Today Tina Turner Is 74 Years Old, Still More Amazing Than You’ll Ever Be

None of you will be surprised to learn that we love Tina Turner, thanks to her glorious performance of a medley of hits on Ann-Margret’s show in 1975. That’s why we are pleased as punch to wish Ms. Turner a 74th (!!!) birthday. Tina Turner is older than my mom. Tina Turner might be older than your grandmother, if you are a person of a more youthful persuasion, and Tina Turner is still amazing. She released 30 records — 30 FUCKING RECORDS — when she was with the Ike and Tina Turner revue (and no that does not include live records or compilations, thankyouverymuch) and another 9 as a solo artist, excluding those pesky live and solo albums. She’s been a dynamo from right out the gate.


Her mid-’60s soul performances were so spot on, including awesome go go dancing.

Her 1970s performances, which you have seen videos of one million times but you should never tire of, were fucking barnburners.

Also, too, if you do not own one of the 1970s live records of Ike and Tina, like 1971’s “What You Hear is What You Get” or 1973’s “Live! The World of Ike and Tina Turner,” get thee to a used record store right now. They are both some maximum sweaty funked up stuff.

And let’s not forget her as the Acid Queen in The Who’s Tommy, pushing a befuddled Roger Daltrey around while wearing that cape.

Tina’s solo career in the 1980s saw her tearing it up, dropping a record that contained approximately eleventy singles, including Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.”

Trufax: I saw Tina on this 1988 tour, when she was already 49, and she never stopped moving. Never. She did the entire 2.5 hour show in those 4-inch heels and she was unbelievable. There’s some shows you feel so historically fortunate to have seen, and this is one of them.

Also, too, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Need we say more?


She even went on tour in 2008 and the age of 69 to celebrate her 50 years in music.

Do you look that fantastic and enthused after 50 years at your job? No you probably do not.

Special bonus video: Mick Jagger and Tina performed together at Live Aid in 1985. Tina is wearing a leather skirt and leotard of amazing, while Mick Jagger, he of the unitards, is inexplicably wearing sweats and a t-shirt. Mid-song, Mick goes over to change into leggings and the unforgivable 1980s fashion crime of blazer over no shirt, and when he gets back from the mid-song costume change, he tears off Tina’s skirt. I spent at least 2 hours rewinding that single moment to try to figure out if it was intentional. Nowadays, I don’t care, because she looks awesome either way.

Happy Birthday Tina Turner!

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