Timecop (1994) (part 6 of 7)

Modern McComb gets his time machine activator back and departs, just as cops descend on the warehouse. So Max hits his button and runs into a time ripple as well. Cut to a ripple forming at TEC, and Max rides back in, now spontaneously back onboard the reappearing time sled.

Matuzak runs up and says Max was really lucky, because they were just about to tear up the tracks. The agency now has “McComb Datalink” signage on the walls, and McComb’s actions in the past have created numerous other changes as well. For example, the hippie Ricky now has on a sport coat, and he appears to have showered.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

“Oh, soap. You are a fickle mistress.”

Max tries to explain to Matuzak all the changes that have happened, while having no evidence whatsoever. He decides the only option is to go back to the last scene, in the hopes that Fielding survived the gunshot and is still alive. Of course, he could return to a few minutes before she got shot, when he knows she’s still alive. He could also go back even farther, and stop McComb altogether, but then we’d be poking at a hornet’s nest of theoretical conundrums, and that’s something the filmmakers had no interest in doing. Hell, if they can’t explain the disappearance of a sled, how can you expect them to grapple with branching timelines?

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Multi-Part Article: Timecop (1994)

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