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  • Hammiepants

    Uh, TWC sucks the hairy root of Satan. It is known.

    • jr023

      Comcast about the same threw them out 2 yrs on internet 1 yr on tv

  • Soooo…apparently what we need is a billionaire to put in a whole new underground cable system, so there will be competition? Is that right? Because I think going up against Time Warner is ONE WINNING PROPOSITION! People will FLOCK to an alternative out of pure HATE’

    • Bernarda Alba

      Are you referring to AT&T Uverse?

    • James Donnaught

      In NYC, there’s this outfit called RCN that survives entirely on TWC-hate. I’d have to subscribe for a year before they recovered what they’ve spent on spamming my non-virtual mailbox with non-virtual junk mail.

  • Bernarda Alba

    I decided about seven years ago that the $60+ I was spending every month on basic cable wasn’t worth it and canceled. You can buy quite a lot of paperback books and DVDs and assorted legal downloads with an entertainment budget of $700 per year, especially if you buy used and resell your old stuff. I’m not ready to cancel my home internet account yet, but if what the futurists are predicting about the fall of net neutrality comes to pass and it turns into a worthless monster of corporate suckage the way cable did, I’m sure I’ll be just fine without that, too.

    • jr023

      watch fo a company they are planing a new broadband over air service hopefully the fcc will not destroy it since Comcast and the current adm are in bed together

  • Cindyinencinitas

    Thank you so much for dramatic chipmunk. It’s almost worth the $110 a month I pay to watch My 600 Pound Life.

  • Annie Towne

    My family used to have a vacation cabin in Keene, NH. I’d completely forgotten it, and the town, existed until just this moment. It was a nice place and many happinesses happened there. I don’t have anything else to add.

  • Snipy, where is this pic from? Because I very much want to steal it.

    • I found it living on but it may lurk elsewhere. I give you a happy blessing to simply steal it right from here.

  • SullivanSt

    Bwahaha, NY metro area actually has choice!So, I have FiOS… which means I have to deal with Verizon’s customer support line… which is truly fucking awful… damn. However, while Vz is evil, their technical people are highly competent (year-long firmware rollouts notwithstanding), so I don’t have to deal with them very often at all. Judging by the way one of our boxes is behaving, probably quite soon though. Damn again.

    • jr023

      the tech division is probably left from ma bell and western electric both good company’s

  • MilwaukeeKent

    That’s Time-Warner. Back in the early ’80s when Milwaukee was awarding its cable contract, I was involved on the board of a newly-formed consumer-owned co-op that was in the running. We came in second, just for political reasons, but really stood no chance of winning. Out of 4 or 5 for-profit competitors and the co-op, the contract went to Time-Warner. Just as we warned they would, TWC delivered pretty much half the channels they promised at twice the cost. It’s only gotten worse. In every city, village and town in the early ’80s they promised the Moon and delivered cold pizza. Anything to get the contract, whose terms they laughed at the moment after it was signed.There was a wonderful practice all the cable outfits except us engaged in to get their contracts, none so rapaciously as TWC. It was called “Rent-a-citizen”. They’d basically pay off prominent locals in one technically legal way or another to buy influence.It’s been satisfying to see them take a bath, first through under-subscription, then videos/DVDs, satellite TV, Dish, etc.. These here internets are the only thing keeping them alive, me thinks (and we use TWC for at home, mostly becuz ATT fucked us over).Never did get cable at home. Half the channels at twice the price left a bitter taste.

  • Force Crater

    When will deregulation work? They promised me great and cheap service forever on the cutting edge and we got crap they wouldn’t sell to 3rd world countries while support is non-existent, costs are soaring and quality is lacking. Surely any day now we’ll get what they promised?

    • jr023

      think that’s bad fl passed regulation allowing phone rates to rise so we could get competition in regular telephone service so now the bill is double and there is no wired phone competition