.

          But I don’t really search it out either.

          And yes, yes Anime is nice and varied. There’s someone for every-one, so that’s nice 🙂

  • The funny thing about Ranma 1/2 is that while I have only seen a few episodes and a couple of movies of R1/2, I have read hundreds if not thousands of Ranma 1/2 fanfiction over the years.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well… Ranma 1/2 does lend itself well for lots and lots of fanfic.

      It is an anarchistic, goofy book by nature, and there seems to be love triangles going on all over the place. Plus there is no firm plot you need to have in mind to write.

      If you ever get the chance to get your hand on the manga though, I recommend it highly, it’s just the greatest thing to sit back and relax with on a cold autumn evening.. or winther.. or out in the sun at the summer. There is never a wrong time to read good manga!

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        Plus, even when the Manga ended in Issue 38, Takahashi never ended the damn thing. ^^ There was no happy (or unhappy) ending, it was sort of an “un”-ending – I’d like to compare it to the final episode of stargate sg-1 which has big character developments etc. but is just a classical stargate-episode complete with them marching through the gate into the next adventure, we will never see.

        By the way, Sofie, have you ever read “Kyokai no Rinne”? that is the latest Manga of Miss Takahashi and – it is quite good, if you’d ask me.

        • Sofie Liv

          Well, Ranma is not a prolonged story, it’s more like a bunch of short stories put together for fun, so it makes sense to me that that is how the ending would be.

          yes I’ve read it and quite enjoyed it.

          Seems to be miss Takashi’s return to the style of Ranma after she finished Inuyasha, I am looking forward to the anime.

  • MephLord

    I think in talking about Ranma 1/2 (a show I do quite enjoy), you have to look at the larger body of work of Rumiko Takahashi and just how influential she is in the world of manga and anime. Maison Ikkoku, Mermaid Trilogy, Lum*Urusei Yatsura, Inu-Yasha…not many manga-ka can boast a library of work that large and diverse. And they all have their strong points, although Rumiko herself dislikes a lot of movie adaptations of her IP, especially the Lum*Urusei Yatsura movies, which got so absurd that it turned into annoying and unwatchable. Her best work that is often overlooked is One Pound Gospel, a pretty short work covered in a single OVA (which to my surprise is on YouTube as both a live action TV series that I’m going to watch and the anime is there as well).

    I’m personally not a fan of Dragon Ball. The original series with Bulma, Master Roshi, and my favorite Oolong was OK but ugh was DBZ ever hard to watch. The Frieza fight is easily one of the most frustrating things to ever have to sit through. I enjoy good fight scenes like most people (I’m an MMA fan, fighting is my top hobby) but that was just too much. I’ve seen a bit of Death Note and saw the live action movie but it just wasn’t for me. I can understand why it’s popular though. I’ve never heard of Princess Tutu but it seems like an interesting look at the forlorn tragedy genre. I never got into Pokemon, I played Pokemon Blue a few times but got bored and I have seen the first movie and some episodes, but it never appealed to me.

    My top 10 anime list would look a lot different than yours. In no particular order it would be Black Jack (Osamu Tezuka’s mercenary doctor (Tezuka himself studied medicine but never practiced it, so it mirrored his real life medical knowledge) had pretty interesting stories, Golgo 13 (the movie is a classic but the manga and anime TV were also both very good), Claymore (if you love fantasy and absolutely brutal combat, this one season series is worth a watch), Record of the Lodoss War (a perennial favorite, it’s old but classic fantasy), Slayers (I don’t think that needs an explanation), Code Geass (just an amazing series but it’s CLAMP who rarely does shoddy work), Ranma 1/2, Beyblade (who knew a series about spinning tops could actually be an engaging watch?), Fist of the North Star, and Grappler Baki (while at times over the top, it demonstrates fighting in a pretty brutal and realistic fashion).

    A special nod goes to a tie between Batman: Gotham Knights and Marvel Anime. These two are examples of how well western comic characters can be adapted into anime that are really enjoyable to watch while staying true to their comic properties.

    • Sofie Liv

      yeah… I have heard about.. just around.. none of those animes you are talking about. Sorry.

      I know what Beyblade is, but that one never caught me, the rest, no.. sorry.

      See that’s what I said, Anime is a HUGE genre, I am no exspert, I am just casually enjoying some of it.

      And yes, Rumiko Takahashi sure is one special lady, I am kind of looking forward to them making her newest work into an anime, she went back to a more Ranma styled comedic manga now, based on the same kind of anarchistic humour, so that’s kind of nice having a return to it.

      I do think though, it runs into a bit of problem of not wanting to be to much like Ranma, so some of the things that made Ranma work, is a bit absence.

      I gotta love though, that for ones. The female lead is not a hot tempered, pushy person, in complete opposite, she is just this very very nice, quiet, open-minded person.. and compleately oblivious to all the people that has crush on her. She is the master of putting every-body in the friend-zone without even noticing it.. glorius.

      • Lurkerson

        Is… is Slayers one of the ones he mentioned that you never heard of? If so, you REALLY need to go see that one. Seriously, just… go to Hulu or Funimation or something and just start enjoying it. It is probably the definitive fantasy comedy, but it can pull off the serious dramatic moments when they’re called for as well. Of course I’m not going to claim it’s a perfect show. Some of the jokes are hit and miss. But that show had some of my favorite characters of all time. There isn’t a single one of the heroes I don’t love (though Amelia is my favorite, she’s a hotblooded Justice-loving princess who acts like she’s a superhero), and the major villains can be honestly chilling.

        • Sofie Liv

          no, I never heard of Slayers, and right now “Attack on Titan.” is the thing some-body made me watch.

          Maybe i’ll check it out later, I don’t know, there’s to much stuff people want me to watch.. how long is this Slayers series any-way?
          Attack of Titans it felt like I could just managa as it’s only 23 episodes right now.. (Though it is currently still running, so it could take a while.)

          • Lurkerson

            Pretty long, actually. 4 seasons with 26 episodes each (though season 4 wasn’t made until 2008, 11 years after the third season ended). Plus some movies and OVAs.

          • Sofie Liv


            You see, this is why I don’t even want to watch all the anime people wants me to watch.

          • Kelvarin

            I would like to also recommend Slayers, I think the humorous fantasy setting would be something you would enjoy. It was one of the first Anime I bought cold, without anyone recommending it to me, and turned into one of my favorites.
            Record of the Lodoss War is also good, but I am fairly sure very hard to find still if you ever run across it you might enjoy it.

          • Muthsarah

            Hey, it’s no big deal. If you don’t like the first season of an anime, it’s NEVER worthwhile to stick around for any others. Think of it that way. Give a series a chance, and if it doesn’t hook you early, it’s not likely to ever hook you. I can name a ton of US shows (and a few UK series) that weren’t that good at the start, but which got better later on, but with anime, you can usually tell early on. Don’t let it discourage you. Life is all about discovery. Don’t be afraid to try new things; you don’t have to see all of it to know if you’d probably like the rest of it. One season, even half a season, is usually enough with anime, since it’s all pre-planned and such.

  • MichaelANovelli

    I liked Ranma, but I was always distracted by how much of it was recycled from Urusei Yatsura. Hell, Shampoo basically IS Lum!

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, since they are from the exact same author, I guess it can’t be helped that there would be similarities.

      • MichaelANovelli

        Actually, now that I think about it, Ranma was just the character Ryuu taken to her logical conclusion. And only you and I are gonna know what I’m taking about…

        • Muthsarah

          Ryuunosuke = Ranma + Ukyou

          Or is it Ryuunosuke + Ukyou = Ranma? Which would be Ryuunosuke = Ranma – Ukyou. Or is it Ryuunosuke = (Ranma + Ukyou)/2, thus Ryuunosuke = 1/2 Ranma + 1/2 Ukyou, thus Ranma 1/2 = Ryuunosuke – 1/2 Ukyou.

  • There is a fatal problem with “Death Note” very early with how they deduce certain things. L is pulling it out of his ass. There are figures he could not determine regardless of statistics, and what is more there are a lot of issues with how they investigate and why. In order for them to investigate, they basically have to accept the existence of magic and I have a hard time with the government just going, “Okay, magic is real and the angels of death walk among us.” It is like the new “Sherlock” series being deeply flawed in a different way each episode because the way mystery solving in the 20th century works.

    Sofie you are one of those people whose age I cannot place. That part where you took the wig off went in every direction. Wig on: 24, wig off and hair back: 30, hair down: 18, hat: 22.

    • Muthsarah

      The hat adds four years?

      FWIW (since I’ve already posted, and I wanna prove how smart I am by predicting oh so very well), I think Sofie’s still in her early 20s. Which means, as someone in my soon-to-be-later-20s, I hate her and want to steal her youth.

      • Hats are weird, I saw a behind the scenes (I don’t know which movie) but Bryan Singer was wearing a ball cap and one of his Producers pointed out that when he wore the cap flap forward he looked thirty, when he wore it backward: 16.

    • Sofie Liv

      I did say the series is flawed and the investigation technics would never work in the real world.

      I just feel that the characters, animation, themes and style brings the whole up to a level that I don’t really mind.

      And well, as far as I am concerned, Sherlock is a nearly flawless series so yeah.. Of cause what Sherlock has is bascially a magical ability, no one in the real world can actually have, but then it’s nice the series centres around the relationship and adventures more than the so called mysteries.

      Heh, close, I am 23, and my birthday is in December so that’s pretty soon.

      I can both look like a 30 year old and a 18 year old? .. wauw, that’s.. I was lead to believe I in genneral just look younger than I actually am, which suits me fine really.

      • I Know I am opening this can of worms, but I like the idea of talking to you about this because you are intelligent enough to understand my reasoning. You also made a very cute Watson in the crossover you did with Ursa. I love “Sherlock” but holy moly do I run across things in that show.
        Episode 1: just before they start chasing the cab through London I said to myself, “Egads Holmes, you’ve done it! A Cab driver would have every opportunity to kidnap and kill someone.” then they catch the cab and assault the passenger. I was yelling at the screen, “You have him! HE’S RIGHT THERE.” When your villain has to drop by your house to catch you, because you over looked him 15 minutes ago, that is a problem.
        Episode 2: Everything being kind of racist (I forgive it because it is based on a short story from a different time), but then it gets silly when neither Watson (who has served in Asia) or Holmes (who is a human dictionary) could not identify Chinese symbols as Chinese when they saw them. That is silly, they also mispronounce the word “Han zi”, which means Chinese character.
        E3: The Golem, a giant who strangles people to death might have been able to escape London before September 11th and the London bombings, but nowadays there are street surveillance cameras everywhere, he’s a giant. He will be caught quickly and billy clubbed into submission.
        E4: I have the least problem here only in that Moriarty had them cold and then just let them go, rather than forcing them to take a case he wants in order to buy their way out of his sniper sights. Instead he just fucks off like it was his least interesting lunch meeting he had taken that week.
        E5: I like the Hounds of the Baskervilles, it is goofy and brings more of Mycroft in to assist, I found nothing too silly or surreal to work and it all fit together really well.
        E6: How was anyone supposed to be convinced of anything Moriarty does? Seriously, you have Mycroft right there, who could issue an order clearing everything. And nobody does it.
        I still love the show. The character focus really works. Which is funny considering that Holmes and Watson were pretty much just plot devices with feet in the old stories having whatever info that would further the story when it needed to go forward, and lacking information whenever we needed a quirky small part to fill.
        Dear Lord I have let this go on too long. I am sorry for the tangent of babble. It is late and I was in the mood to write.

        • Sofie Liv

          yeah… I don’t particularly feel about talking down about the show.

          First of all, my philosophy is that no-body has to share my opinion or enjoy what I do.

          In the class I am in currently, I am the only one enjoying sci-fi, and that’s just how it is, I am fine with that.

          And when girls around me talks about how much they like twilight… I will shut up and not say any-thing. Because entertainment is just that, entertainment existing to entertain people, it is not worth getting into fights over what is just a fictional book about vampires, which are not real.

          Sherlock, of cause is not flawless.

          No fictional work, in the entire world, is flawless. And Sherlock doesn’t even aim to be realistic, it is even following a classic fairytale formular where Watson is Alice and Sherlock is the rabbit, luring Watson into a strange new world that is not ours, but merely exist parrelely to ours.

          In my mind, what is most important about things as Sherlock, it is that it entertains me and emotionally involves me.

          Sherlock has both made me laugh and cry, and it had made me do some-thing that only very very rarely happens in any fictional media nowadays.

          It made me forget myself, loose myself compleately, and just be engaging in what is happening on screen, just like when small kids sits in front of tely and gasps when stuff is happening.

          When some-thing is able to reduce me to a kid while watching, making me react like that, I have to mark it as beyond excellent programming.

          And well, the flaws you mention are only true flaws if they are so jarring and obvious that they disturbed your viewing of the programme.

          Again, all movies and programmes like this will have flaws like that if you look for them.

          Is the plot of the Avengers ridicoulusly simply and overly convienient if you think about it?

          Yes, yes it was. But I was so entertained while watching that movie that I believe that was the kind of plot that movie needed to work, and the re-watch value is still immense for me.
          Stuff like “How it should have ended.” “Dragon ball abridged.” “A very potter musical.” that point out big obvious flaws in stuff I like.. doesn’t bother me, I love it, it makes me laugh, because again, all these things have and will have flaws.

          What matters is that the characters, themes and so on stay true.

          In sherlock there is so much good, it is perfectly paced, the emotions feels so real and genuine, the humour is top notch, the you don’t just sympathise with the main characters, you downright empathise with them, you are feeling what they feel, or at least I was.

          I felt Sherlocks desperation as he was slowly driven more and more into a corner, I felt that moment of. “OH GOD I FEEL SO STUPID!” when Moriarty yelled, “there is no codes dofus.” … I would imagine that Sherlock felt the same way, Johns saddness.. it all, it was just such a perfect climax.. fuck all those minor flaws, they are just that, minor, but hell, for the sake of it.

          Ep 1; Well they had to fill out the running time some-how.

          Ep 2; it’s the least good episode out of all of them any-way, and beside it was named wrong, it shouldn’t have been called. “the blind banker.” it should have been called. “It sucks to be John Watson.” that is what that entire episode is to me, crap happening to watson.

          Ep 3; I find that a very minor flaw in the grant scheme of things, and would never ever have tought about it, if you didn’t point it out. beside it’s only in England they have cameras like that.. though they did establish that in episode one.. god dammit you made me overthink things.

          Ep 4; Well.. I would not call that a flaw, that more has to do with Moriarties character. And don’t forget, he let them go, because Irene Addler called him, why did she call him? Because she had snuffed up on Mycrofts plan with the plain, and she needed Sherlock to break the code and give it to Moriarty.. so, Moriarty actually needed to keep Sherlock alive for Irene to do her thing.

          More than that, The entire Irene thing seems to actually just have been Moriaty playing with Sherlock.

          Moriaty, is a bored psykopath, he finally found the one person he thinks is almost on his own level and can entertain him.. so will he kill Sherlock off that easily? Of cause not, Moriaty wants to be entertained, he got nothing else to do. he is a big child, whom is to smart for his own good.. so no, I don’t find that to be a flaw, I find it to be perfectly logical consering Moriaties character.

          Ep 5; If the indication that they have a secret facility in the middle of england making bunnies glow in the dark, isn’t an indication that this show is not even trying to be realistic, I don’t know what is.

          Ep 6; Well, that is kind of the point with Moriaty and how Sherlock describes him.

          “Imagine a big spiderweb, going through the world, when a string is vibrating the big spider in the middle feels it and knows what is going on, as he commands other to do his bidding, Moriaty is that spider.”

          Moriaty doesn’t do shit himself, he is the planner sitting back as other people carrie out his plans, and he erases all traces back to himself, therefor no-one can touch him.

          he is such a big threat, exactly because he is that smart, he controls the underworld, he is the underworld. But not even by force, he just have to show up and people will do what-ever he tells them to.

          He is a puppetmaster, he builds up his plans and as a spider, merely pull the strings without being in the action.

          That was the point all along, that’s why no one, not even Mycroft, could touch him.

          The entire point of Moriaty letting himself be caught and put on trial, was to give both Sherlock and Mycroft the fuck finger, it was his way of saying.

          “I own this, this world is my play-ground, you can’t touch me. I can do what-ever I want.”

          • Sofie, you’re so awesome.

          • Sofie Liv

            Thank you! 🙂

  • Jay_Bay

    OH MY GAWD! MY BALLS ARE ALL BLUE AND MY PARENTS CAUGHT ME WITH THEM…..why are all my billard balls blue.

    All jokes aside, nice list and I cannot wait to see what 5-1 brings.

  • I’m amazed to see someone whose first anime was Ranma 1/2. I grew up with Sailor Moon, CardCaptors and Dragonball Z before I even knew what anime was, and watched Pokemon, Digimon and InuYasha before I ever looked for something that wasn’t on TV. I imagine Ranma was on TV at some point, but I’ll be damned if I know when or on what channel.

    That said, great choices, though I personally disagree with choosing DB over Z (is that any surprise?).

    • Sofie Liv

      It wasn’t the first anime I watched, I think that is Pokemon. It was the first Manga I ever read how-ever.

      First watched the anime years later, but loved it a lot 🙂

      • Come to think of it, I think Pokemon might have been the first manga I ever read…

      • About Dragon Ball being repetitive and constantly bringing in new enemies, they seemed to have fixed that with the new movie Battle of Gods (which is currently getting a release in Latin America and may get multiple releases across the rest of Europe, someday).

        Let’s just say, things may get interesting if the series continues going in the direction that the movie has set before them.

        And for those who didn’t care for Goku’s future granddaughter, Pan… well, we might be seeing more of her, someday.