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You Really Did Not Need To Freeze Your Butt Off In Times Square To See This ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Trailer

Did you go stand outside in Times Square on New Year’s Eve to watch Sonia Sotomayor destroy your freedoms by dropping a ball on your head as you froze your own balls off? You probably did not, but that means you missed out on new super-splody Amazing Spider-man 2 teaser content, which was “exclusive” to the assembled freezing foolish masses at Times Square for exactly minutes before it made its way to the net.

Introduced by Stan Lee himself, the new promo teases a rather “electrifying” action sequence from the film that takes place in the New York City epicenter and involves Jamie Foxx’s villainous character.

Excitement! Also, because we only just started paying attention to this thing, we learned that Sally Field is in this, and we’re sure she plays kindly Aunt May, but in our fantasies, she plays a villainous nun with magic flying powers because that would definitely get us to the theater.


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