Tim Curry’s Dazzling 1980s Teevee Movie Halloween Song Is Every Everything

Tim Curry's Dazzling 1980s Teevee Movie Halloween Song Is Every Everything

You know how people have been ramping up for Halloween for ages by planning their costumes or buying candy corn or whatthefuckever? Screw that. All you really need to do to prepare for Halloween is to watch Tim Curry. Tim Curry in “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Tim Curry in “Clue.”


And now, Tim Curry in some beautiful Halloween relic from the 1980s, a British teevee movie called “The Worst Witch.”

Looking for all the world like the less-handsome guy from Tears for Fears


…Curry wears a pink cape and a literal bat-wing bow tie. He says “fabulous” with only the sibilance Tim Curry can. He disses other holidays. He cavorts in front of the worst green-screen effects ever. There are Billy Ocean “Get Out of My Dreams” type keyboards. Finally, there is the best couplet ever sung:

Has anyone seen my tambourine?
I may start singing “Begin the Beguine.”

Extra way much better: he sings it WHILE HOLDING HIS TAMBOURINE. Best Halloween video or bestest Halloween video? We’re going with bestest.

[hat tip to Dangerous Minds]

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