Timecop (1994) (part 5 of 7)

The hippie-looking tech informs them that he detected a huge time ripple centered in the D.C. area in 1994, and Max is ordered to check it out immediately. And Fielding has to follow along, to ensure Max doesn’t play any state lotteries while on the clock in the past.

And now we get the big reveal of the movie’s time machine. It turns out to be a clunky-looking sled that gets fired down a track like your average drag racecar. As they both strap in, Fielding is nervous, while Max calmly chews on a stick of black gum. (This was a then-obscure Japanese brand that Van Damme did ads for, but is now produced by 5-Brand in the States.)

There’s morbid discussion about the wall at the end of the track, into which the car could theoretically slam if the time warp doesn’t happen when it’s supposed to. I guess that talk of budget cuts was accurate, seeing as how they couldn’t spring for a stretch of safety track beyond the launch point.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

The Soap Box Derby has gotten way more serious from what I remember.

They launch, and the time sled disappears in a wave, and then we flash to an exterior shot in 1994 Washington D.C. And here, we get another major plot hole. It seems that when a cop travels back in time, they don’t have any control over where they show up in the past. They always pop up in a random spot, which mostly serves the comedic needs of the screenwriters. But this completely contradicts the earlier scene where they were able to send Atwood back to not just a specific point in time, but also to the exact moment of falling from a building. Again, I’m thinking more about this stuff than the writers.

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Multi-Part Article: Timecop (1994)

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