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Since Sofie is still lacking a video camera, we’re reposting one of her older episodes. In Legacy Hunting, Sofie is not just reviewing one movie, but exploring the legacy left behind by an important franchise. This time around, she looks at Tintin, the series of comic books about a young reporter and his dog, created by Belgian artist Hergé.

Note: This video was made shortly before the release of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s Tintin movie, starring Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, and Daniel Craig, and Sofie talks about the expectations she had for a new, modern take on Tintin.

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  • I also grew up with Tintin and love it to death. Even after the release of the film I doubt that many Americans can understand the utter joy that we feel reading these marvelous comics.
    As an American-born, then moved to Europe I had the fortune of enjoying such diverse comics as Spiderman, Batman, Tintin, Asterix and Dylan Dog all during the fleeting years of my childhood. 
    I truly think that I’ve grown up better thanks to such an eclectic mix of influences in such a short time.

    • Sofie Liv


      Yeah, I am pretty happy having grown up right where I am, in tiny little Denmark, and yet having been allowed to be influenced of soooo much stuff!
      We import from left and right in this country, on the same time as having a culture of our own, naturally.
      Which also litterately means I did not grow up with every-thing the Americans does.. if I just had a penny from every time Mendo yelled at me. “How can you not have heard of this?” I can only say.. urh.. not american, did not grow up with the surbuban American pop icons.. And I am one of the few critics in the world whom did not grew up with mystery sciense theatre 3000 -_-;

      And yeah.. some-times you will have to get the culture to get the comic.. unfortunately, but yep indeed, this is childhood!

      • MichaelANovelli

        Which is ironic, considering *I* didn’t grow up in America, either…

        • Sofie Liv

           you’ve been there long enough.

  • this is my favorite video of sofie’s:) its like oancitizen’s work, only without being insufferably pretentious, lol;)

    • Sofie Liv

      I kind of like Oancitizen just as he is…

      Thanks, it is an earlier video of mine, from way before I joined the booth and even.. moved away from my parents… again.. it’s a repost, you know.. because I don’t have the equipment to make videos right now..

  • Thomas Stockel

    Very nice recap, Sophie!  I geeked out when you mentioned Elfquest; I remember reading that stuff during high school.  As for TinTin, I knew almost nothing about it. I am planning on seeing the movie this week, if I can.  My library is supposed to have it but it is in high demand.

    Overall, I loved the history lesson.

    • Sofie Liv

      I freaking love Elf Quest!

      And so does my sister, check out her latest cosplay!
      My little-sister is the one dressed as Scouter! second from the right :3
      Rest of the girls, I indeed do sort of know real life, yeah, I’m cool B)

      And btw, Look forward to that movie! It’s awesome! I loved it!

      And I came into it with all this for-expectations and demandments of what the movie needed to be. I still loved it! And I do so hope that Spielberg and Jackson get to make a full triology as they planned!

      So people are game for more Legacy hunting? GREAT… cause.. I sort of all-ready wrote the script for the next one… which I will film ones I have a camera… YAY! 😀

      • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

        I wish I would’ve known about this series earlier, it’s very cool.  Had no idea Tintin was so old (although I guess I shouldn’t be, since Conan was created in 1932, Cthulhu Mythos in 1928, Popeye in 1929 as well (that would be an interesting legacy since Popeye had a lot of stories that are cringe-inducing to watch today with clearly racist overtones), and Felix the Cat coming to us in 1919.  Sorry I’m going off on a bit of a tangent thinking about the legacy of some of these characters that are now in the public domain.  But they do create interesting legacies when you look at the volume of work surrounding each characters.

        For the record, I’d totally buy Tintin and Sherlock Holmes Lego sets!  Those would be awesome!  If I lived in a country with Legoland (that happens to be Denmark) I’d visit it as often as possible for a full nerdgasm.

        • Sofie Liv

           I used to go to Legoland almost every summer when I was a kid… I am a bit bored of it by now.. It doesn’t exactly have the wildest rides in the world, you so not go there for the rides..

          Well, yeah, they would be interesting, and it is deeply fascinating to start scratching the surface of these things and get down to the massive amounts of history, I love that kind of stuff.
          But to be honest… none of does things are on my list over things I intend to do Legacy Hunting with.. and it’s not because my list aint long.. it contains figures as Donald Duck, Dracula, Frankenstein, Robin Hood, Batman, Superman.. (with Sherlock Holmes the plan is that we can make several videos telling about the story bit by bit.) Harry Potter.. (sort of.) see if you can guess which one I just wrote a script for…

          Stuff like this is very very interesting to me! Glad you enjoyed :3

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Legacy Hunting Twilight isn’t on the list, but Wonder Woman is on the top of the list.  I can see Judge Dredd also on the list as he’s likely the most well known super hero to be created entirely in the UK. 

          • Sofie Liv

            Not exactly legacy hunting Wonderwoman no but.. I spend my time without a camera writing scripts and… Wonderwoman TV pilot is a episode you will see in a very near future, I all-ready wrote the script.

            Beside, Twilight is still to new to make legacy hunting about, there isn’t that much legacy to dig up yet.

  • Liam Barrett

    I grew up with Tintin. I always wonder why so many people were surprised that I grew to love American Super-Hero comics, as I’d ALWAYS been a comic book reader. I put Tintin up there with Spider-Man as a four-colour hero.

    I also loved the movie, although you could really tell Steve Moffat had a hand in the script- I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much RUNNING in a film in my life.

    Great video.

    • Sofie Liv

       Tintin is one of the bigs for sure!
      Along with Asterix and Obelix and their super power potion! Come on that is awesome… weird to think about I grew up with a comic book depicting beating the snot out of defenseless romans as fun pro-creative activities… Asterix is sending a rather violent message isn’t it? (I love Asterix!)

      Well, it’s also obvious that it’s a Steven Spielberg film, cause the running looks both fun and awesome! It looks and feels like the old Indiana Jones films!
      It’s a movie that is all about the fun. Not about being smart or overly clever, but just being fun! and Thank bloody god! We need more movies like that! I can’t wait till the next one.

      (all though now Peter Jackson decided to make three Hobbit films instead of two… which means he will spend another year at New Zealand… and kidnap Martin Freeman out there as well so he can’t do more Sherlock right now.. I am looking forward to the hobbit don’t get me wrong but… CURSE YOU PETER JACKSON!)

  • Nuclearademan

    Your recap just made me wish I’d heared of Tintin earlier in my life. Even more now I’ve seen the Secret of the Unicorn. I’m glad they’re making a trilogy.

    I pretty much said the same thing as you at the time about the film winning an oscar. We were way off on that guess.

    Anyway good video, well done.

    • Sofie Liv

       hehe, life in Europe. EVERY-BODY here grew up with bloody tintin X)

      You know why they didn’t get nominated for that Oscar? because the commity said that “motion capture.” is cheating and doesn’t count as animation.
      Which is utterly ridicoules! I mean all you need to do is just to watch the bloody movie to realise that it uses its own medium, as an animated movie, to it’s full potential, having so many scenes that are only possible because it is animation! It’s the first time I for one have seen motion capture being used that well! I used to be hater of that, but that movie figured it out. It uses its medium to its full potential and some-body in the oscar comitty should be bloody ashamed!

      Thanks, again it’s an older video, it’s just a repost of a video I made before I joined the Agony Booth X)

  • Elizabethspectrum

    The Tintin cartoon was how I first heard about the series too!! I also wish that I had read the comics that you first started out with as a kid when I was a kid, but the first comics I have ever read were early 90s titles that featured pointless violence, garish colors, and scowling. I didn’t know that comics could be about more pleasant but exciting things until I first read titles like Bone and Zot! (semi-obscure American titles, but I am glad that more people know about Bone than I thought) So I am jealous of Europeans in regards to the larger variety in comics than in America but I do hope that the increase in independent and web comics will create a new volume of creativity so that there could be a kind of comic series for everyone. Hopefully.

    P.S. nice to see you experiment with a new series, I hope to see more episodes in the future   

    • Sofie Liv

       And that is why Europe is awesome B)

      Yeah, the comic books I grew up with were far more innocent and fun in nature. The first comic I ever read litterately was Donald Duck and the second one Asterix, does are the comics that I grew up with and have known for as long as I remember!

      Well, I am always experimenting! remember this is a repost, it’s an older episode actually, cause I can’t make new ones right now, cause I don’t have a camera… this episode is almost a year old…. wauw.. i’ve been doing this for a year.. holy. But man oh man, awesome one year ride!

      Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  • sofie and mr. mendo are kinda like the tintin and haddock of the agony booth, lol:)

  • Egil Hellá

    Nice review I am a big TinTin fan my self hell TinTin The Shooting Star is one of the first comics I remember reading as a child I hope taht you can talk about other great  comic series in the future like Valérian & Laureline, Yoko Tsuno, Splint And company, and Carl Bark’s and Don Rosa’s Donald Ducka nd Uncle Scrooge comics

    • Sofie Liv


       Don’t know about the rest, but I’ll definetely dig into Don Rosas “Life and times of Scrooge McDuck.” at some point.

      For the very simple reason that it’s my favourite comic book of all time 😉

      • 93MANIAC

        Thanks but ever read a way older comic book series that Don Rosa made in the 1970’s called The Pertwillaby Papers because it is a really facinating comic you can reed some pages from it here but if you are looking fore a copy then you should try the local lierary it is where I found one and if you have ever wondered about where Nuking The Fridge had it’s origins from then wonder no more and yes I know about the scene from The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck The Master of the Mississippi but unlike but the scene from The Pertwillaby Papers reminds way more about the scene from Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull but this Nuking The Fridge is one of the most insanely glorious moments in the history of mankind and it is really facinating that one of the best remembered Indiana Jones moments was inspired by a Carl Barks comic book while one of the worst remembered Indiana Jones was weary possibly inspired by a Don Rosa comic book and I also kinda wonder if George Lucas stole more from The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck when you think about some scenes from the horrible Star Wars prequels that remind about scenes from The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck and no I aint saying that The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck sucks it is a freaking awesome comic book series and I really hope that you can use some of this information I gave you in your The Life and times of Scrooge McDuck video

      • My first exposure with Tintin was the 1991-1992 TV series produced by the Canadian animation studio known as Nelvana and the French Le Studio Ellipse, or Ellipse Programme which was shown on HBO and then Nickelodeon.

        I rediscovered the series on… YouTube. I didn’t what to think of it when I first saw it in my younger years.

        It’s starting to grow on me, now. It’s also good to know that the series can be found where I can see it.

        What other European comics and cartoons will you be talking about next… if you ever decide to do more episodes like these again?