TLC murders the Duggars’ first amendment rights in the womb

“I survived Roe vs Wade, Roe vs Wade Will Not Survive Me.” Totally sounds like the type of thing the Duggars would wear on a T-shirt, right? And they did! Only, the liberal pinko atheist baby-killing bastards at TLC censored it!!!


The anti-abortion shirt appeared on air uncensored last week…

19 kids censored shirt unblurred

But this week, the message was blurred out.

TLC murders the Duggars' first amendment rights in the womb

Source of these images is Bryan Kemper, youth director of Priests for Life, who is dedicating his entire professional career to overturning Roe v. Wade while still managing to misspell the name of the case on the damn T-shirts. He’s the one who provided the Duggars with those t-shirts in the first place.


Brother Bryan encourages people to email and tweet TLC to “let them know how disappointed you are.” That’s disappointingly reasonable, Bryan. With an attitude like that, how are the vicious lie-berals here at HNTP supposed to have happy nice time at your expense?

By checking the comments, of course! Let the crazy begin!

Wow, TLC is for baby killing and against free speech.

Not bad, but a little on the nose. Anybody got anything a little more apocalypse-y?

They cover up the truth, so they can continue in their evil ways, shedding innocent blood, unhindered, until their time runs out and their eternal destiny is fixed. satan will claim them as his own.

Oh, hell yeah. (Pun intended.) Bring on the Biblical hyperbole!

We are seeing the demise of the age. Christ is at the door.

She is going to be so disappointed when it’s just Avon calling.

This the SAME exact law Hitler used to murder 6 million jews. American women (with constant zero-restraint support from liberals who ‘so value life’) have murdered 40 MILLION.

Our first Hitler sighting! But… the “SAME exact law?” Roe v. Wade?

If he flaunted gay pride or some other “liberal” radical agenda, it would be embraced! But since he didn’t do that, the Gobbelistic mainstream media “censored” him! I also agree with the others, WE NEED TO UNITE!

More Nazis, plus bonus points for dragging the gays into it.

And if it had been a pro-Islamic message it probably would not have been blurred out.

The only thing worse that the gays!

What has happened to America? I’m waiting for them to invent a time machine so I can go back to the way things were and hopefully die back there before this “new age” dawns. It’s like living in a prison!

We wish you a safe journey and good riddance. Oh, and take this guy with you before he hurts someone:

So if TLC is against LIFE, then does that mean they would be cool with someone killing them all? Sounds like it to me.

But we’ve saved the craziest for last…

Have you noticed when they show the Duggars’ pantry and all the cans inside, they blur out the labels? TLC is not in the business of advertising for free. Why should the man who makes these shirts get free advertising from TLC? Look at cooking shows — they don’t show the labels or they blur them out. If the man who makes these t-shirts wants to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to show his shirt on prime time TV, let him buy a commercial for them.

What a lunatic.

(Comments pulled from various nutty evangelical websites, including The Washington Times.)

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