Toomorrow (1970) (part 9 of 10)

But zoinks! Amy is at the door! Vic hastily steps out of the room in his robe. Amy embraces him, wanting a sit-down heart to heart, so I guess the stolen plant thing worked for Olivia as well as it did with Benny and Doris Bell. Benny providentially shows up at that moment. Vic, needing a place to talk to Amy that doesn’t have an alien harlot in it, lambastes Benny for leaving his stuff lying around in Vic’s room and asks him to “clean up” in there while he and Amy use Benny’s room. Benny steps into Vic’s room, sees Dink on her back tricycling in the air [?], and immediately moves in for the kill. Of course, Dink thinks he’s Vic Cooper, because we all look alike to her (tee hee!). Benny admits he’s not Vic, but moves in on her anyway. I guess we won’t be seeing Dink for the next 20 minutes!

Caption contributed by Mark

”Mrs. Barbarella, are you trying to seduce me?”

Except Fran now shows up and marches upstairs to see Benny. Doesn’t-Love-Big-Beat Amy is telling Vic he should play the Festival, since he’s only doing it to make money (uh oh), but they’re interrupted by the sound of dishes shattering upstairs—Fran caught Benny with Dink and is throwing all the crockery in the kitchen at him. “How many girls do you have?” she screams. Sorry, Fran, you’re a girl in this movie, which means you probably can’t count that high.

Benny pulls Fran out into the hall to talk, but now Karl shows up and Dink pulls him onto the bed and says, “Why do you keep leaving me, Vic Cooper?” But Zombie Sylvana shows up right behind him and pulls Karl away, saying, “I’m all for integration, baby, but not with my cat!” Huh, so that means the only member of the band Dink hasn’t hit on yet is Olivia! And look, here she comes! Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

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Multi-Part Article: Toomorrow (1970)

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