It’s Time To Have Lots Of ‘Girls’ Feels Because The New Season Three Trailer Is Here

Folks, there is a new Girls trailer out, which is good news if you are a fan of Girls, and probably equally good news if you are a smug anti-fan of Girls. Either way, get ready because the show that launched a thousand billion million unnecessary thinkpieces is back January 12 on HBO.

Lest you wonder which side of the divide we fall on, I personally have never actually seen the show, not out of some principled opposition to the thing, but because I do not have HBO, which makes it exceedingly easy to miss Girls. Regardless of whether you’re some sort of devotee or hater, the trailer is a fun 90 seconds, mainly because it has J. Crew’s creative Jenna Lyons. We understand if you are not keeping track of creative directors of clothing companies these days, but you may remember Ms. Lyons thanks to the epic right wing freak out brouhahahahaha because she painted her son’s toes. The horror!

Also, too, one character insults another (what? we said we don’t watch this. they’re all girls! how would we tell them apart?!) by calling her Deepak Chopra, which we’re working into our vocabulary right now. Will I watch the next season? Are you kidding? Do you know how much HBO costs, people? I wouldn’t pay HBO costs to watch my own mother if she had a show. I am not made of money. You probably are, though, so good luck, godspeed, and enjoy.

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