Toomorrow (1970) (part 2 of 10)

The title comes up, and it looks just like the Moonlighting logo. Please don’t tell me that Glenn Gordon Caron stole from Toomorrow, because that would be too much to take. Then the movie opens and we’re out in space, as a really lame cartoon space-ship that looks like it was made with a Spirograph glides past the Moon toward Earth.

Caption contributed by Mark

When the Giant Roll of Quarters failed in its attack on Earth, it sent its cousin, the Giant Chandelier Pendant.

As we pass over the surface of the moon from the ship’s point of view, the movie makes a point of slowing down to show us one of the Apollo landers, which were then brand new. Seriously, you can still see the tags.

Under this we get our first Barkan-Adams offering, “Toomorrow”, which sounds unnervingly like the theme from The Hogan Family.

Caption contributed by Mark

Hi Neil! Hi Buzz! Watch out for Kryptonians!

We haven’t regaled you with an entire song in a recap recently, so, for your enjoyment, here are the lyrics to “Toomorrow,” by Toomorrow, from the movie… Toomorrow. And you can bet your bottom dollar that this song is even lamer than you’re imagining it just from reading the lyrics.

Written by: Mark Barkan & Ritchie Adams
Performed by: Toomorrow

Tomorrow is the answer that I will give
If you ask me where do I live
And where do I stay
Yes, tomorrow

There is love all around
Way up high where I’m flying
Playing tag in the sky ever-flying

Tomorrow, take my hand and I’ll lead the way
You’ll forget about yesterday
Right here in my arms
And forever there’d be a new world
Where all our dreams come true
Tomorrow, tomorrow
With you

So, prefab British pop band, what you’re saying is, you live in tomorrow? Where you fly? And play tag? Uh huh. And if you take me there, I’ll forget about everything, and everything will always be new because we’re stuck flying around in the freaking future, so there’s never a “today” that takes hold and causes anything to mean anything. But you’ll be holding me in your arms and making my dreams come true, so it’s all okay. Wait, how can we play tag if you’re holding onto me? That’s cheating!

Suddenly I don’t trust these people. I mean, if you have to cheat at playing tag, what kind of scruples can you possibly have?

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Multi-Part Article: Toomorrow (1970)

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