Tila Tequila Doesn’t Hate Jews, She Just Loves Hitler And Would Like Some Attention, Is That So Wrong?

Tila Tequila Doesn't Hate Jews, She Just Loves Hitler And Would Like Some Attention, Is That So Wrong?Hey man, Tila Tequila (you don’t know her; she’s this girl) does not hate Jews okay, she does not know how many times she has to say it, she is totally cool with Jews and would probably not genocide them or even murder them and this one time she even felt sorry for WWII prisoners of war so obviously she can never be anti-semitic, she is just asking questions, well she is not so much asking questions mostly she is stating statements except here is a question, it is kind of like why do they have to whine all the time about the dumb old Holocaust, G_d, stop being such whiners Jews! Also, she loves Hitler now, and you would love Hitler too if History hadn’t LIED about Hitler by like saying he killed all those people well so what if he killed all those people, it was a WAR like people die in WAR he also took at least two pictures with children and tried to get the economy going after the Treaty of Versailles fucked the German economy, and maybe like he did that by seizing all the property of the Jews he killed but SO WHAT he was trying to save his PEOPLE dude, also he gave great speeches, and would a bad man do that, and why don’t any US presidents try to give powerful speeches to prove they love their country they do not even love our country because BANKS and GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD and also also Illuminati. In conclusion, war sucks and Hitler is great and Tila Tequila seems to be having her annual breakdown again but this one comes with a really cute pic.

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  • Farb

    So, beside being a ditz and being deficient of rudimentary history, what is this wee bitch’s claim to fame?

    • Buddha Stalin

      I think she is mostly a Twitter star, as if that is a thing.

    • Ambignostic

      Wikipedia says that in 2006, she was the most popular person on MySpace. So she is a celebrity in much the same way as the most well-known trucker on CB radio.

    • hdtex

      A dead socialite girlfriend, a sex tape, and failed suicide attempt….In other words…the usual.

    • JMP

      She had a “reality” show on MTV. That’s pretty much it.

    • peteywheats

      The Juggalos almost ate her one time.

  • FauxAntocles

    I can’t tell if she’s an adult or a child in a padded bra…

  • goonemeritus

    No good ever comes from hiring your agent on Craigslist.

  • hdtex

    Syphilitic dementia is never pretty.

  • Bernarda Alba

    Who made her an honorary Aryan?According to her Wikipedia entry, she is half-French, half-Vietnamese. Under the rules of the Hitler administration she wouldn’t have been allowed to consort with Aryans for fear of polluting the gene pool with her inferior DNA.

  • Señor Skwerl

    So onto the news of people who matter…

  • AnOuthouse

    Some of my best friends are jooz and boy, do they whine.

    • mtn_philosoph

      The only Joosh whine I know of is Manischewitz.

  • geobill

    I did Nazi that coming. Boom!

  • Enfant Terrible

    Not many people know this, but Der Fuehrer was a terrific dancer.

    • Oh, he was even better on ice skates.

    • He was also very fond of cream puffs. And it was always so cute the way Eva would tousle his hair!

  • $160578

    I know enough about Ms. Tequila to bet my left nut she didn’t write that (she and my adopted daughter are both part of the Houston area Vietnamese community. They’ve met, and my daughter’s opinion of her is both vivid and unprintable). It’s a far too lucid, historically-knowledgeable piece of utter garbage for such an uneducated, dimwitted, booze-soaked, glorified hooker like her to have composed. At least the trash posted under the byline of that other notable non-white moll of white supremacists, Michelle Malkin, is trash born of her own self-loathing imagination.I felt sorry for Tila a couple times in the past, when it was clear that alcohol abuse and severe mental disturbance were causing her serious pain. I won’t make that mistake in future.

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      what do you expect from someone whose claim to fame is half nekkid pix on Myspace?

      • Pope Ratzo


    • BMW


      • $160578

        My back hurts.

  • Jason M

    Hepatitis makes you stupid.

  • Zippy W Pinhead

    Michelle McGee called, she wants her shtick back

  • HabsFan29

    I will never watch her sex tape again. Well maybe I will, but I’ll feel tremendous Jewish guilt about it. Oy.

  • kfreed

    She look like an eight-year-old.

  • tegrat

    Christ…I mean, Oy…

  • yaldabaoth1

    Oh, please, Becca – shooting fish in a barrel now? How low can you stoop?