TLC says to hell with logic, orders show on answered prayers

roma downey

Your prayers have been answered! TLC is adding more ultra-evangelical programming to its schedule with a reality show about people who prayed for stuff and actually got it, because our Heavenly Father is kind of like a slot machine. Hosted by That Angel Touched Me in My Swimsuit Area star Roma Downey, the series will feature stories about all those times the Big Guy really did answer knee-mail.

Something tells me this show won’t spend a lot of time on Muslims and Jews who say their prayers were answered. Mormons and Catholics, too. And Presbyterians can fuck right off.

A.V. Club offers this brilliantly snarky description:

The as-yet-untitled series will consist of six episodes, each one consisting of Downey applying the scientific method to “modern-day miracles, incredible twists of fate, and phenomena that logic and science cannot explain” before submitting her findings to her peers for review. 

It’s one thing for a faith-based show to admit they’re throwing science out the window, but logic? When did that become a lie from the pit of Hell?

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  • Arcturus

    This the same shit-channel that gave us ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’. It is time for them to change the name of their channel or better yet, just fuck right off.