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It’s the belated final episode of Time Travel Month! Phil Buni looks at Time Changer, a really poorly made Christian sci-fi film where a professor from 1890 gets in Captain Stubing’s time machine and travels to 2002. There, he’s horrified to discover that America is no longer the god-fearing country it never was. It’s hilariously awful!

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  • John Wilson

    The Bible does contain some science. and a less reliable source

    It different from what the movie saying though.
    You think with all the stuff that happens in the Bible. There would be more interesting movies based on it. Sheesh,the few Christian movies/shows that are interesting are 50% of anime(oddly enough)  the Omega code 1+2 and a few other movies.
    Chistanity a gold mine for good stories. Hey,maybe now you might do a movie about future movies:).

    • LindaMinda

      I can respect that on principle. On the other hand: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.

  • Inky

    Don’t worry Phil. I’m a Christian (and a fairly conservative one at that) and I still hate movies like this. They only serve as fear-mongering preaching to the choir without compelling characters because Eru forbid the world has anything more than black and white in it.

    • Yeah…I used to work at a place that sold this DVD…never watched it, because I almost always hate “Christian” movies…

      I’m with you, Inky. Rather on the conservative end, meself, and movies like this are terrible even to me. >_>

  • Cheshire Cat

    Consider this a nitpick if you like. Christianity is not a religion. It is a core belief that many religions share. I am a Christian who just happens to be a southern baptist. I was raised to respect other peoples’ faiths, and I do. I am allowed to enjoy life, and I have a great deal of fun living.

    I do think that Christian based movies are sorely, sorely lacking. They rarely have any entertainment value, and those that do…well. If anyone out there is searching for a good Christian movie, I recommend staying away from anything in the Kirk Cameron oeuvre.

    And I finally must admit that the Agony Booth is a guilty pleasure of mine. Keep up the great work, guys and gals!

    • Cheshire Cat

      One final note. Alas, another nitpick. This is a movie about a *ahem* Christian; it is NOT a Christian movie.

  • Alexa

    Why did you expect to hate Time After Time?
    Also another good time travel movie is Somewhere in Time, that’s if you like a little romance. But admittedly it is kind of cheesy and does feel padded at times, but what saves it is a really good lead performance by Christopher Reeve.

  • Wizkamridr

    Funny you should mention Lord of the Rings. It had religious themes, just doesn’t cram it down your throat. Even in Superman the Movie, Jor-el was god, and Supes was Jesus. Not very obvious, unlke the craptastic Superman Returns movie.

  • At least the short movies they used to show on Sabbath back when I was in Highschool were more interesting that this over=preachy piece of shite.

  • redjirachi

    The Rapture has time stop? My God…Dio Brando is the Antichrist!

  • Tess Smith

    So much stupid…