It Is Time For All Of Us To Call The Police On Our Lazy Grandchildren

It Is Time For All Of Us To Call The Police On Our Lazy GrandchildrenToday’s hero called the police on his grandson for being lazy and refusing to stop with the infernal puter games (and punching a wall). Perhaps you do not have a grandchild on whom to call the police, in which case it would behoove you to go to the mall, steal someone else’s grandchild, and then call the police on him. This is something we can really get behind.

But let us look at the police report, and discover just what is the matter with kids today.

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God, Justin, your grandpa’s such a JERK! He is always telling you what to do, and it is like you KNOW, you WILL, just a MINUTE, and then he is like blahblahblahblahIalreadyaskedyoufivetimessinceyesterday and then he cuts your fuckin’ COMPUTER? That is YOUR COMPUTER! He’s CRAZY! What a NUT! And he thinks you’re crazy? When you went to his schools, and his churches, and his institutional learning facilities? We are pretty sure that is vandalism or freedom of speech, and you probably should have called the police on HIM to protect your fourth amendment RIGHTS!


No Justice for Justin no peace! Justin Friel Graduates! Unless he’s just not feelin’ it. It’s cool.


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