Today In New Sounds: The Sadies

They’re Americana, they’re psychedelic, they’re whatever genre someone wants to hang on them on any given day. Except disco. They’re definitely not disco. The venerable Sadies play everything with everyone, including a stint backing up Neil Young. This track is the lead single from the album due out October 1. This song wouldn’t have sounded out of place in 1966 or so. Starts out with a nice controlled Them kind of backbeat and later dissolves into a fuzzed out bit of freakbeat. Recommended.

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  • Nixon, etc.

    Coolnezz. I saw them there Sadies back around 98/99/00-ish. And met them! They were so super-cool, and super-nice. How super-cool? One of them was so super-cool that he wore 2 (two!) wristwatches. At the same time! On the same wrist! THAT, my friends, is how. to. do. it.