Timecop (1994) (part 7 of 7)

Standing off in the distance, Modern Max watches as Classic Max goes through the smarmy dialogue again with Melissa. This does nothing to explain why he had to stop the rollerblading bandit, however.

There’s a brief moment with Classic McComb in D.C., getting an important phone message, and then it’s back to the mall, where a guy takes a picture of the couple. Modern Max is seen standing nearby, holding the same photograph. Significance? No idea.

Now the couple is back in bed, as Classic Max is about to receive that phone call. Downstairs, Modern Max tells Melissa to keep his other self upstairs. He goes out and disarms one of the attackers, but another gets Max’s gun and draws on him in the rain. But actually shooting the man they came here to shoot seems to not be an option for some reason.

A round is discharged, alerting Classic Max upstairs, who turns off the power to the house. Meanwhile, Modern Max disarms the guy who was drawing on him, but then he’s fired at by one of the goofy haircut twins, and has to escape.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

You’d be angry too, when every day is a bad hair day.

A long sequence plays out, where the Hair Twins slowly explore the dark house, with the tension getting about as high as the grass on a putting green. Finally, one of the Twins tracks down Melissa, who’s crawled onto the roof. As he aims at her, Classic Max swings from a rafter and kicks him into the window and tosses him downstairs, and eventually out through another window. Which takes us to another dumb sequence.

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Multi-Part Article: Timecop (1994)

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  • mamba

    I know pointing out ALL the faults in the science of this movie would take days, but I have to point out the following 2 biggies anyway, as they directly relate to the plot:

    First, “the same matter cannot occupy the same space”. Unless one of them can become intangible like Vision or Shadowcat, that cannot occur anyway. Even if somehow young Ron put his hand right though the chest of older Ron, at no point would the same matter be in the same space. Older hand would be separate from younger hand and they’d be TOUCHING each other, but that’s all. Hell, even if you liquefied both of them in some huge blender somehow, you’d just have molecules of one touching molecules of the other. So this make absolutely zero sense.

    I’d be more worried about the feedback loop of memories occurring in OLDER Ron/Max every time their younger self so much as SEES the other one, let alone talking. I mean, to younger them it’s all new, but OLDER one would be both trying to have a conversation, AND being flooded with memories/experiences from the effects of said conversation at the same time. Talk about a headache…how would they even be able to keep straight what needs to be said, when their OWN memories would be changing so fluidly?

    Second, at the end, Max meats his wife and son. Ummm, no he didn’t…they are both basically strangers to him, and the kid is LITERALLY a stranger to him. How does he explain that? He basically replaced the kid’s real dad and knows literally nothing about the last 10 years of their life. Plus, I might be wrong, but is there another Max walking around who DOES have a history…who’s about to come home to see another Max trying to kiss ‘his’ wife?

    wibby-wobby, timey-wimey…Doctor Who had it right!