Time to Miramax Out Your Credit Cards

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Miramax is reportedly going up for sale for $1 billion, and since it’s got a TV division, we figure it’s ripe for the pickin’ for HNTP. All we need is for each of you, our loyal friends and supporters, to kick in a little something, Kickstarter-style. In exchange, if we hit our goal, every single contributor will get a major character named after them in an upcoming Happy Nice Miramax People television series! Let’s see Veronica Mars top that!

Miramax is currently owned by the government of Qatar, because that’s the kind of thing Qatar buys when it’s drunk and lonely late at night. Makes my Time Life “Ancient Mysteries of Luxemburg” DVD Collection look quaint.

The studio’s movie properties are impressive, including Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Kate & Leopold, and its TV properties are… well, mostly theoretical. Miramax occasionally makes noise about transforming its movies into TV series but so far only From Dusk ‘Til Dawn: The TV Series could be considered a success something we’re sure the producers’ mothers are very proud of.

This logo is the only other thing they've produced.

This logo is the only other thing they’ve produced.

If successful, HNTP will immediately pitch HBO Now on streaming TV shows based on Bridget Jones, The Neverending Story, and Bob Roberts. With characters named after you, our generous supporters. Click the donate button to help us reach our $1B goal!

"Onward to victory, my faithful luck dragon, Tim Ethelbaum of Akron, Ohio!"

“Onward to victory, my faithful luck dragon, Tim Ethelbaum of Akron, Ohio!”

Should we somehow fall short, all money will go towards paying the writers and keeping the lights on.



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