RAW FEED: Tip for Kicking Your Soda Habit!

A quick tip for helping you kick that nasty coke habit. Coca-cola, that is.

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  • Maxine of Arc

    Good tip. I’m pathetically addicted to diet soda and every so often I make a stab at replacing it with flavored seltzer (there’s a local company here that does a billion flavors and they’re all delicious) but I keep going back. I’ll try the half and half and see if that works.

    • Magdalen

      Good luck! I started out with a 50/50 split, then gradually decreased the actual soda until I was just drinking seltzer. After about a month of that drinking real soda is pretty rough on the taste buds.

      • JD

        I just switched to Iced Green tea.
        And just occasionally have a Diet Dr Pepper

  • DPPal

    I just quit cold turkey, I just mentally reclassified soda as candy, it helped…